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Third Time’s a Charm: What I learned in Three Summers with Quicken Loans - Quicken Loans Zing BlogTwo years ago, as a senior who just graduated from high school, an internship was the farthest thing on my list of top priorities. However, with the encouragement from my mom, the CMO of One Reverse Mortgage, a sister company of Quicken Loans, I decided to get ahead of the pack and apply for a summer internship. Little did I know, it would end up being one of the best decisions I could have made. I enjoyed it so much that I came back for two more consecutive summer internships!

Do you find yourself asking “What could an internship offer that would cause someone to return for three summers in a row?”

Well, the answer is easy. Quicken Loans is built on a strong foundation of morals and beliefs, and after learning about these during the orientation program, I understood their purpose and believed in them as well. I even found myself integrating them in my day-to-day life outside of the office. Still, one principle rose above them all because it motivated me to come back for a second and third internship. It is how much this company values a new set of eyes. Quicken Loans thrives on always finding a better way. Even as an intern, I was encouraged to give my opinions on a large array of different topics and my fellow co-workers made me feel comfortable sharing my ideas. On my first day of my first internship working for The Starting Line Orientation team, I learned how much the company lives and breathes this philosophy. When I walked into our first meeting of the day, I thought I would just be a listener and note taker, but by the end of the meeting, my own thoughts took up a quarter of what I had written down on my notepad. Furthermore, during the next week, I saw how my ideas were impacting the company. New processes were put into place, new materials were created and changes were made to the orientation program as a whole.

Because of my love for learning and the strong sense of empowerment my first internship left me with, I made sure to have a second internship secured with one of the sister companies of Quicken Loans when the next summer came around. I decided to branch out and work for the Title Source Training team. After accepting the position, I would have never been able to imagine the amount of growth I would make by the end of the summer. In the beginning, I read training materials and created questionnaires to make sure individuals were reading their required trainings. But by the end of my internship, I was actually creating the training materials for team members. I single-handedly created a Microsoft Excel training which was accompanied with a step-by-step manual as well as an Excel spreadsheet to follow alongside the manual. This internship also helped me realize how important an invested team leader is for someone’s professional success. I couldn’t have been happier with my team leader. She set goals for me and we had weekly one-on-one meetings to discuss my progress and to highlight strengths and weaknesses. The contributions I made to the company were more evident after this internship than the first, and this experience exceeded all of my expectations. I felt like I was truly making a difference. I mattered.

I wanted to further grow my footprint within Quicken Loans, so I requested my third summer internship to be with the Quicken Loans Marketing team. During my prior school year at Michigan State University, I applied and was accepted into the Eli Broad College of Business as a marketing major. Because of this, I was ecstatic to learn I had the opportunity to work as a marketing intern. If you were anything like me, I only saw marketing as the commercials and ads on TV. However, after just a couple days working on this team, I learned how much marketing really has to offer. Marketing incorporates everything from PR to social media to creative to lead generation and everything in between. Yet, the biggest takeaway I have from working on this team doesn’t relate to marketing at all. It has to deal with my growth as a professional. As an intern, I didn’t expect I would have the room to grow professionally. However, Quicken Loans interacts and engages with their interns by putting on presentations and inviting leaders from around the company to give inspiring speeches. What I learned from these events is to be persistent, get involved, overcome fear, don’t be intimidated and stay true to yourself and your ideals – these things will make you go far. I have high expectations for where I want to be as an individual and professional adult, and I know I will have slowly chipped away at the surface after this internship. I’ve learned the importance of networking and building relationships and that confidence is key. Overall, I’m excited to have had the ability to learn more about myself and set long-term personal and professional goals.

I hope after reading about my internship experience, you understand that Quicken Loans is more than just a culture shock of bright colored walls, slushy machines, free swag and cool intern events. Quicken Loans inspires creativity, drives innovation and breeds excellence. Quicken Loans hires motivated individuals looking to think outside of the box and make an impact on the company. Quicken Loans has more than 10,000 employees, but I feel like more than just a number.

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