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I have a tradition. Every Friday night, before I go to bed, I do not set an alarm. I leisurely wake up on Saturday morning and proceed to sort through Pinterest for the next thirty minutes or so; pinning recipes and outfit ideas, but mostly room inspiration.

I moved into my place almost a year ago and it’s pretty well decorated, but I still love scrolling through Pinterest and keeping up on the latest trends in home décor. Right now, I’m looking for ways to cool my predominately warm, tan kitchen.

There are so many fun kitchen trends happening right now! From simple things like shelving to more detailed projects, like flooring, these popular kitchen renovations will update your kitchen and make it feel new again!

Head of the Class with Brass

Image: Patrick J Hamilton

Image: Patrick J Hamilton

When I was growing up, we had brass fixtures in nearly every room and I hated it. I thought it looked old and outdated. I would have given anything for those chrome accessories I saw in all of the magazines.

Well, as they say, history always repeats itself, because those brass fixtures are back – and I have to say, these brass fixtures look pretty great!

To keep these pieces from looking like they just crawled out of the 1980’s, choose brass fixtures with modern shapes and designs. Remember to stay away from colors that are too similar to their warm hue. Instead pair them with contrasting colors, like gray, white or blue.

The New Neutral

Senior man making a meal on the hob talking to his wife, she is holding a cup of coffee and smiling. The man is using a frying pan on the stove.

There’s a new neutral that you see all over magazines and renovation shows. Gray is the trend in home décor and it’s popping up in kitchen designs too! From cabinetry to flooring, gray is being given new life – and it looks so chic!

David Waguespack, director of project development at Case Design and Remodeling says, “White and gray is the color palette this year. Grey stains are on a variety of wood species for cabinets being introduced to meet the demand. The opposite color palette is also very popular: white cabinets with grey countertops.”

Not sure you want to commit to gray cabinets or countertops just yet? Try this trend out with some smaller, less permanent accessories like a kitchen rug, towels or placemats.

Basic Interests

Clean white kitchen

Clean, simple and basic looks never go out of style. Something like white subway tiles are always going to look classic and sleek as your kitchen back splash, but you can dress them up a bit and add some interest, just in how you place them.

Manhattan-based interior designer Patrick J Hamilton is a big fan of using basic materials in interesting ways.

“I just finished a kitchen where we used plain old white subway tile for the backsplash, and black matte porcelain tile for the floor, but applied them both in a herringbone pattern,” says Hamilton. “Never underestimate the power of something basic used in a new way.”

Seeing Quartz

Granite countertops have been all the rage for the past few years, but recently, new stone countertops have emerged; primarily, quartz countertops. They’re often seen as an alternative to granite because they’re strong, durable and not porous, which makes it perfect for the kitchen.

Quartz countertops are manufactured pieces, which means they’re slightly more expensive, but you can get them in nearly any color or pattern. You can even get quartz fabricated to look like marble!

Quartz is also stain and heat resistant. There is no better or trendier choice for a kitchen countertop and designers agree.

“I’m excited by the incredible improvements in engineered quartz and composite materials designed to mimic natural stone. And I like that we’re moving away from super high gloss countertops to more natural, honed finishes,” says Hamilton.

Out in the Open

Old saucepans hanging from in a traditional-style kitchen

Storage is always a priority, especially in the kitchen. For years people wanted more cabinet space to hide their dinnerware and kitchen appliances, but lately, homeowners are opting for a different look. Open shelving is making its way into kitchens across the nation.

Not only can open shelving be a great way to display beautiful dishes and interesting glassware, sometimes it can actually increase your storage capacities. Who doesn’t love that!


Open shelving is less expensive than traditional cabinetry and keeps your kitchen feeling open. If you have a small kitchen, this is a great money saving technique to make your area feel more open, and a little bigger.

Whether you implement one trend or combine them all, your kitchen will be looking trendy and modern in no time. Are you excited by the comeback of brass? Or maybe the emergence of quartz! Tell us your favorite trend in the comment section below!


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  1. From your article i am able to learn some kitchen renovation it was great to me. I am really appreciate with your trends. Hope so everyone will be benefited after read this article. Thanks for the sharing.

  2. It is great to be able to learn from lots of these Kitchen Renovation Trends. Certainly by learning from them will have great benefits on me? It is like we could experience it ourselves and avoid any of their mistakes. Thank you for that!

  3. Yay for quartz, boo for granite, boo big time for brass (Yuck, some things are better left as mistakes of the past — hello, bell bottoms), and yay for grey! Hoping to redo my kitchen with white cabinets, grey countertops, and dark floors!

  4. I like the idea of quartz countertops, but not a fan of brass fixtures, just don’t like the look. Wouldn’t they look bad with stainless appliances? Would like to add cabinets and a new countertop and flooring to my kitchen, really need more storage.

    1. Hi Claudia:

      Brass fixtures may not look good with stainless in your eye, but I suppose decorating is a matter of taste, isn’t it? I can tell you that from the standpoint of a seller, you should get whatever matches because when you go to sell having steel with steel or brass with brass makes things look more cohesive. Good luck in the contest!

      Kevin Graham

  5. Quicken has already saved me a boatload of money on my mortgage. Still I could use 5k for home improvements. I’ve been saving for just such a project for a couple years now.

  6. I guess its the same taunt for everyone,DREAM BIG, I sure would like to win a new kitchen , its 40 years old, here a patch there a patch patches everywhere some how we manage to get by, I live in an old home and its not always repair its mostly replace LOL. 96 years old house, but I love it, good luck to everyone and enjoy dreaming. from john horgan

  7. i would love to win the $5000 to renovate my kitchen. we replaced the refrigerator and stripe the cabinet doors. it sure would be nice to knock out a wall and replace the countertop and floor.

  8. I have never won anything in my life. I always hear of all the other people winning things, and I say, “Wow they must have the luck”. I wished to have some of that luck, it would be wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  9. I hope I win 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    My life is has been so difficult
    We had a top time in are family,
    But me and my husband are not given up
    We are so blessed be able to have one house like every one else, love the house trying to keep it clean and we respect what we had, because life you just don’t know what will happen next, life in the USA you work you pay bills like every one and you no job you lost everything.what we had now we try to enjoy every moment in the house because we don’t know for the job anything can happen, for one I love to cook
    For my husband and my boy and I hope one day I will get new kitchen like i see in the book , I know a lot of people are wanting the same as me but I wishes for every one and include me good luck 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻😀

  10. I would love to redo my cabinets and counter top, my husband has dementia and when the sink was clogged I used Liquid Plumber and the next day he used the fire drain opened and blew a hole in my garbage disposal and I had to replace the sink, disposal and pipes by myself. some dark spots are still on my cabinets but I don’t know how to refinish them by myself. Winning this would be a dream come true!

  11. I’ve been renovating my mobile home this year now money is running out now I’m in much need for a kitchen make over cabinets are broken an space is limited but would love to be the lucky winner of not how can I finance a local for it thanks sing please pick me

    1. Hi Pamela:

      We don’t do mobile home financing, but good luck in the contest. You’re right, you could try a local lender or potentially personal loans for something like this. We do have a personal loan company in Rocket Loans that might be worth looking into.

  12. I have a kitchen that is 33 years old and I really would love to remodel – but at the moment can’t afford it – winning this would be great – especially for a senior citizen!!!!

  13. I would love to be the lucky winner, I have wanted to replace my kitchen since I moved in (20 years ago). It was old then I saved for a long time and bought a new stove and fridge. But still need a dishwasher and a wall knocked down and an island put in and of course a new floor.boy it’s nice to dream and think I might be able to get my kitchen before I’m 60. (I’m 55 now.) so I will dream on until the winner is picked. Thank you for allowing me and everyone who enterered the possibility to have one of our most wished for dreams to actually become a reality. Again thank you and keep the sweepstakes coming.

  14. $5000.00 – Win this – never in my life I won any thing but sure can help re-doing the whole kitchen, counter top with sink assembly, new appliance, more storage space, out of this world cabinet design – not easy on retirement social security – thank for the tease. Jerry

  15. I have a home that the kitchen is a one butt kitchen. It would be so much fun to have a re-designed kitchen. Have a open area design, so could get more area from one of them. Just do not know about a wall, if it is a support wall or not. New kitchen and new floors are my biggest wishes.

  16. I have a small kitchen and it could be made bigger by utilizing where I have my table right now. I wonder how much a redo of it all would cost at this time? I hear that some do overs are not so expensive that it would only be a dream to have it done. What is your comment about cost today to redo the kitchen and make it bigger?

    1. Hey, Beverly! You should check out My Kitchen Planner from the Home Depot. They will help you design your dream kitchen! And they’ll help you talk through the costs.

  17. I would love a new kitchen. we just bought the house and the kitchen is as old as the house. 🙁

    I just look at say ugh!!!

    1. I painted my cabinets sea gull Grey from general finishes milk paint. You don’t have to sand and I used a quart for my whole kitchen. It would be worth a shot for an old kitchen! Pinterest has a lot of tutorials.

  18. Just refi my home with Quicken loan .I felt very happy .
    my dream will be come true if I got pick to remodeling my kitchen with Quicken loan

    1. Congrats on your refinance, Nikki!We will be announcing the winner of the Room for Improvement Sweepstakes soon. We will write a congratulatory post about the winners, so stay tuned!!

  19. My home is perfect – except for the kitchen!!! My husband and I discuss all the endless possibilities. Unfortunately, it all comes back to the $.

  20. As well my house is 40 yrs old and in very much need for a make over in the Kitchen. Would love corian countertops and laminate flooring. Also needing a new stove. My mom said at my age when we bought this house, you will be working on your house until the day you die. Please, I need this so much.
    thank you
    Vickie Hayes

    1. That sounds lovely, Vickie. Best of luck in your remodeling. The winner of the sweeps will be announced in a blog post soon!

  21. I am in a wheelchair and sometimes cook. I would love to see an all white kitchen with shaker style cabinets and polished nickel cup pull, polished granite counters, double ovens, a dishwasher that sits up about a foot of the floor so I can reach inside and all the way to the back, a 48 inch electric stove, and a large freezer (36″), and large refrigerator (36″), and a big white porcelain farmhouse sink. I would also like a pantry that is big enough for my wheelchair to go into, sort of like a walk in closet. And, last but not least a huge center island with a 12″ lip minimum so when sitting at the counter the knees don’t knock into the cabinet. I know you can design this kitchen. I can visualize it as if I already had it. Hey, I can dream can’t I?

  22. I am totally blind and a mother of three. Our house is 38 years old! I think the kitchen is about that age. I would love to redo my kitchen, although I would need to look into stove tops that are not flat or digital. 🙂 I have always wanted a new kitchen ever since we moved into this house.

  23. Since my Husband pass away we always wanted a new kitchen mine is so old and falling apart would like to have any kitchen .

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, Catherine. Best of luck to you in the sweepstakes. The winner will be announced soon.

  24. I would be thrilled just to have new Kitchen flooring. When house built cheap quality linoleum was.used. In 17 yrs it had not worn well. Don’t need a whole makeover , just a durable, nice looking floor—- industrial strength vinyl for example.

  25. I am now remodeling my small condo entirely. I am glad to hear that my choice of white and gray are the new trend. Even though it’s a lot of work, the end result will be worth it. I am so excited to finally have the environment I have always dreamed of.

  26. I started a Kitchen/dinning/living room reno, but don’t know what to do since my back surgery failed. I can work about 2 hours a day and it would be great to win and get some help. The $$$ would be one way to get my son to finally come over and maybe help. LOL !

  27. Our home is 15 years old. I would like to update our laminate counter tops and replace our floors. Our stove top is in need of replacement too!

  28. I have a good size kitchen but my countertop is so ugly – periwinkel blue from the 80’s and is falling apart. Quotes are at 6000.00 to replace. I would use this 5000 win towards this upgrade.

  29. My kitchen is so ugly it has mauve wallpaper and white appliances and we’ll the cabinets are a whole different story. UGLY BUILDERS GRADE falling apart. I could really use this to make it a nice kitchen again! Fingers crossed.

  30. Love these remodel ideas! I’ve got the smallest kitchen you’ve ever seen in a four-bedroom home with four kids, no exaggeration. The original owners built an “efficiency” kitchen (think hotel suite mini kitchen) because they didn’t cook. What’s up with that?! Maybe Ia Quicken loan next year would also add an island in between my open concept, efficiency kitchen/family room area. 🙂 thanks for the fresh idea!

    1. Hey, Lou! Keep entering the Room for Improvement Sweepstakes for your chance to win $5,000. You can use that money to completely renovate your kitchen. Best of luck! And remember, you can enter daily.

  31. I would like to see a kitchen designed to enable a wheelchair dependent person to cook, prep meals, wash dishes, ect. (without having to use the “sidesaddle” approach, which is not only uncomfortable but dangerous.

    1. It certainly would, Carrie! Keep entering the Room for Improvement Sweepstakes for your chance to renovate your kitchen. You can enter once per day!

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