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Disclaimer: Beginning January 1, 2020, the VA funding fee will be changing to a range of 1.4% – 3.6% based on factors like your down payment or equity amount, your service status and whether this is a first or subsequent use of a VA loan.

The VA loan is a great option for any eligible veteran, active-duty service member or surviving spouse. It offers the chance to get into a home without a down payment and a one-time funding fee in place of mortgage insurance.

If you have a disability as a result of your time in the service of our country, you’ve made a special sacrifice. In recognition of this, the VA has some special loan guidelines and programs to help you when you get your VA loan.

Before we get there though, let’s discuss some basic questions often asked by veterans.

What Are The Benefits Of VA Loans For Disabled Veterans?

VA home loans offer such advantages as:

  • No down payments
  • No private mortgage insurance (PMI)
  • Lower than average interest rates
  • Less strict credit requirements
  • No penalties for early pay-offs

These VA home loan benefits can give veterans lower monthly payments that most citizens don’t have access to and allow service members to obtain a home with a helpful source of financing.

How Do Disabled Veterans Qualify for VA Loans?

While VA loans are a beneficial form of financing for many military service members, there are certain requirements they must meet. The VA typically requires service for a certain length of time under specific circumstances. However, veterans with disabilities caused by injuries sustained in the line of duty may be eligible for a VA loan without meeting all of the conditions.

Most service members have to meet one the following requirements to apply for a VA loan:

  • Have served for 181 days of active service during peacetime
  • Have served for 90 consecutive days of active service during wartime
  • Have served 90 days under the Title 32 with at least 30 consecutive days
  • Have served more than 6 years of service with the National Guard

Veterans and service members may also need to meet additional criteria set in place by their lender or submit specific documentation of one of the above requirements, like a certificate of eligibility (CEO), DD Form 214, NGB Form 22 or another VA form.

Again, you may not have to meet the above conditions to be eligible for a VA loan as a disabled veteran.

Do Veterans Have To Pay Closing Costs?

There are closing costs associated with any mortgage that have to be paid by the client. VA loans are no exception, but the VA seller concessions policy allows the seller to pay for a larger amount of these costs then they could on many other loans.

There’s no limit on the amount someone can choose to contribute to the following categories:

  • Origination fees: Most mortgage lenders charge origination fees for processing the loan application and paperwork.
  • Discount points: These are prepaid interest points. Prepaying some of your interest ahead of time enables you to lower your interest rate.
  • Miscellaneous fees: These include things like paying for credit reports, property surveys and appraisals.

There are certain things a seller can only pay up to 4% of the purchase price or appraisal for, whichever is lower. This limit applies to escrow items (prepaid property taxes and homeowners insurance) as well as the VA funding fee.

However, if you’re a disabled veteran you may be able to get out of the funding fee. More on that below.

In addition to the seller concessions option, you can choose to take lender credits for part or all of the closing costs. In this case, these are built into the balance of the loan and paid off over the loan term.

Who Is Exempt from the VA Funding Fee?

If you have a service-connected disability, you’re an active-duty service member who received the Purple Heart, or you’re a surviving spouse of someone who passed in action or as a result of their service-connected disability, you can get the funding fee waived.

If you currently receive disability benefits and have not yet closed on your VA loan, your funding fee is waived and you do not have to pay it. (This is true regardless of your level of disability.)

If you close on your loan prior to receiving benefits, the funding fee may be refundable if you were in the middle of applying for disability at the time of your purchase or refinance. For example, if a first-time home buyer is purchasing a $200,000 home with a VA loan and qualifies for disability, the 2.15% funding fee will be waived – saving the homeowner $4,300. Once your disability benefits are approved, you must apply in writing to your state’s VA Regional Loan Center to initiate the funding fee refund. If you financed the funding fee, the refund amount will be removed from your principal amount due, and if you paid with cash, the VA will issue you a check.

It is important to remember that if you do not currently receive disability benefits, you must have a pending claim for disability prior to the closing date of the loan. If the application for disability is dated after closing, you may not receive a refund.

What Grants Are Available To Disabled Veterans?

A disabled veteran may be able to purchase a home with a fee-free VA loan, but if the home also needs accessibility modifications, the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant and the Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant are available to help. To qualify for these particular grants, you need to have a 100% service-connected disability rating from the VA.

The SAH helps qualified veterans with one of the following:

  • Build a home with special disability-related modifications.
  • Remodel and modify an existing home to meet adapted housing needs.
  • Apply the grant against the principal mortgage balance of an adapted home that’s already been purchased without VA grant assistance.

The SHA helps qualified veterans with one of the following:

  • Adapt an existing home that is already owned by the veteran.
  • Adapt a home that the veteran intends to purchase.
  • Help a veteran purchase a home that has already been adapted.

It’s important to note that if you’re considering a grant, the maximum amount allowed for the SAH for the fiscal year 2021 is $100,896. For the SHA, the grant limit is $20,115. Additionally, veterans must have their disability benefits approved prior to applying for housing grants.

Veterans who are eligible for either of these programs may also qualify for a Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) grant. This allows you to get funds to temporarily adapt the residence of a family member whose home you’re temporarily living in. The maximum loan amount for an SAH eligible veteran is $40,637. If you’re eligible for SHA, the maximum TRA grant is $7,256 for 2021.

Even if you don’t qualify for any of these particular programs, check with your local VA office as well as the local branch of the Department of Health and Human Services in your area. There may be other sources of funding, veteran specific and otherwise, that will allow you to accomplish goals related to housing or anything else made more difficult by your service-connected disability.

Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption and Homeownership Tax Credits

Once you use your VA loan benefit to buy a new home, you’re eligible for some very useful tax credits and exemptions that could help quite a bit. The Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption can help reduce the amount a disabled veteran pays per year in taxes. The amount varies by state, so it’s important to check with your local VA office in person or through their website to find out about your state-specific benefit. For example, some states offer a 100% tax exemption to all veterans, while others restrict it to 100% disabled veterans.

With a VA loan, you may also be eligible for a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC). The MCC is issued on the state level that allows you to claim a tax credit for a portion of the mortgage interest paid per tax year. The credit amount is determined on the state level, but is definitely a benefit worth taking advantage of.

Are There Home Loans For Disabled Veterans with Bad Credit?

The VA doesn’t have a set minimum credit score for their loan program, so you may get approved for a mortgage regardless of your credit history. Most mortgage lenders want you to have at least a 580 credit score for a VA loan, which is typically seen as below average. If your score is lower than the standard minimum, there are some financial institutions that will still approve you, depending on your payment history, income and other current debts.

Although, with a score lower than 620, you might not be able to qualify for a VA loan with no down payment or the lowest rates, and so may want to consider improving your credit before applying for a VA home loan. By making some changes to your financial situation and spending habits, you can rebuild your credit score quickly.

As a veteran, you may also qualify for additional help and financial counseling through the VA’s Financial Services Center. This program offers free financial advice and legal counseling to help veterans better manage their debts and make improvements to their credit.

Are There VA Home Loans For Disabled Veterans Who Are Rated Incompetent?

The VA issues an incompentant rating when it believes a veteran is no longer able to manage their own disability benefits and financial situation. This judgement can happen due a mental disability, advanced age or physical concern.

Once the VA sets this rating, they will require the veteran to choose a fiduciary or will appoint one for the service member. This person will manage your finances and VA benefits for you. Most veterans have a close family member or friend act as their fiduciary with the VA’s approval.

If you are deemed incompetent, you can still apply for a VA home loan, but you may have to submit extra paperwork or meet additional requirements. Your fiduciary will be the one to apply for the VA loan on your behalf. They will have to:

  • Let the seller know that the real estate transaction will be dependent on the VA’s approval (this could take over 30 days to finalize).
  • Submit their paperwork to the VA Regional Loan Center for approval before the lender completes underwriting.

Once those two steps are completed, the VA will notify the lender of the approval. From there, they can complete the underwriting process and then the sale is ready for closing.

Can Disability Payments Help You Get a VA Loan?

If you’re currently receiving disability compensation from the VA, it can be counted as income, which, in turn, helps you meet VA loan income requirements. To be eligible for a VA loan, income must meet three standards – it must be stable, reliable and expected to continue. The key factor in using disability pension toward a VA loan is that your payments are likely to continue.

The Bottom Line: VA Loans Can Provide Additional Benefits To Disabled Veterans

Buying a home is more than a large purchase. It’s a financial obligation you are taking on for the next 15 to 30 years. Thankfully, as a veteran or active-duty service member, you may be eligible for a mortgage with no down payment, low interest rates and fewer credit restrictions. VA loans are in place to help veterans of the armed forces, so make sure to take advantage of these benefits if you qualify.

If you’re interested in your own VA loan, you can get started online or talk to one of our Home Loan Experts today. We’re happy to help!

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  1. I’m a disabled veterand 100%and unemployable March of 2019 I was approved for a V.A home loan my first one and now I’m in the home I was offered refinance since my interest was 4.99 back then I’m told because of my credit score is optimin then I can’t be refinanced now however I think I’m to much trouble than I am worth and I’m being suckerd but I will get my credit score up and I will utilize my 81,000 special adaptive housing grant to get this home where I can be more independent karma will get these so called people out here that only act like they care .

    1. Thank you for your service, Williams! That sounds like a good goal! I’m going to get this to our team to look into your situation and see if we can do anything to help you out at this time or get you on the appropriate path for the future. We appreciate you reaching out!

      1. Hello, I’m 100% va service connected disabled with no chance of Getting better. I’m also employed full time. So my annual yearly salary with both combined is about 88k. My credit score is 620. I have 2 cars on my credit I’m in good standings and one car I co-signed for with my daughter, which is in good standing. How hard would it be to get a va home loan for a home that’s 300k

        1. Hi Jim:

          Based on what you’ve said here, you’ve got good income, so that will help. The one thing I would say is that you’re going to want to keep your credit score where it’s at or better because that will give you a little more flexibility in terms of debt-to-income ratio (DTI). You can start online or give us a call at (800) 442-4383. Thank you very much for your service!

    1. Hi Keith:

      State disability is different from VA disability. The disability benefits being referred to in this post have to do with people who have disabilities related to injuries sustained during their time in service. With that said, your state may have programs available. I’m going to direct you to this housing assistance program directory. Additionally, you can use your disability to qualify for mortgage if you’re going to continue receiving it in the future. If you would like to look into your qualification options, you can get started with Rocket Mortgage or give us a call at (888) 980-6716. Thank you very much for your service!

  2. Hey i make about 1,900 a month from disability income and that is the only income I have as i am going through real estate school. Can I get a va home loan with just that income? I have no debt

    1. Hi Dylan:

      Thank you for your service! We can certainly help you look into your loan options. It doesn’t matter where your income comes from as long as it’s legal and consistent, so that’s not an issue. If you would like, you can apply online and go over options through Rocket Mortgage® or talk to one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. Have a great day!

  3. I built my home some 7 years ago, financed by Trustmark Bank. I need to refinance my loan to
    accomodate my disabled Vet status. I would think that I need some $50000 to make accomodations
    of my home and patio to aide my disabled status.

    1. Good evening, Robert:

      Thank you for your service! We can certainly help you look into your options through Rocket Mortgage or by speaking with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. The VA also has some special grant options you might look into applying for. They are specifically designed to address accommodations for those with disabilities in the home. I hope this helps!

  4. Im 100% disabled and live with my mother. Im the youngest of 6 (single) and the only one who lives with her. My mother wants the house to be equaly divided between us 6 and im interested in buying our home. My credit score is 760+ and only need $114.000 total house value. Need a 30 year va loan and what will my payments be?
    Thank You
    Robert D.A.V

    1. Hi Robert:

      I can’t tell you exactly what your payments would be because more goes into it than credit and loan term, but we do have a purchase calculator you can take a look at that might give you an idea. I also recommend looking into your options online with Rocket Mortgage and/or speaking with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. Thank you very much for your service!

  5. Hi, I’m a retired Army veteran. I’m in the process of purchasing a home. I have a 60% disable rating from the VA. I live in IL and I am exempt from $6,000 in property taxes. My lender qualified me for the house and put the property taxes on the initial disclosure form. I asked him about the exemption and he told me, “you have to file that on your own with the county, once you are in the house.” That seemed illogical. Why wouldn’t I do get the exemption initially? I wanted to fact check my lender, is this accurate? And if so, do I get credited or reimburse for any taxes I would pay until my exemption got approved?

    1. Hi Charles:

      Thank you for your service! I’m going to take these a bit point by point.

      What the lender is telling you is accurate. Tax foreclosure is one of the things that puts your lender’s investment in the home at risk so mortgage investors want to make sure you get the exemption before they assume it within your escrow account. Unfortunately, what this means is that you could end up paying property taxes for up to a full year at the higher rate because your mortgage servicer does escrow analysis once per year typically. However, you would get that extra money back in the form of a check when the escrow analysis was completed. One thing you might be able to do is request that your servicer do a special escrow analysis once you’re approved for the exemption so that you could get the adjustment in your monthly payment sooner.

      The one thing I can’t tell you is whether you would get a credit from the County for the amount of time you were in the home before they processed your exemption. That really is up to local authorities. I hope this helps!

  6. Hello, Is there anyway I can get a bank to consider that I will be exempt from paying real estate/property taxes to help me qualify fora home loan?

    1. Good morning, Shanelle:

      Thank you for your service! It’s true that many states and/or local taxing authorities offer exemptions from local real estate and property taxes if you’re a disabled veteran. I recommend you speak with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. I’m not sure whether we can take this into account on your approval amount before the loan is made, but we would be able to go over the process with you in any case. I hope this helps and have a good day!

  7. I am a veteran with 100% service connected disability, I need a home within 22 days My credit is 450-475, because I dont have any history to speak of. I currently receive 3500 approximately monthly from benefits… I make plenty of money but cant get financing any suggestions?

    1. Hi J.C.

      Thank you for your service! I’m going to try to give you some advice that could help you out. However, I would advise that you see if you can look for a place to rent or find other living arrangements. You will need a credit history in order to get any kind of financing for a home and it’s not the type of thing you can build up in less than a month. You’re probably looking at a process that would potentially take at least a couple of years. However, I can offer a few suggestions to help you get started on the right path.

      First, you’ll want to talk to your bank and tell them you’re interested in opening a secured credit card. With a secured card, you deposit some of your own money as the credit line. Once you do that, you can then make charges to it and pay it off every month. Your lender will report the payments and you start to build credit history. Another thing you can take a look at that many banks offer are small personal loans expressly for the purpose of building up credit. After six months or a year of making payments on the secured card, you can look into getting a regular credit card because you’ll be more likely to be approved. You can also take a look at possibly getting something smaller like a car loan. The whole key here is that lenders want to see how you handle both revolving payments (credit cards) and installment loans (car, student loans, personal loans or a mortgage). Here’s a really good article on building credit for the first time.

      Additionally, as you do this, you’re going to want to start monitoring your credit. Not only is this a good way to track your progress over time, but it’s one of the best ways to combat identity theft because you’ll know quickly if there’s anything on your report that you don’t recognize. Our friends over at Rocket HQ give you access to your VantageScore 3.0 credit score and report every week from TransUnion. You’ll also get personalized tips on how to improve your score based on the information that’s in your report. I hope this helps!

  8. Hello. Can someone with 30% rating (possibility of increase), but less than 2 years of military service, be eligible for the VA loan? Where can one find the answer to that question?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Christie:

      I believe you are referring to the veteran’s disability rating. If they were discharged early due to the service-connected disability, they are eligible for the VA loan. If they would like to go over their options, they can do so at (888) 980-6716. Thank you for reaching out!

      1. Thank you for replying. What happens if the rating came a year and a half after he got discharged? Is he still able to be re-eligible for the VA loan?

  9. Thank you for sharing these tips on how disabled veterans can gain loan. This is a nice option by the way. I think it is worth the try.

    1. Hi Michelle:

      I’m glad you found the post useful. If you would like to get started, you can do so at Rocket Mortgage® or by giving one of our Home Loan Experts a call at (888) 980-6716. Thank you for your service and have a wonderful day!

  10. I’ve been told going thru USAA for a VA loan is best way. Of course I am working with QL. why would working thru QL be better than USAA????

    1. Hi Frank:

      While I can’t comment on the services of a competitor, I can talk about our services.

      When it comes to VA loans, if you need to get your certificate of eligibility, we can pull that for you and help you with the entire process. We will work with you every step of the way.

      We have earned J.D. Power’s highest ranking in customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination each of the last 8 years running. We also service 99% of the loans we originate, so your relationship with us doesn’t end at the closing table. We have the J.D. Power Award for the highest-ranking in customer satisfaction for mortgage servicing for the last five years as well. Because we have that servicing relationship with you, if there’s an opportunity to get you a better deal down the line based on your goals, we will reach out and let you know.

      We don’t charge any fees for paying off your loan early. We also offer services like biweekly payments which enable you to save money over time by making one extra payment toward
      principal each year. Finally, we don’t charge any fees to pay online or over the phone.

      I hope this helps! Have a good day!

    1. Hi Chris:

      I’m going to advise you to talk to one of our Home Loan Experts because every situation is different. It’s included in your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio for sure, but if you have any court orders or other issues because you’re behind, that could work a little bit differently as well. You can get in touch with us at (888) 980-6716. I hope this helps! Thank you for your service!


  11. I am an 80% disabled Veteran receiving benefits & currently have a conventional loan with Wells Fargo with a current balance of around $120,000. Their Interest Rate on my ARM has increased from 3.25% to over 4% & our payment from $599.00 to $662.38. I am still working & will be 70 years old April 21, 2018. My FICO Score ranges between 813 to 826, I’ve never missed a payment on ANYTHING, EVER but would like my payments to be no more than $500. per month since I will be retiring within 1 Year following my Birthday in April. We live on the lake & our house is valued at approximately $400,000. To $450,000. I would prefer a 15 year ARM which seems to have the lowest Int Rate according to the rate charts I’ve seen recently. I do not want people calling me – I prefer answers via email & also questions from you via email. I am at work 5 days a week & travel from job to job as a Bridge Superintendent so phone calls are not an option at present. Many Thanks.

    1. Hi Larry:

      At this time, we only offer ARMs with 30-year terms. It’s worth noting that while you’re correct that you pay less interest with a shorter-term, the monthly payments are lower on longer-term loans. I’m going to give you a couple of options here so you can check out what we offer. We have a completely online processed through Rocket Mortgage where you can get a full refinance approval if you choose. The other option would be to give us a call at (888) 980-6716. I know you said phone calls are normally not an option, but once you talk to someone and we know what state you’re in, we can work with you via email as much as possible. It shouldn’t be a problem. You can also call us at your convenience. We have Home Loan Experts available at the following times:

      Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. ET
      Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET
      Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. ET

      Hope this helps! Have a great day! Thank you very much for your service!


  12. I had a VA loan 10 years ago that went into foreclosure. The foreclosure ended up being an illegal foreclosure and several banks such and BofA, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, settled and had to pay veterans back for the foreclosure. My question is would that be grounds to request full reinstatement of your VA loan eligibility?

    1. Hi Luis:

      Unfortunately, I think that’s more of a question for the VA. I would start by contacting your Regional Loan Center in your area and going from there. I hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  13. I am 60% disabled and it is my only income. Would I qualify for a loan? I have excellent credit (over 800) and zero debt. I would be able to put down 20% if needed.

    1. I can’t tell you whether you would or wouldn’t qualify on the blog. That depends on a variety of factors. What we can do is make sure we look into all your options. With that in mind, it would be best to start by talking to one of our Home Loan Experts by calling (888) 980-6716. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  14. Hi,
    I am helping my dad who is a disabled veteran. He is currently living in a house out in the country in a town where there isn’t even a gas station and doctors and facilities are about 25-30 minutes away. So he is getting ready to list his house but wants to know if he can pre-qualify/get pre-approved for a VA home mortgage loan to make an offer on another place in town when he gets an offer that he can accept on his place. Is there something out there that can work with him? He currently owes $115,000 on his home now but the house will be listed for around $230,000 so after all is paid off, commissions, etc…he would be putting around $60,000+ down on his new place that would have a listing price of around $125,000 or so. Is there a program or something he can do for that? He does not know his credit score but believes he is above that 620 mark and should be good….


    1. Hi Becky:

      You can certainly get a preapproval on a VA home loan. If you want to have your father go ahead and reach out to us by calling (888) 980-6716, one of our Home Loan Experts can absolutely walk him through the process and go over his options. Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  15. I am a disabled veteran…with a school loan that is in rehabilitation have paid 5 payments. Also owe some back taxes which i have been making monthly payments still owe around 7 thousand credit scores above 620…would I have problems getting a loan

    1. Hi Patsy:

      We can certainly look into your options, but your situation is too complex for me to give any kind of guidance here. I suggest you speak with one of our Home Loan Experts. They’ll be able to fully analyze your financial profile and give you advice on next steps. You can get in touch with them by filling out this form or calling (888) 980-6716. Thank you very much for your service!

      Kevin Graham


    1. Hi Doug:

      Thank you for your service. Every situation is different, but I’m going to recommend two things. You can get a look at your credit score our friends at QLCredit. You can also get tips from here on how to improve your score. Also, if you have any way of documenting that the support payments were made, you may be able to get the derogatory marks removed from your report by going to the credit bureaus. One of our home loan experts may be able to look into your situation and offer additional advice if you give us a call at (888) 980-6716. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  17. Hello Mr Graham,

    I have a large tax lein on my credit, can I still get a VA loan? I have 734 credit but the tax lein shows up. I have spoken with the IRS and they have reviewed by account and concluded that I have enough income to support my self/family, but not enough for them to levy or come after, is there a solution for me??

    Thanks, George

    1. Hi George:

      In most cases, liens are required to be paid off prior to or at close. We might be able to help you with an FHA loan, but you do have to be on a repayment plan at the very least. It doesn’t sound like that’s the situation at this point. I’m sorry we can’t help you at this time, but hopefully, this lets you know where you stand.

      Kevin Graham

  18. I’m looking for a loan to buy a pool for my backyard. I’m 100% disabled veteran an need water to help my spine. I suffer from PTSD, MST hepertention and can not stand to be around people I don’t know it scares me into a panic. So please help.

    1. Hi Cynthia:

      Thank you for your service. In terms of this grant program for disabled veterans, you really need to start with the VA and go from there. They determine the qualifications on those grants. I recommend getting started with your VA Regional Loan Center in your area. I wish you good luck and I hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  19. Is there a definition of what is considered a special adaptation for the house? For example, part of my rehab for a wounded shoulder is swimming. Can it be used to purchase a pool?


    1. Hi Robert:

      That’s something you would have to probably ask the VA. I’m not sure if the disability would have to be permanent in order to get the grant. My thought is that the worst they can do is say no.

      Kevin Graham

  20. Hi,
    We tried getting refinanced through Rocket, but it didn’t work out. Then, we tried through Loan Depot, and because of the appraisal, they said that we would have to come to the table with $40,000. Now, we’re working with Allied Bank, and I think it’s going to go through, but on our current mortgage, we have a balloon payment due on 1/6/2017. That’s just a couple days from now. What should I do if the refi takes longer. I have spoken with the mortgage company, but they won’t give us an extension.

    1. Hi Angelia:

      I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out, but I’m going to do my best to help you right now. Typically, there’s a grace period when any mortgage payment is due before it’s considered late. The industry standard is 15 days, but the length of your grace period would be spelled out in the original loan documents for the mortgage you’ll be making the balloon payment on. I would see if you get one and find out exactly how long you have. You should also make the lender for the refinance aware that you have this timeline. They may be able to move things along.

      Kevin Graham

    1. I can help you get started! If you want to share some basic information about your income, assets and credit online, we can get you a preapproval or full refinance approval in minutes through Rocket Mortgage. Otherwise, one of our Home Loan Experts will be happy to reach out to you at (888) 728-4702. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  21. I am a 100% disabled veteran with a 717 credit score. I am receiving benefits due to mst secondary to ptsd that happened in the navy and this affected my performance significantly but they gave me an honorable discharge then stated that I was a burden to command due to substandard performance how can I get a va home loan

  22. I am 100% service connected due to mst secondary to ptsd which took place in the navy and this affected my performance significantly, but they gave me an honorable discharge, but, yet said I was a burden to command due to substandard performance when in fact it was due to the mst military sexual trauma

  23. I am 100% Service Connected disabled Veteran who is married. We have a combined income of Approx.. $90,000 . We currently have a mortgage on a house valued at $200,000. There is $84,000 left on this loan. It is at 4% with 9 years left on the balance. I would like to refinance this at a lower rate. Our combined credit score is around 700.
    I would appreciate any information.

    Thank You.

  24. Hi, I’m 90% disabled and about to be 100%. My credit is in the mid 500 and only because my ex wife destroyed my credit when i was down range. I cant seem to find any options from anyone at the VA. Im stuck living with my parents and need some tips on anything i can do to get approved for a VA loan. I have already went through Camden Credit services to get my credit from 4’s to mid 5’s. Can somebody please help me out with getting approved? Don’t know if it will help being 90% disabled and a single father. Thanks alot all who help.

    1. Hi James:

      I can tell you that we require a credit score of at least 620 to qualify for a VA loan. However, if you speak to one of our Home Loan Experts, we may be able to look further into your credit history and determine the best way for you to proceed. You can get in touch with them by filling out this form or calling (888) 728-4702. In the meantime, you can check out this post on tips to build your score up. QLCredit is a credit monitoring service that might be useful to help you track your progress. Good luck!

      Kevin Graham

  25. I am a 100% disabled veteran trying to start the process in buying a home loan and am having difficulty finding lenders that understand the VA HOME LOAN benefits for disabled veterans.
    I have a 740 credit score. I’m looking to purchase a $315,000 home. I have read that I should be eligible to have the lending fees waived, as well as not having to have private Home Owners insurance and the Disabled Veterans Property tax exemption.
    Are those all things I have to pay upfront and then get reimbursed for?? If so how do I get reimbursed for them.
    I’m also trying to figure out how much my monthly payments would be.
    Any Help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Carus:

      I don’t know about the other two benefits for sure, but with the ability to have the fee waived, that’s automatic as long as you’re already receiving disability benefits. If you’ve been approved for benefits, but you haven’t started receiving them yet, that’s when you could apply for a refund after the fact. The other two benefits are either handled by the VA itself or the county you would be paying property taxes to.

      Kevin Graham

  26. Good afternoon. I am wondering if I would qualify for any VA loan program. I am 100% service connected disabled. My family lost out rental home due to massive flooding in April and we are still dislocated. My credit has been ruined due to a divorce in 2009. Is there any hope for me and my family? We are currently spread out and our hope is to buy a home so we can all be together again. Thank you

    1. Hi Alonzo:

      I’m sorry to hear about the loss of the rental home. We require people to have a 620 in order to qualify for a VA loan. Other lenders may have different policies.

      The good news is credit is something that can be worked on. Here’s a blog post on building your credit back up. I hope this helps and I wish you luck.

      Kevin Graham

  27. Hello,

    I have a question i am hoping you can help answer. I recently purchased my first home back in mid April, I also recently applied for California’s Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption. My home is sitting on about $30k+ in equity as I purchased the home below market value, am i able refinance my home before receiving the property tax exemption or would I even be able to after If i am even granted the exemption?

    1. Hi Daniel:

      Your property tax exemption shouldn’t have much to do with your actual mortgage eligibility unless it affects your DTI in a big way. You can always apply through Rocket Mortgage. If you’d rather, you can call 800-251-9080. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Kevin Graham

  28. Kevin,

    I’ve been out of the service since 2009. I am currently rated at 70% disabled. I bought a house back in 2005 with my ex wife using the GI Loan. Since than I got remarried and I am living in my wife’s house. I currently have two house’s. I need to get rid of one but I is costly. It needs repairs which I do not have the money for. What can I do? Is there anything out there to help me?

    1. Hi Dominic:

      We can certainly help you look into your options to utilize your equity or possibly go through the personal loan route. I’m not sure if there are any specific programs the VA offers, but I’m going to have someone reach out and offer any advice we can give.

      Kevin Graham

  29. I am in the early stages of purchasing a home. I just brought my credit score up from the low 600’s to the 680’s in 1.5 months. I am confused about the fees. I am 100%service connected permanent and total. I was told by my mortgage broker that my closing costs would be around $8,000. Is that for the funding fee that I’m exempt from? Or the mortgage insurance that I don’t need for my loan. I’m just not sure what the $8,000 includes.
    What fees am I responsible for? I don’t want to be taken advantage of because I’m a single female doing this on my own. I want to educate myself.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jacqueline:

      There are other closing costs besides the funding fee usually. I can have someone reach out to go over your situation with you and talk about exactly what’s included. You should get a closing disclosure as well at least three business days before you close that will go over included fees and break them down in detail. Someone will be in touch.

      Kevin Graham

  30. Hello,

    I’m 70% and just got awarded that this year, but the status is reviewable in the future (ptsd), so I guess the the compensation wouldn’t fall under “permanent” but can have a chance of getting reduced.

    Would any of that qualify as income? Thanks for your input.

    1. Hi Scott:

      I’m going to have someone reach out to you and give you better information than I can on this particular topic. Every situation is different.

      Kevin Graham

      1. Hello, I am 80% service connected and want to buy a home in Georgia. My bank is telling me that I have to much debt and that I need to show that I have been working for the past 12 months. Can you help?

        1. Hi Robert:

          I apologize for the delayed response. We had some site maintenance this weekend.

          As far as your question, every situation is different, but I’d be happy to have someone reach out to look into this with you. At the very least, we can probably give you some solid advice. We’ll be in contact.

          Kevin Graham

  31. I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran…I currently own a home I have had since 2007 which is up side down quite a bit. I have a VA loan on the home and currently owe $156K. I am in the process of getting a mortgage rate reduction modification. Which should put the home value at $88K.I would like to purchase another home in the next couple of years. I know I would not have to pay for the financing, but would I be exempt from the closing cost as well. Please have a rep contact me as soon as possible to discuss.

    1. Hi Danielle:

      I’m not sure about not having to pay for the financing, because that’s what the actual loan is. However, there’s definitely no down payment required on VA loans if that’s what you mean. There are a few ways you can look at avoiding closing cost. I’m going to have someone reach out to you about your options.

      Kevin Graham

  32. Hello im 100% disabled/unemployable thru va and also ssd and make around $3,800 a month combined, I have never owened a house and my fico will soon be over 650. I am trying to get a estimated monthly payment with all va tax breaks and other stuff allowed using a v.a. loan for $200,000 house zero down, im hearing everything from $700 to almost $2,000. I just need some idea’s on what I would be paying a month with low interest and 650 fico using va loan. Thanks for your time

    1. Hi Joey:

      We can’t give you an estimated payment without looking further into your situation, but we would be happy to do that. Someone will be in contact.

      Kevin Graham

  33. I am 100% and am cleaning my credit,557,619 and 624 and need to know if i can get a VA loan and How Much? Please help

    1. Hi Gary:

      There’s no specific minimum for VA loans. The requirements really depend on the lender. Our minimum is 620. I’m going to forward your information to one of our Home Loan Experts. We may be able to give you some advice to help you get that credit score where it needs to be.

      Kevin Graham

    2. Its me again.My credit is now635,628,and 638 and getting better. It will soon be in the 670 area.What i need to know is,I am 100% and draw the max. Around 3800.00 How much do I qualifiy for in a VA loan. I have No bills.Can anyone give me an Idea? Gary Murray

      1. Hi Gary:

        We would be happy to have someone reach out to you about this. They’ll be in contact. Have a great day!


  34. I am a disabled Veteran paid at 100% and have recently qualified for a VA home loan. My dream has always been to purchase a lot and then get a grant to build a Hurricane proof (Dome Home) that is 100% green. I have toured similar houses that have been built by grants and then used as model homes for viewing on certain days of the year. Does anyone have a website or a direction.

    1. Hi Tim:

      That sounds like a cool thing you’re trying to do. Unfortunately, we don’t do loans on new construction so I’m not sure how much help I can be. In terms of grants, I might start with the VA and then see if this is something FEMA might help with because they deal with hurricane protection. That’s just off the top of my head, but that might give you a place to start.

      Kevin Graham

        1. Hi Nikkie:

          You can buy a brand-new house, but we only offer financing on completed construction. I hope this helps clarify things.

          Kevin Graham

  35. What is the minimum credit score to get approved with a VA home loan? I too could use some credit report guidance!

    1. Hi Mariska:

      There is no specific minimum credit score for a VA loan, but specific lenders may have their own guidelines. I’m going to have someone reach out to you regarding your credit report questions.

      Kevin Graham

  36. We are due a VA loan fees refund. We can’t find anyone who will tell us exactly what we need to do to get it. Is there a specific form that we need and what exactly do we need to do. Someone pease help.

    1. Hi Rebecca:

      I’m going to get this to one of our Home Loan Experts and we’ll see if we can help you out.

      Kevin Graham

  37. I’m a 100% service connected veteran my credit score is poor and trying to get a loan for a house even under 100,000 is impossible. I think I am giving up on ever owning a home. What programs are offered for veterans with a really poor credit score.

    1. Hi Matt:

      I can assure you that it’s very possible to get a home loan for under $100,000. We do them as low as around $30,000. Your credit score might present a bit of a challenge, but we have a program called Fresh Start that’s designed to help clients get the credit back on track. Most of our team members are off today for Martin Luther King Day, but I’m going to have someone reach out to you tomorrow about that. In the meantime, here’s a blog post with some tips on improving your credit score.

      Kevin Graham

  38. Suppose you are receiving less than 100% disability. Is your VA Funding Fee still waived? Is there a certain amount that you must receive?

    1. That’s a good question, Sylvia! I’m going to get you to a Home Loan Expert who can get you the answer. Thanks for reaching out!

  39. I am 100% combat veteran and I have been denied again for a VA Loan. I have been given information on the Vet-Vet program and the lender still will not take the contract. What I need to know how do the Vet-Vet program work and does the credit score have much to do with the loan.

    1. Hi Micheal:

      Every situation is different, but we can have someone reach out to you to gather more information on your situation. Thanks!

      Kevin Graham

  40. I am a 100% TDIU Veteran, I recently had to file bankruptcy (has not been 2 years) due to my inability to work and my VA disability payments had not started.

    my question is that I have a land contract that the balloon comes due in May of 2016, I need to refinance, can I get a VA loan,

    1. Hi Bill-

      Applying for a mortgage after a bankruptcy can be a bit complicated. There’s a waiting period, but in order to advise you on exactly how long that would be and if you can apply for a mortgage, I’m going to forward your comment to one of our Home Loan Experts to reach out.

      Thanks and have a great day,
      Kevin Graham

    2. I’m retired military and was recently awarded 100% Total & Permanently disabled by the VA, I also have a small pension for employment after the military. My current credit score is not great at all due my disabilities causing me to leave my job in 2012. My home is underwater, and my mortgage just accepted a Short Sale offer, closing is in a couple of weeks. I came to this site looking for some answers to my questions about purchasing a new home now, maybe other were in a similar situation, but most questions are referred by someone getting in direct contact with the person asking the question. My Social Security claim is pending and if approved my monthly income will be well over $6,000.

      1. Hi Leonard:

        While we make every attempt to answer any questions that are based purely on factual information, often questions cannot be answered here in the comments because they are very dependent on the personal financial situations of our current and prospective clients. In these cases, we reach out to them on an individual basis.

        As to your personal situation, your short sale may limit your loan options, but I’m going to have someone reach out to you. We can help go over your scenario.

        Kevin Graham

  41. I’m rated at 40 % awaiting appeal for seven years. My credit has suffered due to medical bills. Have been attempting to save my home for four years. Still have it. Equity is about 300,000. Can someone help me refi

    1. Russ-

      We need more information from you in order to look into your situation properly. I’m going to connect you with one of our Home Loan Experts.

      Kevin Graham

  42. I’m 90% service connected disable my credit has suffered since being retired. My credi score is below 620. I live in s house that I want to buy. If I don’t buy it soon it will be put on the market. And my family and me will have to move some where else. Can anyone help me so I don’t have to relocate and keep my daughter in her school

    1. We would be happy to look into your situation, Mike! A home loan expert will reach out to you with an email and get some more details.

  43. So I bought a house in 08 while I was in still I got out in 2011 and went on disability but not 100% ,I applied again and got denied them lost another job due to medical . Applied again and now I’m receiving 100% in 2015 . I had to foreclose on my house in 2014 due to medical . I just recently had a baby and my fiancé makes 60k a year but horrible school loans with a 525 fico . I have a 590 fico and only make va disability at 38k. When,who,how would I get a loan for a house again ? I live in FL. Is a va loan still available? I owe 38k after they sold it . To my understanding is that if I wanted a va loan I would have to wait two years at least meet the requirements and the 38k that I owe would be added to the loan . So I bought a 250k house it would have to be worth about 288k and take a loan out for that . Is this a correct thinking of it ?

    I went through a quicken home loan specialist last that that was great .


  44. I am 100% service related disabled. I get enough from VA to pay for a home very comfortable if I find a home that is cheap enough to buy. However because of my disability gradually my credit suffered tremendously as I was unable to continue working and paying my bills on time or paying period. I am also ineligible to work that is I am 100% unemployable. Since my credit is so poor even though I can pay off a modest mortgage in a reasonable amount of time like 5 years are there any programs I can apply to to help with buying a house with low credit, poor credit in fact yet a good income from the VA and social security?

    1. First of all, thanks for your service, Gilbert. We can certainly look into your situation to see if any of our products fit your needs. I’m going to have one of our home loan experts reach out to you to get some more information.

  45. My case is a little complicated. I’m a 100% PT service connected disabled veteran receiving a monthly payment from the VA & SS. Everything was going along just fine, my FICO score was excellent, almost 800. However, I was blindsided by an event that forced me into filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. My house was for sale at $550k, but the housing market went south and I ended with owing more money than the house was worth, I owed $390k but the value of my house dropped to $250k. This put me into foreclosure. All this happened in 2010. My bankruptcy has been discharged for over 4 years, but I am still in foreclosure, I expect I only have only a few more months till I’ll be forced to vacate and conclude the foreclosure.
    I read something online that after 2 years from the discharge date of a foreclosure you become eligible again to use your VA benefits to buy another house. Providing you have a good payment record and good credit score. My question is this, it’s been over 2 years since my bankruptcy, but will I have to wait 2 more years from the date my foreclosure is concluded? What are the details about how this works? Basically, 2 years after a bankruptcy or foreclosure does the VA home loan program work like it did before, or is it different because of a past foreclosure or bankruptcy? If so, what are the differences?

    1. That’s a very good question, Ervin. I’m going to reach out to a home loan expert that specializes in VA loans. They’ll send you an email and help you get to the bottom of this.

  46. as a 100% diabled vet. and having my home fourclosed on in less than a month with a bad credit score is there anyway i can save my home?(mobile home) i owed around 53000 on it and now the morgage servicer has added on so much (73000) i can;t make these payments. i only get 1400 a month from va. anybody got any ideas? i am 67 my wife 62 and have a 19year old disable son at home.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your situation, Donald. Unfortunately, Quicken Loans® doesn’t offer financing for mobile homes, but you should definitely be open with your lender about what’s going on. In some cases, they will work with you to make a payment plan that fits your needs. Good luck to you and your family, Donald.

    2. Im a 100% disabled vet and also get paid by the V.A. but you should look into a few things, one is the amount your getting for being 100% is half of what a service connected vet should be receiving on top you should be able to recieve marriage pay, its not much but it helps and I know their should also be help for your youngin, and second you should be able to recieve ssd since you already have all medical paperwork and doctors saying so… Now you may need to get a lawyer that deals with v.a. problems because I went thru the dav and st. Petersburg fl. Main office ignored them so had to get a lawyer and within 6 months I was receiving what I was supposed to be getting. Granted I didnt want to go that route using a lawyer but being labled as unemployable and receiving way less than you are and getting and ignored I had no choice. So please dont let the v.a. short you.

  47. It’s really a good for those who are disable and already been taken their VA loan. Their loan funding fee will be waived by claiming through this method.

  48. Hi, say I am pre-qualified for a Vet home loan up to $650K with no down up to $417K. Can I get the loan for $500 paying the difference of Down payment and have the seller carry the remaining $150 bal until I sell a current house I own?

  49. Hi, I am 100% disabled and also receiving Social Security for a combined income of $ 4300.00 per month. My credit score is about 540 due to divorce. My total debt is under $ 5000.00. I have a large down payment to put down and own my 2015 Sonata outright with the the disability award from the VA after waiting 8 years for a Hearing and actually winning. My dream is to buy a house on a lakefront property in Oregon. I would appreciate any help that you may be able to give me.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Richard. I’m going to have a home loan expert reach out to you to talk about your options. In the meantime, check out this article about rebuilding your credit score. Several aspects of it could help you in your situation. Best of luck to you!

  50. Hello, I am 100% service connected disabled with a disability payment of 2906. When I look at myFico, all my scores are above 600, but when a mortgage lender looks at them they are not, they are in the mid 550 range, so I really don’t know what my scores are. I am looking to buy a house in Texas. I have no late payments, no collections except 3 medical items, all others have been paid off. MY DTI is roughly 8%. I am eligible to use my VA certificate. And I may have a cosignor if needed. Can you help?

    1. Hello, Dana. First of all, we appreciate your service and sacrifice. It’s encouraging to know that men and women like you have done so much to protect us. As for your situation, we need a few more details to give you the best possible answer. I’m going to have a home loan expert send you an email. They’ll help put you in the right direction. In the meantime, please take a gander at this article about improving your credit after being denied a mortgage. Have a good week, Dana!

  51. I am a 100% disabled veteran and am trying to get my credit score up. One is in the upper 500 and the other two are in the 600, the house I’m in I wish I would’ve waited and have to make the best out of it. Me and my wife did some upgrades and still working on more. I am on a ARM rate on our house and want a fixed rate. I would greatly appreciate some lead way thank you

    1. Good morning, Randy! First of all, thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Improving your credit can feel like an uphill battle, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Take a look at this article from the Zing blog about improving your credit and reapplying for a mortgage.

  52. I am 100% disabled and receive my VA assistance every month. I am in the process of trying to receive SSDI also.
    My family and I currently pay $800 in each month and have been since I was medically retired from the Army.
    We do have poor credit (540) which has been fault of your own. We never received a paycheck from the VA for 9 months after I was out of the Army. I was that I would receive it the very next pay check but that did not take place.
    My family and I are tired of throwing money away into rent. We have land to place a manufactured home on in South Carolina.

    Is there anyone who would finance us with the poor credit since it was not self-inflitive.

    Please somebody guide us in the right direction. Our currently lease end in November, 2015 and I would like to have a home on our land prior to that so I do not have to worry about paying rent for something I will never own.

    Please let me hear from you soon.

    Lorenzo Kirkland

    1. Hi, Lorenzo. First and foremost, thank you for your service. I am really sorry to hear about the trouble that you had when you first left the Army. I can only imagine how difficult a time it was for you and your family. I can definitely understand why you no longer wish to rent and would instead prefer to put your money into a home that you own. Unfortunately, Quicken Loans® does not lend on mobile or manufactured properties, so I am not able to advise you on what that best course of action to obtain one for your property would be. I suggest that you speak with someone that does finance mobile or manufactured properties and see what qualifications they require. That way if there is anything you need to work on in order to qualify, you will have a few months to do so. If your credit score needs improvement to qualify, a great tool to use is Quizzle. If you are interested in checking it out, you can do so at http://www.Quizzle.com. I hope this helps.

    1. Hello, Kenny! Thanks for your question. Since every situation is different, I’m going to have a licensed home loan expert send you an email to get some more information. In the meantime, check out this article from the Zing Blog about rebuilding credit:.

  53. Hi I’m 100% disable veteran married with 7 children and it took almost 3yrs for me to get my VA disability abdominal Social Security that we almost lost everything and our credit got bad is there any way you all can help us save our home please Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Travis! Thanks for reaching out! I’ve passed your comment on to our team of mortgage experts who will reach out shortly to look into your situation and see what your options are.

  54. 100%disable Veteran total& premant. income 3800mo. with bad credit? Need to buy a home
    asap. Who can help me??????

    1. Hi Richard! Our home loan experts will reach out shortly to discuss your situation and see what your options are.

  55. Due to a a nervous breakdown (2005)after being used as a V A gov.lab rat my credit tanked? and a government cover-up. 🙁 I have bad credit,and am a 100%disable veteran with a 3800 mo. income.
    I have been existing in motels for five yrs?And it’s getting old.And things I have kept(from last home bought w G I bill i sold in2005 due to reasons mentioned above)in storage coast 110.00 mo.Motels 2500.mo service connected permanent ! status. What do I do.????

  56. Due to a a nervous breakdown after being used as a gov.lab rat my credit tanked and a government cover-up. 🙁 I have bad credit,and am a 100%disable veteran with a 3800 mo. income.
    I have been existing in motels for five yrs?And it’s getting old and things I have kept in storage coast 110.00 mo.Motels 2000.mo service connected permanent ! status.

  57. Hi! My husband is 100% VA disability and receive ss but we both have a low credit rating and we want to buy a house. We’ve never purchased one before all of our negative balances were due to the lapse from active duty/retirement to va disability. Are there any lenders out there willing to take a chance on us and he us out?

    1. Hi Hermisecier! Our home loan experts will reach out to look into your situation and see if there are any options that will work for you.

  58. i am a vet with 65% disability but have bad credit I am trying to own a home I also have a decent job but can’t seem to find no lenders willing to take a chance on me I have always paid my rent

  59. I am a disabled vet with 30% and SSD with monthly income total of $1,649. My credit is bad and im homeless vet living in motel with three grandchildren. I’m also trying for a increase on va disability. Is there any chance i could ever qualify for a loan. I also have been working to fix my credit.

    1. Hi Denise! I’ve passed this along to our home loan experts who will reach out to discuss your situation and see what your options are.

  60. Hi,
    I am a 100% retired disabled veteran. Permanent for last 12 years. I am seeking remodel loan for my home in Texas which I have 150,000 equity. Any suggestions or referrals?

    1. Hi Robert! We do not offer loans for remodeling, however I’m passing this on to our team of home loan experts. They’ll reach out and see if a cash out refinance would be an option for you.

  61. I’m a disabled combat veteran. I’m 100% permanent and total disabled. I collect SSDI and my VA disability. I have some late payments that have hindered any chance of acquiring a VA home loan. I have a car payment and a few credit cards that I pay monthly on. These late payments are forcing my wife, me and my 4 kids to rent. We want to buy our first home but can not get the benefit of the doubt. My wife and I are both full time students and combined make $76,000 annually. How can I provide for my family when some struggles in my past ruined any chances today? We are in desperate need for some assistance. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Shane! I’ve passed this on to our home loan experts who will reach out to learn more about your situation and see what your options are.

  62. I am 100% P&T, Retired Army (due to injuries), and on SSDI. My wife and I lost our home to foreclosure soon after I was injured. My FICA scores range from 510-525 and I am considering filing for Ch 7.

    I would appreciate any guidance/information that you could provide. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jack! I’ve passed your comment on to our team of licensed mortgage experts. They will reach out to discuss your situation in more detail.

  63. My name is Ethan. I am a 100% disabled veteran, honorably discharged in November 2013. Ever since my discharge from the Army, my wife and I have struggled to make it month to month due to my injury (traumatic brain injury with seizures). We, live off of my VA disability in a one bedroom one bath apartment in Texas. My goal has been to get my wife, and I, into a house so we can start a family. However, I have hit just about every wall imaginable and have started to lose hope in fulfilling my dreams for my family. I am only 24 years old, so I am new to the home buying market. I understand credit and credit history and its impact in can have on lending. But, I find it troubling that I have a supposed “VA Secured Home Loan up to 400k”, and guaranteed tax free income from the VA for life. But still cannot find a home to live in. Or a lender willing to work with us. All in all, I am very frustrated and down that I cannot find a place to call home. As it stands, the only thing I can qualify for a a palm harbor manufactured home. Not that that’s terrible, but due to my injury I’d like to see my family in a more secure home, in the event something happens to me. Our credit isn’t the best, but if someone would be willing to give us a chance, it would make everything I have fought for worth while. I am at my wits end on what to do, and could really use some assistance. Thank you

    1. Hi Ethan! I’ve passed your comment on to our home loan experts who will reach out to discuss your situation and see what your options are.

  64. My husband got preapproved and we were trying to get a better rate and when the 2nd lender pulled his credit again it dropped . we paid off what we think it is and ask for them to remove it.it was just a 30 day late. First time 638 651 715. Today 584 586 715. We are proceeding with the contract on close. It should be 30 to 45 days. What are your suggestions?

    1. Hi Alethea! I’ve passed your comment on to our mortgage experts who will reach out to learn more about your situation.

  65. My husband is 100% disabled and we are trying to buy a house. He put in for a VA loan but his credit score is low. Will it be easier to get a loan to fix up the house we have now? It belongs to his grandma and needs alot of work. We are having a hard time with bills and my health as well. So im asking if we put in for a loan for home repair will it be the same guide lines as a home buyers loan?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for reaching out. I’ve passed your comment on to our home loan experts who will be in touch shortly to discuss in more detail.

  66. Hello
    Im currently 80% va disabled. I have some lates on my credit do to being out of work on disability having surgeries on service connected issues. And i have a judgment against me that i am making payments to. I am working on building my credit but would like to buy my first home asap. Any advice would help. I was told about grants and other ways for vets to be able to purchase a new home.

    1. Hi Mike! Thanks for reaching out. I’ve passed your comment on to our home loan experts who will reach out soon to discuss your options and advise.

  67. Hi,
    I’m a veteran with 80% service connected disability. PTSD included. Poor credit and lot of debts and bills to pay. My wife and I have a disabled child born with cerebral palsy. We really need a permanent place to stay but can’t get approved because of poor credit. Is there any way that we can get approved for a loan to buy a house? and get the morgage deducted from my comp pay directly?

    1. Hi Rico! Thanks for reaching out! Our team of mortgage experts will reach out shortly to discuss your specific situation.

  68. hello, i am rated 100% permanent and total disabled (rated by the V.A. and i also receive SSI (V.A. compensation is $3,911.81 and SSI is $1,188.60 totaling $5,100.41). my credit score is very poor (transunion is 490 and equifax is 544) i do not have revolving credit and my debt is my car payment of $365 a month other than that my other bills are basic ie. rent, electric, satellite, water, car insurance. i am divorced. my credit is shot and i have a bankruptcy that was dismissed, car repo, home foreclosure. (the V.A. had an error in their records and was not paying me that is why i have the bank bankruptcy, foreclosure. the car repo was due to my ex-wife. the loan was in our name but she was awarded the car and was to keep up on the payments but she didn’t… are there any banks who loan to people like me? i am also qualified for a V.A. home loan….

    1. Hi Frederick! I’ve passed your comment on to our team of mortgage experts who will reach out soon to discuss your options.

  69. Am 40% disabled by va but have a lawyer to increase it to 100% plus on ssd. I can afford a home even now, but been having a lot of setbacks lately. My credit profile is more than likely very low. I want my owm home. Never applied before for fear of being turned down. Am 66 y/o and would like to try. Can anyone help?

    1. Hi Vernon! Thanks for reaching out! I have passed your info on to our team of mortgage experts who will reach out and see what your options are.

  70. I am 100% P&T also receiving retirement . i would like to know if i can get a home loan , my credit score is below 600.

    1. Hi Ron! I’ve passed your comment on to our mortgage experts who can look into your situation and see what your options are. They will reach out soon.

  71. Hello I am totally 100% vet I have bad credit but I need to buy a house I am paying 1000 dollars a month for a house I want to buy is there anyone that can help me buy s house even though I have bad credit I need help badly thank you

    1. Hi Norris! I’ve passed your comment on to our mortgage experts who will reach out and see what options you have.

  72. Hello. I am 100% Total and Permanent disabled. As of right now this is my only income. I have my social security hearing scheduled 3 March. My credit is below 600 due to bills getting behind due to missing work. And then when I finally had to stop working I was living off my 70% at the time. So I got behind on my bills. I don’t have credit cards though. I am going to use the retro pay that I get from my social security to pay off the items on my credit report. My question is: do I have to wait until the points on my credit to go up before I get approved for the loan for the house. After my credit report is paid I will be good, my debit to income ratio will be good. I’ve already started house hunting and actually found the house that I want to purchase. My income with the disability and ssdi, I will be great. This is not including my fiance’s income. Thank you in advance for you help in this matter. My lease is up 31 May and I have to move because they are renovating the house. I do not want to rent another house if I don’t have to for a year and then move again. It is a lot on me with my disabilities and the kids schooling.

    1. Hi Adlee! Thanks for reaching out to us! Our mortgage experts will reach out soon to discuss your options in more detail.

  73. I bought a home in 2008 using my VA loan. I got a divorce in 2012, the judge awarded the home to the ex-wife. She had one year to re-finance. After one year we went back to court and she had foreclosed on the property. The judge gave me an order releasing me from the foreclosure. I want to buy another home. I wanted to use the USDA guaranteed loan program that falls under rural development with $o down and 100% of the loan being financed. The foreclosure disqualified me from getting another Government loan. My monthly income is $6,700. I receive disability at the rate of 100%, military retirement and I am employed. I have a FICO of 668 since the foreclosure. It really didn’t hurt my scores because I have always paid my bills on time and had a great line of credit of all sorts. I just don’t have the large down payment of $54,000.00 to put down but I can handle a mortgage of $1,00 to $1,600 a month. Any suggestions????????

    1. Hi FJ! I’ve passed your comment on to our team of mortgage professionals. They’ll be reaching out soon to discuss your options.

  74. Hello Keith Guyot,
    Hi I have a disability rating of 100% with dependants. I have been trying to purchase a home but credit rating is below the required amount. I’ve been turned down twice for a loan. Is there any lenders out there who Will work with someone with bad credit

    1. Hi Ty! Here at Quicken Loans® we have programs to help get your finances ready to buy a home. I’ve passed on your comment to our mortgage experts who can discuss this with you further.

  75. I was wondering I’m 100% p&t I have a 550 credit score. I can’t find anyone who will work with me on a va home loan I have my Coe already what can I do.

  76. Hi I have a disability rating of 60% with dependants. I have been trying to purchase a home but credit rating is below the required amount. I’ve been turned down twice for a loan. Is there any lenders out there who Will work with some with bad credit

    1. Hi Fadia! We have programs to help get your credit back on track. I’ve passed your comment on to our team of mortgage experts who will reach out shortly.

  77. I’m 100% disable. filed a chapter 7 due to unforeseen situation. tried to apply for a loan was turned down. I feel like giving up can’t wait 2 yrs to et a VA loan. are there in considerations that can be given ? I really need help!

    1. Hi Ronald! I’ve passed your comment on to our team of licensed mortgage professionals who will be reaching out to you shortly.

  78. Hello I am a 100% disabled veteran bad credit close to homeless because of my past I would like to own my own home I can’t seem to get any real help and information. I am getting tired of sleeping in hotels because of my credit. I know I can afford a house it would be my first I have always paid to live with someone else

    1. Hi Kimberly! Thanks for reaching out! Our team of mortgage experts will be in touch shortly to discuss your options.

  79. what are the requirements of income to buy a home when receiving a disability pension? is there a minimum? my credit is bad but i do receive enough a month to afford a home no more than $50,000 but the house that i want to buy i could get for under $20,000….which mortgage would only be around $250 a month

    1. Sure thing Michael! I’ve passed your comment on to our team of licensed mortgage professionals who will reach out shortly to discuss your specific situation.

  80. I’m a 100% disabled verteran, I have had a rough time with my credit the las couple of years.I just retired from the military and get a good monthly income. My wife has 8 years at her job, because I let my credit get so bad I cant get a loan. Can you help me. Thanks

  81. Hello,

    I’m 90% disabled veteran. My credit is not the best. My score is 518. I’m currently spending $975 on rent (an old apartment) and would love nothing more than to own my own home and have all of that money go into something that is mine. I welcome any suggestions and pray that you or anyone can help me. Thanking you in advance!

    1. Hi Cheryl! I’ve passed your comment on to our team of licensed mortgage specialists who will be reaching out shortly.

  82. Hi, I’m a 100% disabled veteran but unfortunately have less than the required 620 credit score for my VA loan and was wandering if there is anyone that will still work with me in this situation. Thx

    1. Hi Randall! I’ve passed your comment on to our team of mortgage professional who will be reaching out to you soon to look into your specific situation.

  83. I have 90% rating from the VA, and my date of discharge is in December. I Will be a first time home owner, and I have no clue how and where to start. I have talked to a few realtors in my hometown which is in Florida. But I find it hard to purchase a home when I’m still active and overseas. My income will be my VA disability and my Post 911 GI Bill. I guess the part that I’m lost the most is about the decent or average mortgage rates, interests and property tax exemptions.

    1. Hi Romel! Thanks for reaching out! I’ve passed your comment on to our licensed mortgage experts who will reach out to you shortly.

  84. Hi there,

    I am 50% service-connected disabled, my husband is 10%. Is there a threshold you have to meet to have the funding fee waived? We both have excellent credit but I’m carrying more debt and higher debt-to-limit ratios so he would most likely get a better mortgage rate than I would right now.

    1. Hi Stephanie! I’ve passed your comment on to our licensed mortgage specialists who will reach out to you soon.

  85. My husband is a 100% disabled Marine. While waiting for all the paperwork we lost our home, cars, etc. That was close to 8 yrs ago. Our credit still is very low though. He gets 5700/ monthly and we are sick of renting. We wouldn’t have lost everything if it didnt take so long to get the benefits. Is there anything we can do?

    1. Hi Danielle,

      I am going to have our VA Home Loan Experts look into this for you. You should be hearing from them soon.

      Have a good weekend!

  86. Hi, I am trying to figure out if disability and ssi will count as income towards a home loan. I am 100 percent. Thats my only source of income. I rent now and pay just under 1000 a month rent and I want to buy but my credit score is 610 and 620 is the minimum I have heard that a VA lender will accept. Not married. Do you think I could qualify for under 100,000 with poor credit?

  87. Iam a 10 percent and on ssdi at 1400 a month And if i can get a home from the va or home for heros to keep from moving so much.. i dont have to tell ya just how hard it is to keep up with the leases get so high every year the contract is up…so if qulifphy please help find a permanent and safe home to call my own

    1. Hi Luis,

      I have forwarded your information to our VA Home Loan Experts who will be reaching out to you soon!

      Thank you for your service and have a good day!

  88. Hello My husband is 100% VA in the process of going P & T and Im 50% VA our credit scores are 615(husbands) and 605(mine) with him being 100% is there any way we can get a VA loan were working on fixing our credit.

    1. Hi Rachael!

      We’ve forwarded your information to our VA Home Loan Experts who will be in touch with you soon!

      Thanks for reading!

  89. I am A 100% VA veteran. I am planning on getting married in December . and would love to get a loan to pay for my wedding in full by December but my credit from bad decision in my past is not good at all,is there any help out there for me thank you.

  90. Hello, I am a 100% disabled veteran with a low credit score. I recieve 2800.00 a month compensation and am also planning on social security disability in the near future. I have no financial liabilities other than my car payment which will be paid off soon. I found a home that I would like to buy for 12000.00. This will be my 1st home loan as I have always rented but am looking to own. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi David!

      First of all, thank you very much for your service. I’ve forwarded your information to our VA Home Loan Experts who should be in touch with you soon.

      Have a good day!

  91. Hi, I’m a disabled veteran, currently rated at 30% service connected from Desert Storm. I am fighting it, but who knows when that will go through. I do not have above a 620 credit rating. I believe it’s like 540 due to medical bills that weren’t paid because I wasn’t awarded my disability from the Navy for 15 years after my honorable discharge. I receive $1054/month. I have been paying $700/month in rent for almost 3 years but the home was foreclosed on and I can’t find any other home in or around my area in that price range. I believe buying a home would be cheaper, yet I cannot find a lender to approve me, I’m assuming because if my credit score and not having any revolving credit at this time. My debt to income ratio at this time is 0 however. Are there any lenders willing to help a combat disabled veteran buy their first home? Help!

  92. can i get a loan for my moms house. i wont to buy it ,she 76 years old and wonts out from under it.. it needs some work to it ,she asking 55,500 what can you do for me im a 100%permanent and toltal disabled. thanks

  93. My credit score is under the 620 required for a V.A loan but I am 100% disabled by V.A and army. I am working on fixing my credit. Me and my wife have found a home that we want and I was wondering can I still apply for a loan even if I am under the 620 requirement. I know special circumstances are given if you are 100% disabled.

  94. I am a Veteran receiving 10% service connected disability. I continue to fight for more as I have PTSD but I have been denied 3x for more benefits. I have the opportunity to buy a 3 bedroom 2 bath module home from a friends family whose brother died. I only need to borrow $5,000 My income is Social Security and VA totalling $1007.00 a month. Is it possible to get a personal loan from Quicken loans to buy this house? I do not want a VA Home Loan (even though I have that benefit). My Credit is 679 and I do not owe any bills. I own my own home which I am selling and I only need $5,000 more to buy this beautiful home. Can you help with that personal loan??

  95. Hello,
    my husband receives disability and works, too. He has some late payments due to job changes. His score is below 600. But we know that buying is cheaper than renting, which we are currently doing. We urgently need to buy a house. It will save us about half of what we pay now and we can pay that into his open bills. Is there anybody we can contact about a loan with low FICO, $0 down and some current late payments on Credit Cards? Fortunately mine is perfect, above 850 but we can’t go by mine alone.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Amy! We’ve forwarded your information to our Home Loan Experts who should be in touch with you very soon. Thanks for reading!

  96. I have a question, im 100percent permanent and total disabled.I used the VA to buy my house in 2009 in 20011 I did a streamline 3 yr.arm currently at 3.00 percent however next year it can change up to 8.00 now I MAY have been steered the wrong way yesterday. Iput in application to do a 30 yr fixed think around 4.7 this company wants me to borrow enough to pay credit cards off,do a cash out with around 15,000.00 to pay them off. after checking around a lot of folks seem to have problems with this company id like to know what are some options I might have. my goal is to not have my payment go up next year and yes id like to have some extra cash to pay off some cards and also maybe enough to put some in savings as we not getting any younger.i paid 329.00 and I really don’t know for what will receive overnite package sep.10 and will have an appraiser come out also,bottom line im feeling not so good about this she has us at 144,340.00 my existing loan was 129,572.00 int rate will be 4.750% fixed for 360 months. IM REALLY UNSURE ! THE CO. IS LOANDEPOT,CA. ANY feelings or advise on maybe different options? would be greatly appreciated. thanks, jack easler

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