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Property Boundary Problems: Tactful Tips to Solve Disputes - Quicken Loans Zing BlogCountless siblings can recall a moment in their childhood where they felt compelled to draw a proverbial (or literal) line in the ground, in a room shared with a brother or sister, when they felt their privacy was invaded.

This type of quibbling also occurs between neighboring homeowners throughout the nation as proprietors with fenceless yard space occasionally make assumptions about property lines without viewing their plat, or document outlining the official division of land.

Before your stomp across your lawn and blitz your neighbor for a property line encroachment even Ndamukong Suh would be proud of, here are some tactful tips to help you define your property lines:

Research your plat!

While you may assume you’re familiar with the property lines in which your home rests, it’s best to research the official document outlining the division of land.

This document, officially named a plat, is easily accessible from your state by book or online in a downloadable version.

Print out your documentation!

The best proof to any argument is documentation that backs up your claims.

After you review your plat and realize your property line argument is accurate, print out your plat map before you approach your neighbor so you can show proof to support your argument.

Eliminate your attitude!

Whereas it’s considered normal for tempers to flare when you’re engaged in a heated dispute with your sibling, using the same tone with your neighbor can lead to a territorial outburst John McEnroe would envy.

When approaching your neighbor in regards to property line boundaries, remember this quote from Samuel Johnson:

  • Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.

Approach your neighbor.

Now that you have researched your plat, recognized that the parameters of your property lines have been compromised, printed out the necessary documents to support your claims and eliminated your attitude, the next step is to politely approach your neighbor to seek a resolution.

Chances are, if you have followed all of these steps and graciously approach your neighbor with your claims and documentation, your dispute may end with the results you desire.

In extreme cases, you may need to contact your local police if your neighbor:

  • Refuses to acknowledge the plat map issued by your state
  • Builds a fence on your property
  • Pours cement on your property

If you enjoy your fenceless yard but seek tangible separation for your property lines, here are some great landscaping tips to help you discourage property line encroachment.

Have you researched your property lines or used any unique methods to draw a line?

Leave a comment below and join the dialogue!


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