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Quicken Loans Teams with Iconic Schools to Make Fans Winners - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

There’s nothing quite like the combination of competition and pageantry that exists in college basketball. The pep band, the chants, the colors, the rivalries and the high-level athletics all come together to create something not seen anywhere else.

Quicken Loans has teamed up with 26 of the country’s biggest college basketball powerhouses to give everyone a chance to experience this atmosphere.

“The combination of hard-working, dedicated student athletes and passionate, enthusiastic fans makes college athletics some of the most exciting and closely followed sporting events,” said Jay Farner, President and Chief Marketing Officer for Quicken Loans. “Quicken Loans is no stranger to bringing excitement to college sports with unique events such as hosting the first college basketball game on an active aircraft carrier or offering a billion dollars for a perfect college basketball tournament bracket. We look for interactive ways to enhance the fan experience, and these partnerships are sure to do that.”

Quicken Loans understands the importance of the home court advantage and as a result has launched an exclusive fan sweepstakes, giving fans at each of the 26 partner universities the chance to win season tickets for the 2016-2017 men’s basketball season. To receive more information and to enter, visit your participating school’s athletic website.

“These partnerships are meant to be more than signs inside the stadium – we will actively interact with the fans to rally around their communities and together celebrate the athletic traditions of each school,” said Farner. “We’re excited to meet all of these great fans and honored to be included in the overall passion and excitement of college athletics.” The full list of universities includes:


Alabama                                                               Arizona State

Clemson                                                               Colorado

Duke                                                                      Florida State

Georgia Tech                                                       Illinois

Kansas                                                                 Maryland

Miami                                                                     Michigan

Michigan State                                                     Missouri

NC State                                                               Oregon

Oregon State                                                        Penn State

Southern California                                            Texas

Texas A&M                                                            Texas Christian

University of New Mexico                                   Villanova

Virginia Tech                                                        Washington


Good luck, and we’ll see you on the court!

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