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small bathroom

Lost on what to do about your small bathroom? Don’t give up hope. Whether it’s a tiny powder room or a cramped master bath, these rooms can be small but mighty when it comes to design and style. With some smart strategizing, you can create the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Don’t let a small bathroom hold you back from creating a sanctuary. Dream big with these small bathroom ideas.

Be Bold with Color

small bathroom color

A small bathroom can be a great, low-stakes place to experiment with color. While conventional wisdom says that lighter, neutral colors are best for small spaces, bright and bold wall colors in a small bathroom can give a small, drab room energy and personality.

If you aren’t ready for a dramatic wall color, introduce a pop of color with a fun bath rug.

Let There Be Light!

small bathroom vanity light

No one wants to feel like they’re in a cave when they’re trying to get ready in the morning. Avoid inviting this comparison by making sure your small bathroom is well lit.

If the overhead lights aren’t enough, consider adding a vanity light fixture above the mirror or some sconces on the wall.

Décor Worthy Storage

bathroom storage flower towels

With so little space, every addition to your small bathroom counts. Make the most of your space by adding in storage that has enough aesthetic appeal to do double duty as décor. Think pretty wire storage caddies and wicker baskets.

Avoid ornamental items that look nice but lack function. Unless you plan on storing your toothbrush in it, leave the decorative vase for a more spacious area of the house.

Focus on Accessibility

small bathroom

You can make any size room work for you as long as it’s easy to move through.

Organize your bathroom so there’s a clear walk space. If you can, arrange it so you don’t have to duck or dodge to avoid bumping into something while moving around. Make movement as easy as possible and the room won’t feel as cramped.

On a Silver Platter

bathroom vanity tray for toiletries

If you have limited counter space but a few choice items you like having within arm’s reach, you need a vanity tray.

Vanity trays allow you to corral clutter into a confined space, making the space look much neater.

Cut the Clutter

bathroom counter clutter

On the other hand, if you have a bunch of products littering the surfaces of your bathroom, it’s time to do some editing.

Keeping around a bunch of half-empty shampoo bottles is no good when you have limited space. Buy only what you need, toss what you don’t and store all your products in cute bins to keep your counters clutter-free.

Sink Space

small bathroom sink

Sinks that are part of a vanity with cabinets and counters are great because they provide a lot of storage and surface space. However, they also take up quite a bit of valuable real estate.

If you don’t mind forgoing the vanity, you can replace it with a pedestal sink or a wall-mounted, floating sink to open up the room.

If you really want to make the most of your space, you might consider having a corner sink installed. With your sink vanity tucked away in the corner, you’ll be maximizing the space you have to move around without having to forego under-sink cabinet storage.

Ditch the Shower Curtain

white modern bathroom

A fun shower curtain can be a great way to add some personality to your bathroom, but it comes at the cost of cutting into a significant chunk of your bathroom’s space.

Clear glass shower doors give the room more visual space. Replace your curtain with clear doors to make the room feel larger.

Think Outside the Bathroom

bathroom linen organization

If your bathroom is teeny-tiny, you’re likely to be desperately in need of some additional storage space. Instead of shoving everything into overpacked cabinets and cubbies, only keep the bare essentials in the bathroom, and find other nearby places for everything else.

Keep towels in a linen closet. Place an armoire just outside the bathroom for all your supplies. Keep styling or beauty items in another room, such as your bedroom.

Use the Walls

bathroom shelves

When you have limited floor space, walls are your greatest asset for creating storage. Shelves, cubbies or cabinets are easy to DIY, and you can find ones to match any design scheme.

Make sure to strategize your placement, and try to mount any wall storage above another component, such as a sink or toilet. If it’s mounted on a wall with nothing beneath it, it can end up unnecessarily reducing the amount of space you have to move around in.

Make it Luxurious

luxury bath

A smaller bathroom won’t cost as much to remodel, so if you have the cash, splurge a little for some higher-quality fixtures. Even a small bathroom can become a calming retreat with the right tiling and accessories.

Upgrade your sink and cabinet hardware and add some spa-inspired elements, like a waterfall shower head or a fluffy bath mat.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

big bathroom mirror

It’s no secret that mirrors can be used to give the illusion of more space. If your current mirror isn’t doing much good on this front, swap it out for a bigger one. Depending on how much wall space you have and the look you’re going for, you might consider installing a taller mirror or an elongated oval to help lengthen the look of your walls.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

With a small bathroom remodel, less floor space can be more of a blessing than a curse for your budget. If you’re looking to do a serious overhaul, less square footage means less cost to you.

If you’re considering hiring professionals to do a full remodel, be sure to get estimates for everything before starting, so you know what the full cost of the project will be and if it’ll be affordable.

If you’re looking for a lower-key remodel, focus on DIY projects. Quite a few significant changes can be easily done without a professional, like replacing hardware or painting walls or cabinets.

Don’t let a small bathroom get you down. If you’re dreaming of remodeling your small bathroom but are short on cash, consider tapping into your home’s equity.

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