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Have you ever made a Pinterest board of fun and easy home do-it-yourself projects but you never seem to complete them?

I know I have, and it can often feel discouraging to see your board begin to build up with a list of to-dos you don’t have time to complete. But with a little prioritization and time management, you can hone in on a few one-day projects that can make you feel like you’re getting things done.

When it comes to DIY projects inside and outside your home, train your eye toward a couple quick wins by collecting a list of one-day projects that can spruce up your space and your morale.


There are infinite opportunities to spruce up your indoor space with small DIY projects. From organization to decoration, these one-day DIY projects can make your space fun and functional.

Put a Cork in It!

DIY wine bottle cork board

Image: Simply Designing

Open a bottle of wine and check out this first DIY that takes the concept of a cork bulletin board literally.

This DIY found on Simply Designing is easy and fun! Choose a picture frame you like, arrange wine corks on it to figure out how they fit best, and then glue them on.

Pour yourself a glass and celebrate this easy home DIY!

Tip: If you’re gluing the corks directly on top of a picture, paint over the picture first in a solid color so the image doesn’t show through any cracks.

Sign, Sealed, Delivered

DIY country chic sign

Image: House by Hoff

Now that you’ve got that Stevie Wonder song stuck in your head, take a look at this next one-day DIY that displays your creativity in a few easy steps. Found on House by Hoff, this DIY makes it easy to create your own Pinterest-worthy sign.

Simply take an old piece of wood, in whatever size or shade you desire, and stencil a message or word you want on the sign with chalk paint and a sponge brush.

Tip: After the paint on your sign dries, seal your sign with a polycrylic finish.

Moving on Up

DIY ladder

Image: Domestically Speaking

Are you looking for a creative way to store your throw blankets in your living room? Look no further.

This DIY found on Domestically Speaking is a cheap and easy way to create a DIY blanket ladder for under $10. Check out their step-by-step guide and add a cozy addition to a room in your home.

Picture-Perfect Plants

DIY plant box

Image: Liz Marie Blog

Say cheese! This next DIY is a quick and easy way to dress up a room in your home.

Liz Marie Blog created a guide for making a DIY picture frame terrarium out of dollar store picture frames. You’ll be surprised what a little coat of paint can do!

Don’t worry if the green thumb gene skipped your generation (mine sure did). Check out our article on “8 Indoor and Outdoor Plants for People Without a Green Thumb.”

Tip: If you don’t want the hassle of caring for a real plant, opt for fake plants – they require no effort and still make a statement!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror art wall

Image: West Elm

This DIY project just might be the fairest of them all (evil queen not included). Turn a few mirrors into an artistic installation in your home. By using geometric mirror wall stickers and arranging them into a pattern, your wall becomes a work of art!

Check out the article from West Elm for design inspiration!

Tip: For an eclectic look, try mixing different metals like gold and silver to make a statement on your wall!

Don’t Be Shelf-ish

DIY ladder shelf

Image: A Pair & A Spare

This next DIY is great if you have an over-abundance of books, knick-knacks, shoes … anything that takes up space in your home. No need for bookcases and side tables; take a step in the right direction with ladder shelves.

DIY ladder shelves, found on A Pair & A Spare, are an easy way to store and display your treasures that might otherwise clutter the side tables in your home. With just a ladder and a few pieces of plywood, you’re on your way to making a storage statement piece.

You’ve Got Mail

DIY mall sorting shelves

Image: A House Full of Sunshine

If you feel lost in a sea of snail mail, it might be time to take the stacks of paper off your kitchen counter and sort them into organization bins.

A House Full of Sunshine has a cheap and easy tutorial to sort through your mail. By painting a few dollar store wire caddies and gluing on tiny chalkboard frames, you’re able to better organize your mail and clear up your counter space.

Tip: Try attaching the finished product to a nearby wall to clear up space and keep your mail at eye level.

Gate Expectations

DIY pet or baby gate

Image: Knick of Time

Whether you have an indoor pet or a curious toddler, you might want to consider a gate in your home that keeps them safe and sound.

Knick of Time has a creative DIY for a picket fence gate that attaches to the doorways of your home. While most protective gates look unstylish and awkward in your home, this DIY is stylish and fun!
Check out the DIY project that keep your loved ones safe while not compromising the beauty of your space.


Ah, the great outdoors. Maybe you’ve pinned a few outdoor DIYs to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Maybe you just want to work outside. Whatever your motivation, these next one-day projects are easy and a great way to have fun under the sun.

Sew You Think You Can Decorate

DIY no sew cushions

Image: Blue I Style

I can’t sew to save my life, so this no-sew cushion DIY is right up my alley!

This DIY found on Blue I Style is especially helpful for any outdoor furniture you might have that needs to be reupholstered. Since I’ve got you on pins and needles, the secret to no-sew is to use safety pins to secure pieces of thick outdoor fabric around the cushions.

Tip: You can also seal the fabric over the cushions with a fusible bonding web (found at most craft stores) and an iron.

Kick Back

DIY outdoor pallet couch

Image: Funky Junk Interiors

Couches aren’t just for the inside of your home. Make your porch cozy and comfortable with a pallet wood sofa.

Funky Junk Interiors has a great DIY couch that will only take a day to build. By using recycled wood pallets, you’re able to save a few bucks as well.

Check out their tutorial and then explore some more ways to transform your porch into a unique living space.

Fired Up

DIY pallet fire pit

Image: 99 Pallets

Summer is a time for late-night bonfires and marshmallow roasting. If building a fire pit has been on your DIY to-do list for a while, wait no longer!

DIY pallet fire pits are easy and inexpensive. This DIY, found on 99 Pallets, allows you to create a unique fire pit with firewood storage. With a few pallets, concrete tiles and a steel pot, you’re ready to roast marshmallows on a cool summer night.

Now you’re ready to set the date for your next outdoor BBQ party!

Let It Grow

DIY three tiered planter box

Image: Anika’s DIY Life

Say goodbye to ordinary planters and try your hand at a unique way to display flowers outside your home. Not only is it easier than maintaining a garden, but it’s also a decorative statement piece outside your home.

Check out this DIY on Anika’s DIY Life that teaches you how to build a three-tiered planter box for only $10! It’s cost-efficient and fast for your one-day project schedule.

Tip: Try displaying the structure on your front porch to enhance the curb appeal of your home and make your front door area brighter.

When One Door Closes

Bright coral front doors

Image: Lolly Jane

Speaking of your front door, give a new life to the front of your home by painting a fresh coat of paint on your front door. Think about it: The front door might be your guests’ first interaction with your home. Make it something they’ll remember!

Lolly Jane has a great DIY on how to paint your front door, with recommendations on paint and painter’s tape that’ll make the project quick and easy!

Tip: Take the cue from Lolly Jane and try painting your door a fun and unique color that complements the exterior of your home while still stands out as a statement!

Addressed Up and Nowhere To Go

Monogrammed house number

Image: A Little Craft in Your Day

Let your creativity flow with this next one-day DIY by creating a customized house address number sign that reflects you/your family’s personality!

A Little Craft in Your Day suggests using a monogram of your last name as the base for your address number. For example, if your family’s last name is Smith, use a letter “S” as the base of your sign.

Check out the tutorial and let your creativity flow!

Tip: Make sure your house address is still clearly displayed after you’ve completed the craft. You still want people to be able to find your home!

Swing for the Fences

DIY outdoor pallet swing

Image: The Merrythought

Nothing is more relaxing than an outdoor swing, and this DIY pallet swing, found on The Merrythought, takes relaxation to the next level with a swing bed!

Check out the simple and quick tutorial that utilizes pallets, rope and a mattress or cushion to make the ultimate lazy day.

Dress it up with a few cozy pillows and a blanket for even more comfort!

Get Started

With so many easy and cheap DIYs, it’s hard to know where to get started. Take a look around your home and find the areas that might need the most attention and get cracking on your Pinterest dream DIY board.

Have you recently completed a one-day home DIY project? Give us the inside scoop in the comments below!

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