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military coupleThere is no question that the VA loan program is an excellent benefit to veterans and service members looking to buy a home or refinance their existing one. It enables them to buy a home with no down payment, much lower interest rates and no mortgage insurance.

However, many service members have questions about including their civilian spouses in the process of getting their VA loan. Here are the top three things that all spouses – and service members – should know about VA loan benefits.

Qualifying Income
More often than not, you’ll find that with most military couples, one partner is a service member while the other is a civilian. Sometimes, these couples assume that the civilian’s income or financial standing could be a problem or not count toward qualifying for a VA loan. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the civilian spouse’s income could actually help! If the civilian’s income is substantial, it could potentially help the service member qualify for a larger loan.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) allows spouses to cosign for loans. In this case, you could use the civilian spouse’s income with the military spouse’s eligibility for the VA loan. However, it’s important to remember that the VA loan is no different from any other loan when it comes to your debt-to-income ratio and credit history. If your civilian spouse makes more but has a poor credit rating, that could hurt your chances of qualifying for a loan, regardless of your military standing.

Surviving Spouse Eligibility

Prior to the signing of the Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act in 2012, only spouses of those who had died of military-related causes were allowed to apply for VA loan benefits. Today, those benefits have been extended for surviving spouses.

These kinds of surviving spouses can apply for a VA loan:

  • A non-remarried surviving spouse of a veteran or service member who died in service or from a service-related disability
  • A spouse of a service member who was missing in action or a prisoner of war for last least 90 days
  • A surviving spouse of a veteran who was rated totally disabled and was eligible for disability compensation at the time of death from any cause


This is possibly the most complex issue when it comes to civilian spouses and VA loans. If you are an ex-spouse of a service member, you are not eligible for a new VA loan in the same way a surviving spouse would be. That’s pretty straightforward.

It can get complicated when divorce is involved after you have a VA loan together. The VA has very strict occupancy requirements on who can and cannot live in a home purchased using a VA loan. However, if the civilian spouse is a cosigner, they are eligible to remain in the home without the service member living there. The issue arises when it comes to entitlement. The service member cannot restore their entitlement unless their ex-spouse refinances and/or pays off the VA loan in full.

It’s important to keep in mind, whether you’re a current spouse, surviving spouse or ex-spouse, that every situation is different and complex. Be sure to talk to a Home Loan Expert who specializes in VA loans so they can walk you through your unique situation.

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  1. Hello,
    I have a situation in which I am devastated and need help of any kind. I am the ex-spouse of a 23 yr. USCG vetrean, who became disabled during his service time, yet retired and then began employment with the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and
    Border Inspection for 12 years. We purchased a home in 2009, in his name only, as he did not want me on as a co-owner. After 18 years of marriage we divorced. I am 100% disabled with a Traumatic Brain Injury and spinal damage. First, I have educated myself on the VA rules and regulations to the best of my ability and I discovered in the VA Hanbook on Home Loans that even if the veteran goes through a divorce and the home is awarded to the spouse (me), that the veteran is responsible for the mortage payments as if he still owned it until the VA loan is refinanced into my name, and second, the home received substantial roof damage during a severe storm in Feb. of 2017 prior to his leaving, he left it unrepaired and due to his not repairing, became severly damaged in a November gale of 2017 that left the basement (fully finished) badly damaged that required an insurance claim, in the amount of $15,000.00, in which living here at the time and not him, I filed a claim in which he lied to the insurance company after I had it all taken care of and checks for repairs to begin, by canceling my claim and put into his name only as he is only on the loan and I am only on the title and deed. He cashed the checks lied to the courts about them and since it has been over 2 years, the damage is not repaired, my the damage has increased, and the courts will do nothing, not even address. I am awarded the home in the divorce, to be refinanced on 90 days, which was finalized July 12, 2019, along with the court ordered settlement with would allow me to do so. I have been able to refinance as my settlement has never been transferred to me from my ex as the court ordered. Now the home has gone into foreclosure, the mortgage holder swears and provided information, and I have provided documentation of proof proving I am not on the “loan”, and only him, and yet somehow it has my name on it and the attorney’s handling the foreclosure are adament I am. I am more than willing to buy my beautiful home, after the past due and the repairs are complete, but I am told that is not possible, and there is no way shape or form he can be held accountable to the damage while he lived he and owns the home, or for the past due which is now $43,580.00 +-, in which he simply told the Judge, “I am not making any more payments on the home” on December 19, 2019 in the courtroom. It is now almost December, the foreclosure is to begin in January of 2022, I am 100% disabled, and the home has substantial damage to it. What information can you give me to assist me with this situation? (November 28, 2021)

    1. Hi Kimberly:

      I’m very sorry to hear about this sad situation. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can tell you that the courts, your attorneys and the mortgage company haven’t at this point. The only other thing I would advise is to see if you can contact the VA and see if they have any insight if you haven’t done so already. I’m sorry.

  2. I am a surviving spouse of a USMC vet whose death was considered service related. I receive DIC and social security for myself and our 3 minor children. I’ve already received a COE for the VA loan, but have had trouble finding answers to a few hypothetical questions.

    1. If I purchase a home with the VA loan and later on meet someone and decide to remarry, what would happen with the loan? I understand that generally disqualifies me from continuing to receive benefits unless I’m over the age of 57. (Currently 35yo)

    2. If I wanted to purchase a house with someone else (either my sister or a future partner) would I be able to use my VA benefits in that circumstance?

    3. If 2 is a yes, would only my income be considered or would all parties be included?

    4. If I’m currently a student, either unemployed or working PRN, would I be able to qualify for a loan based on my DIC and SS benefits income?

    1. Good morning, Rebecca:

      I’m sorry to hear of the passing of your spouse. I’m going to recommend you speak with one of our Home Loan Experts at (800) 442-4383 for further clarification. Rules around refinancing of current VA loans with a new spouse in a surviving spouse situation are a bit complex. However, I can tell you that in general once you have the loan, you have it. The issue may come up later in trying to refinance and that’s where you should talk to someone. I can tell you that any benefits you qualify for and currently receive can be used to qualify for any mortgage including any potential future VA loan. I hope this helps!

  3. My spouse (veteran) and I (civilian) going through a separation. The marital home is financed by a VA loan; we have four kids and are electing to have me and the children occupy the home for stability for the kids/for them to be able to finish school, etc. The loan is in his name, both our names are on the title/deed. Is there an issue with my kids and myself occupying the home for a period of time that we agree on. I would then be given the option to refi or purchase the home with a conventional loan. Our concern is the occupancy issue.

    C. Johnson

    1. Hi Christine:

      I recommend consulting with your local VA regional office as to timing rules, but you’re probably okay to temporarily have the VA loan while transitioning as long as he remains obligated under the loan. I would reach out to the VA, though.

  4. My husband died in 2019 – no service related death and no VA disability involved. Our mortgage is a VA backed mortgage. I am not a co-borrower on the mortgage. We were married at the time and we live in Texas – but I am a non-borrowing spouse – I’m on the deed but not the mortgage. My question is, can I refinance the home using a VA IRRRL? Or am I ineligible because I did not sign as a co-borrower on the original mortgage. The only reason I did not sign as co-borrower was because his income was enough for qualifying. I had no idea that is could disqualify me from a VA IRRRL after he dies.

  5. Spouse is a veteran. If we apply for a VA loan, can the house be titled in only my name or can the title be transferred to just me after we close on the loan? I’m providing entire down payment (20%) from home I bought before marriage, and we are interested in protecting residence from creditor claims associated with spouse prior to our marriage.

    1. Hi Rick:

      I’m going to suggest that you speak with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716 for guidance on the title. Your spouse definitely has to be on the loan. Thanks!

  6. I am currently in a home using my va loan, I am going through a divorce with my civilian spouse, the loan and deed are in my name only, would she be able to take the house from me

    1. Hi George:

      Thank you for your service! That depends on whether you’re in a community property state. If you are, your wife still has spousal rights regardless of the status of the deed itself. Outside of community property states, since the deed is in your name, the house is yours.

  7. Hello,
    My mom was a vet. She and my father got a VA loan for a house in Ohio through Quicken.
    Both of their names are on the loan.
    She passed away and he is still living.
    Does he automatically keep the same loan with the same terms or would he have to get a new loan?

    1. Hi Mic:

      I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. Your father can keep the loan. I will recommend that he gives us a call at (800) 508-0944 so we can go ahead and get the documentation in his name, but because the loan was taken out when she was alive and they were married, no refinance should have to take place. Thanks for reaching out and our condolences are with your family.

    2. Hi, I have been married to my husband for 8 1/2 years. He has been in the military for 19 yrs and is still currently serving. His credit is extremely low but my credit score range good. My question is, “Can I apply for the VA home loan in my name alone without having to use his credit?” I don’t use my husband credit for anything cause I have always been able to get a car(s) w/o down payments, loans etc. w/o needing his finances or credit.

      1. Hello,

        Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, unless your a service member or veteran as well, you cannot apply for a VA Loan in your husband’s stead. However, if you have a good credit score, there may be other programs you qualify for. If you’re interested, give us a call at (800) 508-0944 and we can walk you through what loan options are available to you.

        Thank you!

  8. My mother and father were divorced years ago after he retired from the military and she was given full entitlement to his sbp and ssi due to her being disabled at time of divorce. He did have a rating for disability. He remarried but she did not. He passed away years ago. My question is would my mother be able to qualify for his va loan entitlement as she would like to purchase a home and is on a limited income?

    1. Hi Maria:

      Unfortunately, payments from a survivor benefit plan don’t extend to eligibility for a home loan. However, we can help her look into other options if she gives us a call at (888) 980-6716. Thanks for reaching out!

  9. Thanks for all your help with this complicated matter. This is my situation. My former VET spouse and I were on a VA loan from USAA. I have signed the deed over to him and he is keeping the home the VA loan is related to. It has been a year since our agreement and several attempts at meeting his requirements to honor the deed transfer finally led to the deed now in his name of a home in Hermosa Beach CA in September. Because of the high mortgage and my being on loan still after months my credit is crippled. I simply want to be released from this VA loan. How can I do it? He keeps telling me that the VA is dragging its feet and just yesterday the answer again was, still dealing with VA and then have to deal with USAA. Meanwhile my debt which I cannot consolidate is out of hand. What can I do?

    1. Hi Maria:

      You probably have to wait until he gets you off the loan by refinancing, and there may not be a whole lot that you can you. With that said, I recommend speaking with one of our Home Loan Experts to go over your situation at (888) 980-6716. I wish you luck!

  10. I am a unmarried surviving widow of a veteran who died with a service connected connected disability (CLL) due to agent orange. I would like to purchase a home but not sure I would have qualifying income. My only income is social security benefits and D.I.C. However I have a daughter willing to help me with any VA Home loan should I qualify. Is this possible? I bought and paid for in full a mobile home 6 years ago but lot rent is getting out of hand..a small home might be a cheaper option.

    1. Hi R:

      Unfortunately, because the person signing onto the loan is your daughter and not a spouse, it would be considered a VA joint loan. We don’t do these except in special circumstances that don’t apply in this case. However, other lenders may offer this option. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for reaching out!

  11. My veteran husband passed away a few months ago.He had a 50% disability.He alone was on the VA loan and title.I have continued to make the house payments faithfully.Can I take on his loan this way or will lender demand I refi? I am low income with credit score of 632 and may not qualify for a loan.Please help.

    1. Hi Rhonda:

      I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s passing. I hope to help put your mind at ease about a couple of things here.

      You can continue to make payments this way. There’s nothing that demands you refi. If you were to want to refi down the line to change your term, lower your rate or take cash out, you would have to qualify at that point. Although this isn’t the only thing lenders look at, Quicken Loans requires a median credit score of 620 or higher for a conventional or VA loan, so your current score doesn’t preclude that option. You mentioned your husband’s disability. If his passing was related to complications of his service-connected disability, you might be able to qualify for another VA loan as a surviving spouse. You would need enough income to be able to make the payments, but that’s something that any lender will be able to look at fairly and walk you through to go over your options. If you would like, I would recommend speaking with one of our Home Loan Experts about your situation so they can lay out different scenarios and see what’s best for you at (888) 980-6716. But you don’t have to refi. I hope this helps!

    2. Thanks for your reply.My husbands death was not related to service.A lawyer said I was safe to pay off HIS credit card debt.Well Huntington Bank listed me as the primary and the credit bureaus dropped my score from 735 to 630.They retracted it but now I have to wait forit to be restored.I wouldnt qualify to refi I feel.I am concerned about the home insurance is in his name.If theres an incident will they honor the ins coverage.Huntington wants me to go thru probate and put house in my name.I live on $1000 a month and would I even qualify for a refi I dont know.Im so beat down at this point I dont care and just want to live in my home till they throw me out.The more I discuss it with them the nastier they get.

  12. Hello – my wife is a veteran. I never served. Can she apply for a VA loan. Will I ruin her application with my high debt or can she apply with her credit only? We want to get $0 down or as close to $0 down as possible.

    1. Hi Ed,
      As long as your wife meets eligibility requirements set by the Department of Veterans Affairs, she’ll be able to apply for a VA loan. You can learn more about those requirements here. As for whether she’ll be able to apply for a mortgage without you, that really depends on what state you live in (you can read more about that here). If you’d like to speak to one of our Home Loan Experts, who can give you more personalized information based on your unique situation, you can call (888) 980-6716. I hope this helps!

  13. Husband died. Left home to kids I living rights. Va loan can they quick claim it back to me. They have there own homes

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your husband. Yes, your kids will be able to quitclaim the property to you. I hope this helps!

  14. Hi I would like to buy a house on my own, my income and credit score will qualify me for a FHA Loan but my wife is a veteran and she has used a VA loan to buy a house in her name before we met. I would like to buy another house in my name can I use VA Loan assistance ?

    1. Hi Charles:

      Unfortunately, the only way to use the VA loan is if she’s on the loan with you. I will tell you that she can use her benefits again as long as the previous VA loan has been paid off. If you want to qualify for a home on your own, you can look into other options that may be available to you through Rocket Mortgage or by giving one of our Home Loan Experts a call at (888) 980-6716. I hope this helps! Have a good night!

  15. As a veteran I previously used a VA loan and VA refinance on a home. My spouse then refinanced the home solely in her name with an FHA loan (with Quicken). Does that spouse-only FHA refinance allow me to restore my VA eligibility generally? And specifically, we are considering options such as a cash-out refinance to cover the cost of building a detached garage apartment on the property. Since the main house is still the one originally purchased with a VA loan and VA refinanced, would any VA loan entitlement restoration be ineligible if it was for the same property?
    Thank you

    1. The loan was paid off in full, your VA entitlement can be restored. It’s important to note this can only be done once, but I recommend speaking with a Home Loan Expert at (888) 980-6716 to go over your options. Have a wonderful night!

  16. I am a veteran and am separated from my wife. Can she get a VA loan without me on the mortgage/title if I agree to it? I would like to allow her to buy a house for her and my son.

    1. Hi Paul:

      Unfortunately, the only way for her to get a VA loan is for you to be on the loan with her because the entitlement is tied to you as the veteran. One possible option might be for you to buy the house and have her assume the loan later on which is permissible as long as the lender and servicer agree to it and there’s a bit of an approval process. However, the downside to this is that you as the veteran would never be able to get a VA loan again. I wish I could give you better news.

  17. Hello, would my mother qualify for and VA programs as a widow, she has never remarried. My father was in the Navy. He did not die while he was in service.

    1. Hi Christina:

      Unfortunately, to qualify for VA benefits as a widow, your mother must be a surviving spouse of someone who either died in service or as a result of a service-connected disability. The VA has very strict rules. However, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t qualify for other loan options. She did speak with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. I’m sorry I can’t give you better news, but I hope this helps.

  18. Hi ,
    I am divorced to my wife and quit claim on my house in favor of her. My name is still in
    the mortgage . Can I remove my name from the mortgage if I want to? I have a va loan and
    my ex is not a veteran.

    1. Hi Eli:

      She would have to refi out of a VA loan. You could work with your divorce attorney to try to come up with a mutually agreeable deadline. That would be my recommendation.

  19. Divorced Civilian. Name not on the va loan. Quitdeed to me. Is the soldier, whose name is on the loan, able to take out any loans/equity against the property?

    1. Hi Momma:

      You can, but if he doesn’t allow you to assume the loan, you may have to refinance into something that’s not a VA loan. Either way, we can help talk you through all your options if you give one of our Home Loan Experts a call at (888) 980-6716. Hope this helps!

  20. My husband is a Veteran and currently unemployed. Would we be able to qualify for a VA loan based on my income even though I didn’t serve?

    1. Hi April:

      We thank you and your husband for your service. While he has to be on the loan as the veteran, you can be on the loan as well and use your income to qualify. I hope this helps! If you want to get started online, you can do so through Rocket Mortgage® or give one of our Home Loan Experts a call at (888) 980-6716. Thank you for reaching out and have a great day!

      1. My former husband and I was married for 27 years. We own a home together part of the divorce I received the home. Later I sold the house since my former husband death can I use the VA to purchase another home. He didn’t use the VA after the sale of the home. But he did remarried before he died . Does that affect the out come?
        Thank you

        1. Hi Carolyn:

          From what I can gather from your comment, it sounds like your ex-husband was the veteran. In that case, the VA benefit follows him. It can’t be used by you even after his passing. I’m sorry. That said, if you would like to look into other loan options, you can always apply online or speak with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716.

  21. I have an issue where I am trying to refinance my ex-husband off of the house. He signed a quitclaim and it has been recorded with the state. Our separation agreement states that upon Sale of the house, I (ex) provides half of monies made UP TO $25,000 (upon sale). I have given him back $19,200 from alimony over the last 3 years, I NOT Selling..I am just refinancing to get him off of the mortgage, and I have provided all documentation required (Divorce Decree, Separation Agreement, etc, bank statements showing I gave him money back – charging him less for alimony). The VA Underwriters are not accepting the Quitclaim. The Quitclaim has been filed/recorded as well. So I had my ex sent the Loan Office an email telling them that I am selling, not refinancing. He asked that they treat it as such. And if I were selling I would only owe him $5800. My attorney wrote to them stating that the separation agreements states on in “Sale” would that happen. They are now asking that my ex have the email printed, notarized, sent to me to sign and notarize, and only then will they accept my Refi.

    By law the signed/notarized/recorded quitclaim should be all that is required, but they are continuing to abuse their position, act as if they are attorneys, and make me feel like a criminal. The Title company’s lawyer has me sign the Quitclaim and filed it saying that these WF Underwriters are acting as if they are attorneys. So he and my divorce attorney are both in disbelief that they are doing this.

    I could go with a different bank and I am sure it would go swimmingly (all paperwork is done to include Quitclaim). However, now I am staying based on principal. They already have a $25,000 check cut for my ex without even speaking with me. It feels like I have a bias (scorned) underwriter assigned my loan. I definitely am keeping the paper trail on this, but would like for this to be corrected/rectified. I honestly never want to go VA again thanks to this experience. My ex is printing/notarizing/and sending me the email just in case, but I told him he shouldn’t have to. His email, and Quitclaim should be all they need. I feel like I am back in divorce court.

    How to I get these people removed from being able to be Veteran Affairs (VA) Underwriters? This is illegal and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rhiannon:

      I see that you’re working with us. I’m going to get this over to our client relations team to look into what’s going on here and see if we can move you forward. Thanks for reaching out!

  22. My husband died August 21 1918, he wA Veteran of Korea, his death was not service related, he had paid off several VA loans in the past.

    1. Good afternoon, Joyce:

      Unfortunately, the VA defines surviving spouse as being married to someone who passed away in the line of duty or after having sustained a service-connected disability. While you wouldn’t be able to get another VA loan, there may be other loan options that make sense for you depending on your goals. I recommend you speak with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. Thanks for reaching out!

  23. My estranged wife and I divorced and I was ordered by a Virginia judge (I didn’t know they could order me out of my home) to move out by a certain date and she would have a year to refinance. I moved out but 3 years later she has not refinanced and I don’t see it written on any of the court documents ordering her to. What can I do? Also she isn’t living in the house anymore she is renting it to her relatives.

    1. Hi B.Lee:

      This sounds more like a legal matter than a mortgage matter, so your best route would be to speak with your lawyer to see what your options are with the home. You might need to obtain a copy of your marital settlement agreement as well as a property settlement agreement to determine what can be done. I hesitate to provide any further information because I’m not a lawyer and cannot speak to your specific situation. I hope this helps, though!

  24. Can I apply as single on Va Loan if my Spouse and I are separated and dont speak and add her to the deed later if I want to sale the home

    1. Hi James:

      Title requirements vary based on the state you are in. She also may have to sign your mortgage documents as long as you’re married. That said, she may be able to sign something giving up her marital rights to any property you buy. It all depends on state requirements. If you in the process of divorce or separated, but it’s not yet finalized, you would still be married for the purposes of mortgage application. I recommend speaking with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716 to go over the details of your situation.

  25. I am separated from my husband and my income alone qualifies me for a VA loan but my husband will not sign a waiver of homestead, can I purchase a home an quick claim it to my brother and still live in the home would this be legal?

    1. Hi Antoinette Marie:

      Thank you for your service! I’m going to recommend you speak with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. Questions of title and mortgage rights are heavily dependent on what state you’re in, and I want to make sure you get the right information. Thanks for reaching out and have a great night!

  26. Help🤔my wife n I had a va loan together; both of our names are on the deed(‘we both are veterans:we divorced, n I quitclaim the house to her; yet the va still holds me responsible;’what can I do please please

    1. You would still have to have her refinance in order to get your name off the loan. Typically in the divorce, you would both negotiate that she has a certain amount of time to get that done. That’s the best I can tell you. Thank you for your service!

  27. I have heard but cant find documentation anywhere on the VA.gov site that the spouse of the veteran MUST live in the same house if both names are on the VA loan. I’m the veteran and I will occupy the house 100% of the time but my wife’s job is in a temporary location for the next 3 years. She will come home 3 days out of the week. We are buying a house where we want to retire after the 3 years. I was told by the lender she will have to live in the house 100% of the time if her income is to be considered. IF this is true the VA needs to clearly state this in the requirements.

    1. Hi James:

      Many of the special occupancy requirements for VA loans are related to you as the veteran. However I’ll recommend that you speak with one of our Home Loan Experts to get the best information and as to whether your eligibility is affected by your wife’s occupancy at all. You can get in touch with us at (888) 980-6716. Good luck!

  28. Hello
    Me and my husband are planning on purchases a home soon. We have been working on our credit and my scores are a lot higher than his. Even though we are both veterans for some reason I am not able to get a VA loan because I was told due to the amount of time I served. My question is because I have the better scores are we able to use his VA loan and use my scores for purchasing a home.

    1. Hi Kendra:

      Since your husband qualifies for the entitlement, he would have to be on the loan. He would have to have a minimum median credit score of 620. With that being said, we can go over a game plan for the two of you to help get his credit up potentially. I’m going to recommend you speak with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. Thanks!

  29. Hello,

    I am a veteran, and I got married 8 years ago. My ex-wife and I bought a house together with my VA loan. We divorced but she kept the house. My name is still on the deed. I am wanting to purchase a new home but I can’t unless she pays off the loan or refinances. She is no where close to paying off the loan and she refuses to refinance. What can I do?

    1. Hi Daniel:

      You may want to talk to an attorney. I’m not sure if there’s anything you can do to compel her to refinance. This would typically be something that can be worked out in the divorce agreement. I’m not sure if something could be done in your state. It’s probably not in her interest to refinance on her own at the moment because rates are higher than they were eight years ago. I wish I could tell you something more helpful.

      Thank you very much for your service!

    1. If you’re the veteran, you shouldn’t have to. The one stipulation to this would be that your spouse would have rights to the property if it’s a community property state.

  30. We live in a community property state. My husband purchased our home with a VA loan before we were married, and he wants to refinance. Is he able to do this without pulling my credit? We keep completely separate finances and I have debt attached to my name from a previous marriage that my ex is paying off. Does this have to count against his debt-to-income ratio?

    1. Hi Amber:

      Unfortunately, since you live in a community property state, the VA requires that your debt is counted in his debt-to-income ratio. I’m sorry. That being said, one of our Home Loan Experts could help to go over your options at (888) 980-6716 to find the best possible solution for you both. I can also tell you that conventional loans don’t require a non-borrowing spouse’s credit to be pulled in this situation. Hope this helps a bit!

  31. My husband and I bought a house 20 years ago using his $1 down VA loan. In the interim I refinanced the house and the mortgage note is in my name.
    Would he be eligible to reuse the VA benefit to buy another home? He is wanting to move our family out of the area and sell our home. So we were wondering about this.

    1. Hi Arlene:

      If you refinanced out of a VA loan, that means the previous loan was paid off in full as part of the transaction. Because of this, he can have his VA entitlement restored once in order to purchase another property. If you would like, you can get started online using Rocket Mortgage or go ahead and give us a call at (888) 980-6716 to speak to one of our Home Loan Experts. Hope this helps!

  32. Hi,
    This question is for my daughter. She is married to an Active duty AF Member. They bought a house together in Arizona using his VA. Both are on the Loan and Deed. They are divorcing and she is not after the house but wants to make sure she is removed from the loan and any liability. Certain he will not be able to secure refinancing since they needed her income to qualify for the original loan. He’s been telling her he will give her $15K in equity and take her name off the loan if she agrees. Something don’t sound right. What should she be looking out for?

    1. Hi James:

      Being that they’re both on the deed, she’s legally entitled to 50% of the house proceeds. Of course, that can be negotiated and it sounds like that’s what he’s doing. It makes sense that he would choose a fixed dollar amount because it doesn’t sound like he’s selling the house. The one thing I would be on the lookout for is to make sure it was negotiated into the divorce agreement that he has a set amount of time in which he has to refinance to get her name off the loan. You might talk to the attorney about inserting a provision in the agreement where he would have to sell the house if he can’t refinance within a certain timeframe. That way, worst-case scenario, they can both start over. Hope this helps!

  33. My husband is a service connected camp lejeune veteran. We want to get a VA loan and buy a home. Our question is can we get the insurance that will pay the loan off when he dies.

    1. Hi Kara:

      The type of insurance that you’re referring to is mortgage life insurance. It’s not something handled by the mortgage company, but rather an insurance provider. You would have to ask them this question. A Google search might give you some leads on providers and quotes.

  34. I have a mortgage in my name. I married a disabled Veteran 2.5 years ago and am wondering about refinancing. Would I qualify for a VA loan refinance as the spouse of a Veteran, even though he is not on the mortgage? If not, how should I proceed in order to qualify for a VA mortgage refinance loan? Thank you

    1. Hi Ann:

      The veteran has to be on the loan in order for you to qualify. It’s the only way to make it work. I’m sorry.


  35. How long do you have to be married before applying for a VA loan? My husband is veteran and we have only been married three weeks. Is it too soon?

    1. Hi Tasha:

      The VA doesn’t specify a minimum amount of time you have to be married. If you would like to go over your options online and apply, you can do so through Rocket Mortgage or speak with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  36. My husband retired from the Army National Guard with 23 consecutive years of service. He has since passed away from natural causes. I have never remarried and wanting to purchase a home with my daughter that we can share. As surviving spouse am I eligible for a VA loan?

    1. Hi Karen:

      Unfortunately, to qualify as a surviving spouse, your husband has to have died in service or from a service related disability. I’m sorry.

      Kevin Graham

      1. Karen, if you’ve not remarried you can apply for a VA HOME LOAN! The Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act in 2012, allows for benefits to be extended for surviving spouses.
        Check it out on the net, but if the veteran who was rated totally disabled and was eligible for disability compensation at time of death from any cause.

        There were other kinds of surviving spouse situations that qualify too.
        Important thing is that prior to signing the Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act in 2012, it was totally the old way.

        Kevin Graham please read up on this and help the surviving spouses…we spouses served with our loved ones and our country. Thank you

        1. Hi Pamela:

          I absolutely agree that spouses serve along with those that serve our country. It’s an important effort to be with your family while at the same time finding a way to provide emotional support to a spouse who might be on the other side of the world.

          We’re a nationwide lender. That means we have home loan experts licensed to help you get a mortgage in all 50 states. These are the people that know the nitty-gritty guidelines like this. I serve as our mortgage guru here on the blog team, but I have lots of general knowledge and get it over to an expert when I have to. I will tell you I did try to look up some information on the law, and without fully reading it, the regulations around disability aren’t clear to me. In these cases, I have to trust our specific internal guidelines and the thoughts of our experts who anyone can reach out to at (888) 980-6716. We’re always looking at every possible option for our clients.

          Thank you to you and your spouse for your service!


    1. Hi Tim:

      If you pass, your wife just has to notify your mortgage servicer. She can continue to make payments and assume the loan.


      1. How do you assume the loan? What if you can’t afford to assume? Do you just continue payments and stay in the house. I’m confused if spouse not on the mortgage and you are elderly.

        1. Hi Mickey:

          Typically, you would qualify for the loan based on your credit, but you do have the right to stay in the current loan and just keep making the payments. You just can’t refinance until your name is on the loan.


  37. Hi… I am a veteran and my ex wife and I divorced 5yrs ago. We agreed to not fight, but when she did the divorce decree without me, she had them state that the loan will remain in my name for the remainder of the loan but she will make the payments. Problem is the loan is a VA loan that is only in my name, she’s not on the loan at all. Now i cant purchase a new home, nor use my VA loan because she has my benefits tied up. She’s on the deed but she’s wasnt used for the loan. Law states that a ex spouse is not entitled to a service members VA benefits…help me please

  38. A divorcing couple has 2 houses; 1st house was under his VA and the 2nd house was under her VA. With the upcoming divorce (not finalized yet) husband wants to stay in the 2nd house (her VA) and wants the wife to live in the first house (his VA). Is there a way they can trade their VAs? She will assume his VA under her name and he will assume her VAunder his name.

    1. Hi Mary:

      Veterans can assume other veterans’ loans without losing their VA entitlement. Every lender has different policies regarding assumption, but if you work with the lenders involved, there’s no reason this isn’t possible.

      Kevin Graham

  39. A member of my family, a young veteran, a very trusting good guy, has recently married, with his new wife bought a home under the VA home loan and now they are divorcing at her request and she wants to keep the home. I feel he has been used for his VA home loan as they have not been married for a year yet. Knowing him he will blindly give her what ever she wants. Are there links of advice how he can protect himself now without getting further in the hole? They live in WA and I don’t believe there are any debt issues. Does she have to sign a release of liability? How can he direct his divorce lawyer, if he even gets one? In my many decades of life, I have seen other women do this, believe it is a scam young unknowing veterans should be mindful of.

    1. Hi Linda, thank you for reaching out. We’re sorry to hear that your family member is going through this. It sounds like him and his wife need to discuss the house in the divorce agreement. This situation can get a little complicated, especially if his wife is on the title. In this situation, the best thing to do would be to reach out to our team to discuss this veteran’s situation and possible options. Please direct your family member to our servicing team at 800-508-0944 so that we can see how we may be able to help. I hope this helps! – Allison

    2. My fiance is going through a similar situation. His wife filed for divorce two years ago, they own a VA loan backed home together. She refuses to leave the house and has a no contact order in place for him. His options are really only to sell the house or let it go into foreclosure because his credit score is not good enough to refinance and unfortunately he cannot just assume the loan without her signing. It’s horrible what these people do to Veterans. My fiance is 100% Combat related disabled veteran and if you ask me she’s extorting him in every way. Try to have the loan refinanced in his situation if his credit is good? I hope that helped a little….God Bless and Thank him for his service.

  40. I’m going thru a divorce and my retired military spouse is going to remain in the home financed on a VA loan. My only concern is taking my name off the VA loan so possibly in the future I can purchase a home and not have that home debt on my credit. Can this be done without him refinancing with the VA?


    1. Hi Terry:

      I would contact the lender about this, but you should be able to get your name taken off.

      Kevin Graham

  41. Hi,
    My husband is a vet, and we are just climbing out of double job loss and foreclosure from 6 years ago. I have been building my credit, and qualify for an FHA loan, but my husband’s credit is still terrible and contains a huge credit card debt that we incurred durin our jobless time and that we have been unable to mediate. Would his credit keep us fromqualifying for a VA loan?

    1. Hi, again.
      I should have read the entire thread before posting my question. I saw your answer where you stated the the veteran must have a score of at least 620 to be considered. Thanks.

      1. No need to apologize! We do have a service in QLCredit where you can get your credit report and score for free without affecting your score. You’ll get some tips based on the report on how to build it back up. I’m also going to recommend you talk to one of our Home Loan Experts. With a little work, we may be able to get you to where you need to be to qualify for a VA loan. You can get in touch with them at (888) 980-6716.

        Kevin Graham

  42. Hi,
    I’m the veteran but I’m a stay at home mom now; so my husband is the sole income earner, can he be the primary and still get a VA loan or do I have to be primary? He is not a veteran…

    1. Hi Danielle:

      It shouldn’t matter who the primary is for the purposes of qualification. You just have to be on the loan.

      Kevin Graham

  43. Hello,

    I work in HR for an employment/staffing agency in Texas. An applicant who has been desperately searching for a job was told recently that she would not be able to work through our agency and have it count as income for her VA loan.
    Her husband is a retired marine, so she would be the only additional income. She would be working full time, would be considered an employee of our company, and would receive all of her pay from our company. After a certain number of worked hours (about 2 months), she would be eligible to go on permanent with a client company.
    As Texas is an at-will employer state, any job could end at any time for any reason, even if she was a “permanent” employee of a business. Could someone explain a little better why she would not be able to receive credit for her reported income through a staffing agency?

    1. Hi Amy:

      Every situation is different. I can tell you, however, that income from what are considered temporary jobs often cannot be counted as income because there’s no guarantee of the income continuing on a lasting basis. Of course, many employees are at will, but particularly in staffing agencies, jobs can be short-term and the lender needs to see continuity of income in order to be able to count it. Otherwise, if the income were to go away tomorrow, the person would potentially have a hard time continuing to make payments. I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for, but hopefully, that gives a little bit better explanation.

      Kevin Graham

  44. Hello I have a unique question.

    I have been divorced for 3 years now. I got out of the Navy in 2013 and upon getting my discharge my ex wife decided to divorce.

    We had a house under the va loan and both our names our on the deed. I’m the primary service member. However, I wasn’t in my right mind having come off a deployment and adapted back to real world.

    I didn’t get a lawyer but she did and from my understanding she had the house signed over to her without stating a clause to refinance.

    Is there any way possible I can either A get the house back. B have her refinance it and get it out of my name or C kick her out because now she is remarried and under a different last name and no longer tied to me.

    I really need answers because finally I have gotten the help I need and getting back on my feet after going homeless for a long time after the service thank you.

    1. Hi Ted:

      Thank you for your service and I’m glad to hear your life is moving in the right direction again.

      I’m going to move forward with the rest of this response with the preamble that I’m not a lawyer and to get a full idea of your legal options, it probably makes sense to talk to someone that is, especially since divorce law can be different all over the country.

      That said, I’m not really sure what you could do. The house has been signed over to her without a refinance clause. You’re going to have a very difficult time making her refinance I would think. You definitely can’t get the house back or kick her out, because legally it’s hers.

      But like I said, I’m not a lawyer and I don’t think like one. Maybe if you talk to someone, they would have an idea. I wish you luck. It sounds like you’re taking some positive steps to move forward.

      Kevin Graham

  45. I just lost my husband a couple weeks ago to cancer. We had purchased our home in June of last year. He used a VA loan. We were not married at that time. We got married after. Can I continue with the loan and not lose our house?

    1. Hi Carmen:

      I’m very sorry to hear about your husband. Since you are living there, under federal law, you can legally assume the loan payments. You just have to let the mortgage servicer know and they can make sure to get you set up properly. I hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  46. Hi, I close on my House using my VA Loan a week after I got married. My wife is not on the loan and I did not do a quit claim deed and her . If I divorce is my wife entitle to my VA home if I decide I still want it. The loan is in my name and I make all the payments. Plus pay the taxes and insurance.

    1. Hi Patrick:

      Whether your wife has a claim to the property depends on whether you live in a community property state. Check out this blog post for a list of states. If you do, you would have to work out who gets the property in the divorce. If it was agreed that she got the property, you could negotiate a clause into your agreement giving her a certain amount of time to refinance so you could use your VA loan again. I hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  47. I’m the vet but my wife’s name is on the house. We are in the process of getting a divorce. From my understanding the house is mine but the equity on the house would be split. But I would not have to give up the house. She is not eligible for a VA loan so even if I decided to give up the house she would have to find different financing. Is this true

    1. Hi Sherry:

      If you give up the house, your VA loan could theoretically be transferred to her if you chose. If you did that, you wouldn’t be able to use your entitlement again to get another loan through the VA. Typically, that’s not what happens. If she gets the house in the divorce, you could make it a condition of the agreement that she refinance to get her own mortgage within a certain amount of time you mutually agree upon. I hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

      1. I am a veteran.
        I married after honorable service.
        After our third child i decided to use my veteran hime lian benefit.
        Spouse was a co-borrower.
        The bank informed him that i would have veteran interest asset of equity in the hime.
        With one year in the lian left we divorced and sold the home.
        The court ignired my veteran interest asset if equity in the home for my offset in the sale.
        Please give me a percentage of one spouse only being entitled veteran of home loan/sale.

        Thank you.

        1. Hi Sheila:

          There’s no difference between the equity stake for a veteran on the VA loan and any other equity arrangement. If the two of you were on the title and sold the home, you would get 50% of the proceeds after the mortgage was paid off. I think that’s what you’re asking.

          Kevin Graham

  48. If a father has a VA loan financed by himslef abut adds the son on the deed 50%, and the son lives in the home fulltime. If the father dies, can the son resume the VA loan as is, or does he have to refinance the loan? Also, if the father dies and is on the deed with the one son, can the other children of the father, try to get the home from the son who owns 50% ? Would it be best to take off the father from the deed and only have the son own 100% of the deed, if that is possible with a VA loan and the deed?? Please reply as I am concerned if my other siblings trying to take the home from me if my father passes. Thank you, Chuck

    1. Hi Gloria and Chuck:

      You can assume the VA loan if your father passes. You just have to let the lender know that you’re taking over the payments. If you own 50% of the house, it would depend on how your father’s estate is settled. He does have the option of willing to you and you wouldn’t have to take him off the deed.

      Kevin Graham

  49. I was wondering if a service member purchases a home using a VA loan before getting married can the civilian spouse be added to either the deed or paperwork? Also if the answer is no what happens if the service member dies or we get a divorce. Will the civilian spouse me eligible to get the house or am i not entitled to anything?

    1. Hi Tai:

      A civilian spouse can absolutely be added to the loan and the title if the couple so chooses. If added to the mortgage, you would probably end up refinancing at that point, but you would just have to do a quitclaim to be added to the title itself. This would make you eligible to get the property in the event of a divorce or the unfortunate circumstance of an untimely death. However, if you kept the VA loan, your spouse would not be able to get a VA loan again. For that reason, you might end up negotiating to refinance the property into a different loan within a certain amount of time after the divorce if you got the house.

      Kevin Graham

  50. My late husband purchased our home with a VA loan before we were married (engaged at the time, married a few months later in 2015) and he recently passed away. My husband was concerned about me losing the house if he passed so we had called the VA last year and was told I could continue to live in the house and pay the mortgage. They did suggest a quick claim deed, which didn’t matter to them but protects me if the Bank tries to call the loan. After trying to work with a Real Estate Lawyer it didn’t get done and he became sick so it fell by the side. My credit is still not great and I haven’t any money for a closing anyway. The VA will let me continue to live in and pay the mortgage but can I get my name on the deed? I live in an association park and can not vote or be on the Board unless I’m on the deed. Thank you

    1. Hi Jan:

      The deed should have nothing to do with the mortgage. You’ll be able to continue living in the house and you should be able to get a quitclaim deed done assuming your husband had some documentation saying the house went to you.


  51. Hi,

    I got divorced from a veteran in 2015. I moved out the house, I was a co-signer and we used VA. In the divorce decree he was awarded the property. I just completed a Quit Claim Deed and now am seeking to come off the loan. Is a VA release of liability the way to go? He is already re-married with a child, and I am looking to purchase a house for myself and I need my debt to income ratio to come down.


    1. Hi Ash:

      I’m going to recommend you talk to one of our Home Loan Experts. They know more about VA policy than I do. They should be able to tell you whether that form will work or if he actually has to refinance you off the loan. You can get in touch with them by calling (888) 728-4702.

      Kevin Graham

  52. We tried to get a va loan through our credit union. My husbands score is above 620 and he has a 5k collection on his credit from 4 years ago. They told us that we need to have 17k in our savings account! Is that common? Do we need to pay the collection off first?

    1. Hi Tracy:

      You may have to pass the collection, but I’m going to recommend you talk to one of our Home Loan Experts to look into your situation and see if there’s anything that can be done. You can call 888-728-4702. They’ll be happy to talk to you.

      Kevin Graham

  53. My husband is a veteran. Last year we started looking for a home and in the mortgage process decided it would be easier to get the loan in his name as I had a judgment to clear up and only add my name to the deed. Unfortunately, he went behind my back and purchased a home and left, using the VA loan. I am almost in the clear with my credit, and now I’m trying to figure out how to purchase a home for me and our children, I am currently renting off lease (we didn’t renew because we were looking to purchase), and have to find somewhere to go in the next couple of months. Will I be able to use and VA loans? We are still married, not legally separated, no divorce proceedings have started, and he is still getting VA benefits for me and the children, he is a disabled vet.

    1. Hi Nina:

      Unfortunately, the veteran and the family can only use the VA loan on one house at the time. The entitlement can’t be reused until he sells the house. One of our Home Loan Experts may be able to go over other options with you if you fill out this form or call (888) 728-4702.

  54. Currently separated from my wife. In MD you have to be separated for 1 yr no co-habitation to be eligible to divorce. What are my options? She cannot afford the house without me, and cannot refinance. Also if I do leave as she is asking, does my tax exemption leave with me? Am,I entitled to make her leave since its a VA loan, and she cannot afford the house on her own? What can I do to keep my home?

    1. Hi Johnathan:

      I can’t answer the tax question. For that, you really need an accountant. As to who gets the house, that has to be worked out in the divorce agreement. However, if she can’t afford the home without you, she’ll end up losing it.

      Kevin Graham

  55. Question on Taxes..

    My previous home was purchased through the use of my VA Home Loan.. i got divorced but i stayed in the house through Jan. of 2016.. My x’s name was still on the loan with me.. She wants to claim that one month, Jan of 2016, on her taxes..

    Since this was a VA loan and I am the Vet, can she legally claim the taxes on that Home with out me?

    1. Hi Chris:

      If you were both on the loan at the time, the IRS doesn’t care who claims the deduction and it’s up to the two of you to talk about that. Legally, she could.

      Kevin Graham

  56. So I just retired with 22 years of active duty service. I purchased a home with my VA loan back in 2011, I only lived in the home for three months, then my ex wife decided that I needed to find another place to live. She won the house in the divorce which was finalized in OCT 2013, I have given her plenty of time to refinance and even got her in touch with a real estate agent to do so. She refused to talk to him, with that mortgage which is on my credit my debt to income ratio is too high. Where do I go from here? Thanks for any help in this matter.

    1. Hi Richard:

      She would have to refinance in order to get off the loan. Typically, you would give her a certain amount of time in the divorce decree. It doesn’t sound like that’s what happened here. Unfortunately, you may be stuck for a while now. Interest rates are going up enough that she won’t find it in her interest to refinance. You could try to take her back to court but if there was never a set time limit, you may be stuck. A real estate agent wouldn’t be able to help her refinance at all either. They just find houses. I do wish you good luck.

      Kevin Graham

  57. My (Viet Nam era vet) husband and I got a VA loan for our home 3 years ago. We are working on wills and trying to figure out beneficiaries in case of our death. I read that children cannot assume the loan. It appears that I also cannot assume the loan in the potential loss of my husband and I would need to refinance it into an IRRRL streamline loan, whatever that means. Would I be required to change the loan if my husband died, or couldn’t I just keep paying on the same VA mortgage month after month? Please clear this up for us so we can figure out the most appropriate child of ours to inherit our home as well as what would happen to myself in the case that my husband died. It seems that the house would need to be sold if my husband died, even if I’m still living here with my children, due to the fact that the mortgage would have to change and I wouldn’t qualify for a new mortgage by my lack of income. In the event of my husband’s death, we had anticipated that the kids and I could pitch in together to pay the mortgage, but change our lifestyle of highschool and college kids and myself the homemaker, and find new jobs. But new jobs being found would not qualify us to get a new mortgage, right? We do not live in a community property state. Thank you.

    1. So it’s not true that your children couldn’t assume the loan. Your husband would lose his entitlement, but it wouldn’t matter if he has passed. The same goes for you. You could assume the loan without having to credit qualify and just keep making the payments after telling the mortgage company. Hope this helps!

  58. My spouse and I are getting a divorce, and she is still living in the house that I have my VA loan on with our children. She thinks that she can stay in the home indefinitely even if I am not living there, and it is no longer my primary residence. Do I have to let her stay even if she can’t afford to maintain the house, or does she have to refinance to get me off of the loan if I want her to?

    1. Hi Fred:

      I’m sorry to hear about the divorce. In terms of working out the refinance process, that’s typically something that’s decided in the divorce agreement. You can say she has X amount of time to refinance the loan if she gets the house.

      Kevin Graham

  59. My wife and I are unfortunately going through a divorce, This was her decision as I am still wanting to work on our relationship. We recently purchased a house and she had asked me to move out, I accepted because I could not afford the mortgage myself . I have given her everything so far but told her that The VA loan will stay with me. She said the courts would just sign the house over to her and take me off the loan. I told her that would not happen and that she either needs to refinance it on her own or we need to sell it. She makes 4 times what my income is and I am not even going to ask for alimony. Does she have a leg to stand on or would she need my approval to get the loan because I am not willing to give it to her.

    1. Hi Ryan:

      I’m going to start by saying I’m not a divorce lawyer and I assume you’re talking to one. That said, as far as I know, it doesn’t really work that way. She has to refinance you off the loan.

      Kevin Graham

  60. My husband was I the army. After he came home he abandoned me and our 3 children. We are still married, it’s been 3.5 years. Is there a chance I am eligible for a VA loan?

    1. Hi Lisa:

      Sorry to hear about your situation with your husband. Unfortunately, the VA loan eligibility is tied to him, so he would have to be on any loan you could get through the VA. It doesn’t sound like that’s likely to happen. I’m very sorry.

      Kevin Graham

  61. Situation Question:
    A “non” disabled, retired veteran is in the midst of repaying a VA loan. The veteran suddenly becomes permanently disabled or has passed away. The veteran no longer has the ability to repay the loan in these situations. The only assets available are a 401k and term life insurance policy that are just enough to cover the VA home loan itself. However, this leaves no income to sustain the surviving spouse for any reasonable length of time. The surviving spouse is employed but her income is not enough to sustain a household if a mortgage or rent are factored in. In this situation, does the VA forgive the loan like California’s veteran mortgage loan agency CalVet or is the surviving spouse still held accountable for the loan? If so, what survivor mortgage insurance is recommended to pay off the house as to not interfere with the existing assets? Thanks.

    1. In this situation, the spouse would still be responsible for the mortgage. They could take a look at doing a loan modification by talking to the loan servicer. There are specialized life insurance policies that specifically pay off the mortgage. I wouldn’t recommend any specific one. I suppose it would be whichever you can get the best deal on.

  62. My husband died in 2014. We have a VA loan. He was 100 % disabled Well over 10 years. non service related, but allowing me to meet the disabled spouse requirements listed above with receiving 100% disability. I want to know if I can sell this house for full payoff and buy another house with the same VA benefits. I have not re-married and have a good credit score with no late or missed payments at all. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Jennifer:

      I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s passing. This question is a little complicated and the VA guidelines don’t seem overly clear on a couple points surrounding your question, but I don’t deal with VA loans every day. I’m going to recommend you talk to one of our Home Loan Experts. We have people that specialize in VA loans who can probably help answer your question. Please feel free to give us a call at (888) 728-4702. They’ll be able to get you the right info.

      Kevin Graham

  63. I got divorced three years ago and my ex was the one in the service and when we bought our home we acquired a VA loan. I got the house in the divorce and my ex took his name of the deed. Ever since then I have been struggling financially to pay the mortgage and for the last year and a half I have been trying to either refinance or do loan modifications and I either get denied on the modifications or get told I am not able to refinance as this is a VA loan and I am not the veteran and I’m about to loose my house. I did read on another question you answered that they should be able to refi my loan but I keep getting told that’s not possible. I really need help any suggestions??

    1. Hi Jen:

      You do have to tell the mortgage company when you assume the loan. They need to know that, but you should have been able to do a simple assumption and not even credit qualify because of the divorce. The only thing that happens with VA loan assumptions is that the veteran loses the ability to use a VA loan again. That said, every mortgage company has a policy that’s a little different regarding loan assumptions. I’m going to recommend you talk to one of our Home Loan Experts to try to get some advice in this matter. They can go over your situation. Feel free to either chat with them or call (888) 728-4702.

      Kevin Graham

  64. My father and I are interested in purchasing a large family home that will house multiple generations. He is a veteran. Will I be allowed on the loan if we chose the VA route?

    1. Hi Brandi:

      Since you are his daughter, this is considered a VA joint loan. Unfortunately, we only do VA joint loans in specific refinancing situations. I’m sorry and I wish you luck.

      Kevin Graham

  65. Hi my husband is active duty and I am a stay at home mom (no income) we both have good credit but each have about $5,000 that we have put on individual credit cards due to our recent move and his deployment. If I assume his credit card debt, and am not a part of the loan do they look at my financial standing/debt at all? Thank you.

  66. I am the widow of a deceased veteran. I remarried and now divorced. Am I eligible for a VA loan using my deceased husband’s eligibility?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Sharon:

      I would take the policy to mean you can’t remarry before you get the loan. However, I would talk to one of our Home Loan Experts. We have people that are very familiar with the program and can let you know exactly how the guidelines work. If the VA won’t work for you, we can help you take a look at other options as well. To get started, you can fill out this form or call 888-728-4702.

      Kevin Graham

  67. My husband is a vet. We purchased a house with a VA loan Jan. 2016. We are talking about a divorce. We are both on the title. He cannot afford to keep the house & make the payments. I can afford to keep the house & make the payments. What would I need to do to assume the loan & release him from being on it? We are both retired. Please let me know. Thanks


    1. Hi Darla:

      I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. In terms of the actual loan assumption process, you would need to talk to the lender and credit qualify in order to prove you have the ability to continue making the payments. Every lender’s policy regarding assumption is a little bit different, so be sure to follow their advice. Once you assume the loan, he’s released from the payments. It’s important to note that by letting you assume the loan as a civilian, your husband would lose the ability to purchase a new house with a VA loan in the future. He may not care, but it’s something to take into consideration. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  68. I was married a to military guy. Im a civilian. We had a divorce and i assumed our house ( VA loan) from his name to my name.
    My question is can i refinance the house with the VA loan or do i have to get a different kind of loan to refinance since im not in military?

    1. The VA entitlement stays with the property. As your ex-husband gave up his VA entitlement when you assumed the mortgage, the entitlement is essentially yours. You should be able to refinance again under a VA loan if you choose.

      Kevin Graham

  69. I went through a divorce in 2012 and we did a DIY divorce being everything was completely mutual. In the filing we had put in that he would have full liability and full assest of the house. The house has had renters living in it since 2009. However, last year some really bad things came out and legal action was taken against him with a protection order put in place. Now, I’m seeing the error of my ways from the begining and just want to get out from under the mortgage all together. No QCD was done. I contacted Wells Fargo and the lady told me HE had to request a release of liability form from the VA and then submit it to the VA. After that was done she said to just send it to them and they would proceed with taking care of everything. Obviously I can’t contact him and neither of us live in the house. What, if anything, can I do now?

    1. Hi Rebecca:

      It does sound like a complicated situation. My best suggestion would be for you to talk to one of our Home Loan Experts. They may be able to help you go over your situation and offer advice on any options you may have. You can get in touch with one of our bankers via chat at this link or call 888-728-4702.

      Kevin Graham

  70. I have a very poor credit rating and my wife has great credit. What are my options on getting a a house using the va loan

    1. Hi Curtis:

      If you’re the veteran, you have to be on the loan in order to get it done, however we require at least a 620 credit score in order to qualify. My best advice is to talk to one of our Home Loan Experts by filling out this form or calling 888-728-4702. They can go over strategies unique to your situation. In the meantime, here’s a blog post with some tips on how to build up your score. Best of luck!

      Kevin Graham

  71. My question is that I just purchased a home with my VA loan 3 months ago. Looking at a possible divorce. My wife is on the lease, but not the loan itself. She had no part in the loan process what-so-ever. Do I get to keep the house and let her leave? She seems to think she doesn’t have to go anywhere.

    1. Hi Rick:

      I’m not sure what you mean by lease since you’re not renting. If she is on the title, the house would have to be included in the divorce negotiations. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  72. My husband is a vet. I purchased our home before we married ten years ago. The mortgage is in my name, as is the second, and the property is titled in the name of my living trust. My husband would be a beneficiary of the trust should I predecease him, but I am the trustee. We are in California. Is there a way to refinance with a VA loan? Thanks.

    1. Hi Lorna:

      I’m going to suggest you talk to one of our licensed mortgage bankers who can help you look into your options. If you fill out this form, someone licensed in California and familiar with VA loans will be happy to contact you.

      Kevin Graham

  73. I’m medically retired from the U.S Army Infantry because of brain cancer and TBI. In 2008 before deploying to Iraq again I got married and was talked into buying a house in Oklahoma while stationed in Hawaii (young and stupid) 9 months into that last deployment I was medevac out with a tumor. I was told I was terminally ill and while deployed me and my ex agreed to divorce because she was cleaning me out financially. I fought with her for four years to divorce because she did not want to lose the house and have me keep paying her monthly, as well as my medical. I was in Texas at the time for cancer treatment and was being told I was terminal and she delayed things thinking I would expire before it was done with. I gave her the house and she assumed the debt in the divorce but now I can’t get her to refinance and it’s been 7 years since I’ve step foot in the place or Oklahoma. To wrap up the story sorry for the length but I cannot buy a house because she want refinance even though that’s what was agreed on.

    1. Hi Jon:

      First, I want to say congratulations on your better health. Thank you for your service!

      I would talk to a lawyer because if you have something in writing saying she’s supposed to sell the house so you can work on getting your VA entitlement restored, you may be able to legally compel her to sell.

      Short of that, you may have to go to Plan B. We do offer a variety of low down payment options. In any case, I wouldn’t hesitate to talk to a banker to go over any avenues you might have. If you fill out this form, we can go ahead and put you in contact with someone that can go over your situation in detail.

      Kevin Graham

  74. Would like to know how to get started refinance a home as a spouse of a disabled vet. He died as a result of his disability.

    1. Hi Shirley:

      I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. This country owes your husband a debt of gratitude for his service I can have someone reach out to you and help you look into your options.

      Kevin Graham

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