Gifts For REALTORS®: Ways To Say ‘Thank You’

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Updated May 23, 2023
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Holly Shuffett
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Buying a home is a big life event, made easier with the right people in your corner. If you were able to find a particularly great REALTOR® who ensured your home buying process was smooth sailing, consider showing them your appreciation with a gift.

Should You Get A Gift For Your REALTOR®?

It’s not mandatory to give your REALTOR® a gift at closing, but it is a low-effort way to build up a valuable relationship. It’s not uncommon to buy or sell multiple homes throughout your lifetime, so having a good relationship with a trusted REALTOR® or real estate agent can make going the extra mile well worth it.

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Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your REALTOR®

Choosing the right closing gift for your REALTOR® isn’t so different from choosing a gift for a friend or loved one. The simplest route is a personalized gift – something tailored to their interests, tastes or hobbies.

At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. And while your REALTOR® will be touched by any kind gesture, a personalized gift shows you’ve noticed or learned about their interests outside of work. It will leave a lasting impression.

Thank-You Note

This courteous gesture is a simple way to show that you appreciate your REALTOR®’s help. Thank-you cards or notes are a physical reminder of their efforts and can make for some cute office decor.

Not sure what to include? Check out our article on how to write a thank-you note to a REALTOR®.

Positive Review Or Referral

Ask any real estate agent, and they’ll tell you the positive effect good word-of-mouth can have. Glowing feedback is a meaningful gift you can offer a REALTOR® – especially if they’re just starting out.

Consider leaving a positive review on their website and sharing your great experience on social media or with their agency. Be specific and intentional about what made your REALTOR® so great to work with. If you know anybody ready to start the home buying or selling process, you can send them in your REALTOR®’s direction.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are the perfect smorgasbord of gifts. Grab some snacks, gift cards or other treats and arrange them in a basket with some ribbon, tulle or other decorative fixings. The best part? You can theme your gift basket around your REALTOR®’s tastes. It can be a favorite color, a sports team or anything else you can imagine.

A gift basket with popcorn buckets, box candy and a gift certificate to the local theater can be a perfect fit for a REALTOR® with a family or who is a die-hard film buff. Maybe your REALTOR® mentioned their green thumb. Try a gardening-themed gift basket with gloves, a trowel and plenty of starter seeds.

The options are endless, so don’t be afraid to think outside the (gift) box.

Coffee Mugs Or Tumblers

Like any job, the day-to-day hustle of being a REALTOR® can be draining, which might make delicious coffee a must. Show your appreciation with something your REALTOR® is sure to use on the daily. Get a mug with a theme – maybe it can be their favorite TV show.

Business Card Case

Want to get your REALTOR® something on the more professional side? Try an elegant business card case. There’s an abundance of options, including materials, customization, sizing and more. And if you really want to go the extra mile, consider choosing an engraved or monogrammed card carrier.

Kitchen Gifts

After spending so much time in different homes, it only makes sense that you may want to gift your REALTOR® something for their home. And you can’t go wrong choosing a gift that belongs in the heart of many homes: the kitchen.

A gift for the kitchen offers a wide range of options. You can splurge on a small appliance, like a Keurig or a French press, or keep things low-key with colorful tea towels or seasonal placemats. If your REALTOR® has mentioned a knack for cooking or baking, consider getting them some kitchen tools or gadgets, like cookie scoops, a chef’s apron or a custom cutting board.

Gift Cards

Still not exactly sure what kind of gift to choose? Let your REALTOR® figure it out! Gift cards can be a stress-free way to show your appreciation without sweating the small stuff. And getting a gift card doesn’t mean missing out on the opportunity to personalize.

Get a coffee lover a gift card to their favorite cafe or support a local business and get a gift card from a local shop. A gift card from a home goods store, hobby shop and almost any restaurant is an excellent gift idea that will likely put a smile on anyone’s face.

Personalized Gifts

They say the perfect gift is personalized! And almost any gift can be personalized. Gifts with a personal touch are so universally appreciated that we may have already mentioned personalizing your gift. But a wholly personalized or handmade gift can be especially meaningful.

Here are some ideas:

  • Anything DIY
  • Home decor showcasing your REALTOR®’s home state or hometown
  • Photo calendars featuring their pets or family
  • A personalized welcome mat with their name

The Bottom Line

REALTORS® play an important role during one of life’s biggest journeys. Show them you care and appreciate everything they do with something as simple as a review, a thank-you note or another token of appreciation.

Whatever closing gift you choose, it’s sure to make your REALTOR® feel appreciated – though there may be no better gift than repeat business.

If you’re ready to buy a home, start the online or call us at (888) 452-0335 to speak to an expert. You should also make sure your favorite REALTOR® is ready to help you successfully navigate the home buying process once again.

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