Another happy day for Clay C. Saving some money, y’all!

I can’t believe. I’m refinancing AGAIN.

For those that don’t remember, I refinanced my  30-year fixed loan into a super nifty, low-rate 15-year fixed VA loan about seven or eight months ago.

I was happy. Very happy. I set myself up to pay about 80 grand less in interest on the life of my loan.


But that was eight months ago. Mortgage rates keep dropping.

Dropping so much that I decided to look into whether refinancing again would make sense. It did.

About 8 grand worth of sense.

I’m doing what they call a VA Streamline Refinance. What that means, is I can refinance really easily to today’s really low (historically, all-time, record, never been lower, low) mortgage rates.

It’s a no-brainer.

Doing a VA Streamline Refinance is so easy, it’s pretty much me doing nothing and saving 8 thousand. Here are the features (and reasons why you should consider a VA Streamline Refinance if you have a VA loan:

  • DD214 not required
  • Pay stubs not required
  • No pest inspection
  • No well water inspection
  • Close much faster than a typical refinance
  • Lower funding fee (only .5%)
  • No asset requirements
  • No W2s needed

In other words, it’s pretty much impossible for it to be any easier. Just call our VA Unit at 888-635-1569.  They will hook you up.

They hooked me up, for sure.

Oh yeah.



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