Tips for Getting the Most ROI When Adding a Sunroom - Quicken Loans Zing BlogThe one thing I love most about my home is the sun porch. When I did the first walk through, all of the updated features and flooring certainly made an impact, but that sunroom put it over the top for me. I imagined me sitting in our sunroom relaxing and gazing over my lush garden after a long day of work. I just had to live in this house.

We use our sunroom all the time. From just enjoying an evening outdoors to hosting parties, it’s been a versatile space for our home. So if you’re interested in learning more about sunrooms and the benefits they can offer, read on!

Sunrooms add value to your home through extra living space by increasing the square footage of your house. Some real estate experts suggest that the return on investment for a well-built sun porch can be as much as 80%, although the average tends to hover around 60%. Also, adding this type of porch on the front of your home can improve your curb appeal when selling.

From family rooms to entertaining spaces or even just a place to put plants during the winter, the additional space sunrooms provide is a huge benefit.

Things to Keep in Mind When Planning the Addition of a Sun Porch

Alright, you’re probably super stoked to get started on your sunroom, and who can blame you?

Here’s a friendly reminder to spend some time planning and budgeting with a contractor to make your home improvement project a success.

The first thing you need to look at is your location because it can determine whether a four-season or three-season sun porch is right for your home. For colder climates, a four-season (or all-season) one with energy-efficient windows would be the best option. They can help moderate seasonal temperatures better and not drive up utility bills if your HVAC system runs into this room. The drawback though is it costs a lot more money.

Three-season porches are generally just closed off by screens, making them a more affordable option. However, this limits the amount of time you can use it in cooler, snowy climates. Some people compensate by putting up Plexiglass or a tarp to keep rain and snow out. It’s not the prettiest option, but it works in a pinch if you want to save a little cash.

Next, consider a size that fits with your current home’s footprint and your budget. To use quality materials and get the most of your investment means you may or may not have to compromise on the size of your sunroom.

Lastly, most experts suggest that you’ll want work with a contractor. Adding a sunroom is almost like adding an addition to your home. If you aren’t a handyman (or woman) extraordinaire, you’ll want to work with professionals to make sure the job is done well and meets local building codes.

Sunrooms, when planned and budgeted out, can enhance your home in many ways. Plus, they can bump up your home’s value quite a bit.

Do you have a sunroom at home? What do you love most about it? Share what you love about yours in the comments section below!


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  1. Sorry I am coming to this a little late.

    We’re trying to increase the value of our home (we bought it as a 2-bedroom for $100,000, BUT that is partly the land it’s on). If there were an economic option, I’d love to use this as a guest room–or have us sleep in there and let guests use our bedroom (since we’re a little more acclimated). But I cannot fathom spending $25,000 on it–a quarter of our house value. If I wanted to do that, I would be contracting for a regular addition and not just essentially closing in the back porch.

    My husband is a builder, so I know there HAS to be a simpler way, but I also know we need to do it “by the book” and not have anyone come after us later for lack of permits, etc.

    Any advice? I’m thinking 10 x 10 or just over (porch is 10 feet wide; not sure of the red tape for pouring a small piece of additional concrete).

    1. Hi Katie:

      As far as permits, I think the best way to go is the city permits. If you want you to look at lending options, we can either help you through Rocket Mortgage or talking to one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. If you don’t want to touch your mortgage, you could also look at personal loan options through RocketLoans.

  2. We are looking to add a sunroom, more like an addition, for all year use, off of our kitchen, because the kitchen is too small for having family dinners together in, we hope this is a good idea, they certainly don’t come cheap, for a 12×12 we were told about 30 – 40 grand. We have a few sunroom companies in our town, and will be getting quotes from a couple of them. Since we live in a colder climate, really need to be concerned about keeping it warm in the winter, and cooler in the summer, as we also get hot muggy weather in the summer, this will be on the south side of the house, getting full sun all day.

    1. We built a sunroom 2 years ago just off our dining room we didn’t open any walls we used our covered porch . The roof was there the concrete slab too . It’s a 30x 20 room we have 8 sliding patio doors and one fixed window . We got a price from patio enclosure and a window company . They were both the same but we went with the window company just because there was a lot of bad reviews about the sunroom company . Just for the sliding doors and exterior all finished was 25,000.00 we didn’t planned for AC or heat we didn’t want it . But for the floor since we didn’t want to heat it we were kind of careful not choosing a cheap floor just because of heat and cold and for being a sunroom we didn’t want to be careful . We opted for nature stone flooring this was 6,500.00 and it’s worth every penny no maintenance never look dirty actually you can’t see anything on this floor water, foot traffic , prints nothing and you clean it with a carpet cleaner once in a while . The only thing we added after was heated baseboard and insulated the attic this was 3,200.00 we loved our room so much we wanted to use it all year round . Just one thing no AC and it’s fine . We have ceiling fans . We live in Pittsburgh and the weather is kind of up and down we could never eat outside to windy now we enjoy it all the time and I don’t have to clean for 2 hours before enjoying my patio . Good luck

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