The Best Essential Oils For Your Home

The Best Essential Oils for Your Home

You may have heard of the many reported health benefits of essential oils, but do these natural solutions have practical uses inside of your home? Find out how you can clean your kitchen counters, sanitize your doorknobs and even deter household pests with these top home essential oils.

Get More Green For Going Green This Tax Season

Get More Green for Going Green This Tax Season

Did you make any energy-efficient home improvements in 2016? Many of these updates can help you lower the amount you pay in taxes this April, in addition to helping the environment. See if you’re eligible for energy efficiency tax credits this tax season.

What A New Airbnb Law Means For Your Mortgage

What a New Airbnb Law Means for Your Mortgage

Short-term rentals just got sweeter for Arizonans searching for an additional income stream in the new year. As of January 1, 2017, cities and counties across Arizona can no longer limit short-term rentals. Find out how this law could affect you and your mortgage.

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