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Determining the things that add value to your property can sometimes be vexing. You can spend a lot of money on improvements thinking they’ll add value to your home, but it won’t matter if the appraiser doesn’t agree. If you’re looking to refinance, you’ll want to know what improvements will create the biggest impact on the value of your home.

So how do you know which things add value?

Jamie Chapman, a director of solution consulting at Quicken Loans, was kind enough to record the handy video above. In it, she says that home improvements don’t necessarily have to be big-ticket items. They can be something as simple as improving your curb appeal by adding a new front door.

She also talks about the fact that replacing your 15-year-old HVAC system with a new Climatron 2400™ (patent pending) may not necessarily add to your property value. Why not? Why wouldn’t the very latest in heating and cooling technology offer you a good return on your investment?

Unfortunately, replacing your aging HVAC system with something like the Climatron 2400™ is a basic cost of keeping up your home and doesn’t add to its value. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it; the new system will make your home more comfortable for you to live in. It will also make your home more move-in ready if you decide to sell.

Chapman also discusses the importance of fitting in with the neighborhood. You should pay attention to what your neighbors are doing to their houses, and you should keep up with the Joneses but not try to outspend them. You know, the Joneses get a lot of attention, but it’s just as important to watch the Smiths and McGillicuddys.

Still got questions? Leave us a note in the comments below. Looking to refinance? Get started with your home loan online today!

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  1. Some good points but I agree that thought that the tips were a bit too brief. As buyers usually decide if they’re interested in a property within the first few minutes of viewing it, it’s vital that your house looks as attractive as possible. A quick revamp of your décor can add substantial value to your property with relatively little financial output.

    1. Trish, I’m sorry to hear you feel that way. We’re always looking for feedback from our readers. Are there particular topics you’d like to see covered on the blog? Thank you for your readership.

  2. Yes, I thought that the tips were too brief, or not enough examples of home improvements, such as adding a half of bathroom, or just a toilet. That seems to be very much a selling point, isn’t it?>!

  3. Hello! I bought a house a year & a half ago. It was a fixer upper & I got a good deal. I purchased it with a private mortgage and want to now refi with a conventional mortgage. I’ve done a lot of remodeling inside the house & now have the opportunity to replace all the old, roll out style of windows with impact resistant, low E windows from Lowes, but i will have to finance the project with them with an interest free option. This will significantly add value to my home as well as cut my windstorm insurance in half. Will taking on the $11k in financed debt from Lowes hurt my chances of getting refinanced? My thought is the added value & lower insurance will be worth it. I live in the Florida Keys & have a 700+ credit score. Thanks!

    1. Good morning, Sidney! Nice job on finding a house at a good price AND fixing it up! That takes gumption. I’m going to have one of our home loan experts reach out to you about your refinancing opportunities. They’ll shoot you an email and help you work through some of these details. Have a great week, and best of luck on your endeavors!

  4. I am needing some repair work done on my home. I do not have enough equity in my home to cover these expenses. Is there anything you can help me with to resolve these issues?

    1. Hi D! I’m passing this along to our home loan experts so they can take a further look into your finances and see what we can do.

  5. We are Deaf. Your video’s are not open caption or subtitled. Not have a clue how to improve home.
    Thank you for your time.

  6. Two questions: What about a full bath that needs new flooring and tub surround? Also, what about replacing carpet that is dirty and worn? What about hardwood type flooring upstairs? These are the main improvements I need to make before I resell. I can’t decide whether to do them or have an allowance built into the sale? Thanks!

    1. Hi Pat,

      New flooring, tub surround and carpet that needed replacing would be considered “differed maintenance” on the property – things you should be doing to maintain the home (like the roof example in the video. Hardwood can add value to the home and again could generate an offer faster. The faster the offer comes the less likely you would be to have to lower the asking price. Hope that helps!

  7. I am a sr citizen with a one bed *one bath* condo. I also have arthritis in my low back, making it difficult & potentialy dangerous getting in/out of the tub to take a shower. I am considering a tub to shower conversion. Would NOT having a tub devalue my condo and maybe be a sticking point if I decide to sell down the road?

    1. Hi Sally! The actual “bathroom” count will not change so there is no negative issue there…it will come down to borrower preference which may delay the sale of the home if they prefer having one. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Marci! I’ve passed your comment on to one of our mortgage experts who can give you a little more info about getting a mortgage on a second home in MS. They’ll be reaching out soon.

  8. This is always a subject of value. I had an appraiser recently tell me that adding square footage adds the most value. Great tips.

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