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Has winter weather had you feeling down in the dumps? You are in luck because spring weather is here and with it comes a whole new bright and colorful season.

Spring is a season of new life. Take it as an opportunity to bring new life into your home! By making small changes in your décor, you can totally freshen the space. That feeling of refreshment does more than just pretty-up your home – it can make you feel more relaxed and happy every time you see it.

We talked to designers and home experts from across the country and here are their five best tips to style your space for spring.

Bring the Outdoors In

Springtime is all about big changes going on in nature. Celebrate those changes by bringing some of the outside into your home. An easy way to do this is by adding flowers to your home décor.

“Spring is all about fresh blooms,” says Audra Walters, REALTOR® and home stager with Front Porch Properties in Charleston, SC. “I always try to add flowers for table settings to give it a fresh, spring vibe. Use different vases and containers to keep the visuals interesting but do keep your floral selection uniform for better visual consistency.”

Cannisters, boxes, recycled bottles and jars, ceramic pitchers and beautiful pots are unexpected ways to display flowers in your home.

Think beyond flowers and fill vases with live plants, greenery cuttings, or even interesting branches. As an added bonus, these natural materials can often be foraged from your yard or neighborhood, making this seasonal décor very budget-friendly.  

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to shop for décor at your grocery store. “Always have citrus in a bowl and ready for visits on the porch,” suggests interior designer Carole Marcotte of Form and Function in Raleigh, NC. “What is spring without that perfect cocktail to sip and lounge with friends?” Talk about functional accessories!  

Think Light and Bright

The dark days of winter are behind you and embracing spring means embracing light.

Marty Basher, home organization & decorating expert for ModularClosets.com, says “Probably the biggest factor in bringing the outside in is light. Consider getting rid of heavy window coverings, open drapes and let the light shine in!” 

As the days get longer, the sunlight will fill your home for even more hours per day. The vitamin D and bright light will lift your mood and shine a new, fresh light into your home.  

Does your home have a particularly sunny window? That is the perfect place for a houseplant or small herb garden. Plants love the spring light and add that outdoor touch to your space.

Color, Color, Color

Of course, when you think of spring, you think of color. “Color is a spring synonym,” says Bryan Stoddard, home designer at HomewaresInsider.com. “Even in the unexpected corners of your home, different colors should be present.”

Trading out your home’s accessories for colorful, spring options are a great way to change up your home without totally redecorating it.

“I find the addition of seasonal accents – items that you can add and change as the seasons do – a great way to bring visual interest to rooms. Try adding a brightly colored tray on your foyer entrance that complements your general theme, or a bold piece of artwork that can serve as a centerpiece,” suggests Walters.

When in doubt, pillows on your bed or couch are a really simple way to change the whole feel of a space. “Swap out your old pillows for new, more colorful patterns and designs, and trade your cozy, winter throws for a lighter and airier fabric to lift the room,” advises Walters.

To save space in your home, invest in seasonal pillow covers instead of storing entire pillows in the off-season. Pillow covers can zip on and off and fold up to make storage a breeze.  

Welcome in Spring and Guests

As sunny weather appears, so will house guests! Spring is the perfect season for dining
alfresco and hosting parties.

Making your guests feel welcome starts with a welcoming entryway. Clean up the area around your front door. Consider hanging a floral or greenery-filled wreath. Update your door mat for one that shares your personality.

Use a rag to wipe the remnants of winter off of your front door. If you are really in the spring spirit, consider giving your front door a fresh coat of paint. “Choose a color occurring in nature – a sky blue, sunshine yellow, or mossy green,” suggests Basher. A bright, happy color will stand out from your neighbors and make your whole home feel refreshed. 

Don’t Forget the Spring Clean

As everything is growing fresh and new outdoors, it is a great reminder to make your home feel fresh and new, also. Spring is the perfect time to clean your home for a fresh start.  

“Seeing things in a new light by re-examining our stuff is a good springtime practice,” says Marcotte. “Just moving things around makes things seem new. And spring cleaning rituals make it easier to relax during the sweltering season that follows.”

Clearing out excess stuff will make your room instantly feel lighter and brighter. Plus, spring is the perfect season for a yard sale!

Get the Look

No matter how you are getting your place ready for spring, you can’t go wrong. Once your home is spring-ready, enjoy it by hosting friends and family.

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