Wood Deck or Cement Patio? It's a Tough Call - Quicken Loans Zing BlogI realize that we’re only nine days into May. But to date, we’ve barely reached temperatures in the 60s, although we had a stretch in April that felt like it was midsummer (where did those days go?).

While this may just be me being impatient and looking forward to ditching my jeans and sweatshirts for shorts and t-shirts, I feel like I’ve been hiding indoors for far too long. As impatient as I am, I know that soon I will be able to enjoy being outdoors and grilling on the patio.

Whenever that day finally comes, the big question becomes is it better to enjoy being outdoors on a wood deck or cement patio? Each has its own benefits although drawbacks come with both options. I’ll break each down for you in the following sections.

When it comes to patios, there are many viable options. With that being said, it just doesn’t appear that one is a clear-cut better option than the other. The biggest factors are personal preference and what you’re looking for in prices, aesthetics and maintenance.

Wood Decks

When it comes to wood decks, a variety of options are available at varying costs. Benefits of a wood patio include:

  • Authenticity
  • Natural look
  • Depending on the type of wood used, price can be inexpensive
  • To combat deterioration caused by weather, wood can be treated to make it more resistant to elements, rotting and insects

Before you jump to the conclusion that a wood deck is best for you, there are also negatives that could impact your decision. They include:

  • If you decide to go with treated wood, it has an unnatural color that is easily noticed
    • Can warp or bend easily
  • Depending on the type of wood used, hardwoods such as Ipe can be expensive
  • High maintenance
  • Availability and price of particular woods are determined by area

Now that I’ve planted a seed of doubt in your mind about wood decks, let’s see how you feel about the benefits of a cement patio.

  • Low maintenance
  • Can be stamped or colored to mimic many different styles
  • Inexpensive

By now I shouldn’t have to tell you to wait before you begin planning your cement patio, but I’ll tell you anyway. WAIT!

Here are a few negatives of a cement patio:

  • Cement patios expand and contract which eventually leads to cracks
  • Need to be resealed repeatedly over time
  • Very slippery when wet (don’t say I didn’t warn you after your kids have a water balloon fight, soak the patio, and cause you to slip)
  • Extremely hot on bare feet

By now you may be no further along in the decision-making process to determine whether to go with wood or cement. If that’s the case, weigh the pros and cons of each. It really just depends on what style you are going for.

When it’s all said and done, no matter if you pick the wood deck or the concrete patio, you’ll still get to enjoy the nice summer weather.

Whenever it decides to show up.

Does anyone have any opinions on which one is “better?” Let me know!


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