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If you’re lucky enough to own a cabin in the woods, near the mountains or on a lake, I’m officially jealous. A place to escape to and be in touch with nature sounds like a dream. However, the inside should be just as cozy and inviting as the outdoor environment. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to outfitting your oasis, I’m going to pretend we just went shopping together with the following suggestions for the main rooms of your cabin.


The entryway or foyer can set the tone for the rest of your cabin décor as it’s the first place you and your guests will encounter when you step inside.

A great rug is important to not only protect your floors, but to draw you into the main area. Aside from a foyer table that is flush against the wall and a mirror that is proportional to it, you can add fun, welcoming touches such as a sculpture or small lamp. This whitetail deer metal wall art piece can also work depending on your wall space. Consider adding functional racks you can use to corral boots, umbrellas, firewood or even your keys.

Cabin Décor Ideas Inspired by Nature and Wildlife

Living Room

Start with a neutral palette for your furniture and window furnishings and then pull in color, tartan plaids and more with décor. Dress up your walls with a beautiful clock, framed or canvas art, and make sure there’s ample lighting both overhead and within arm’s reach. A decorative screen for your fireplace is a classy touch when the fire isn’t active. Add comfy pillows on a couch or chair or toss one of these balsam-scented pillows in the corner of the room!

Cabin Décor Ideas Inspired by Nature and Wildlife

The living room is where your guests will lounge, relax and take in the sights and sounds of the area. Love bears, enjoy fishing or admire moose? Bring the outdoors in with décor accents that acknowledge your affinity for the wilderness. These pinecone tables come in a variety of sizes to work within your space and you can top them with fun games, a crackled glass vase or bowl, or coffee table books.

Cabin Décor Ideas Inspired by Nature and Wildlife


As mentioned in an earlier post, the bedroom should be a personal sanctuary where you can unwind and have privacy. To keep the cabin theme going, choose a log bed to serve as the focal point of the room. Next, you’ll want some variety with bedding selections you can switch depending on the season. Since light sources are pretty limited in the immediate environment, an overhead light is critical and a fixture that works well with a ceiling fan is a safe bet for those summer nights!

To keep things neat and orderly, there are stylish and functional storage options like this reclaimed wood trunk to store extra blankets and pillows or these tabletop acorns you can fill with flowers or trinkets. Add interesting décor items like a vase or this antler jewelry holder that can hold your baubles while dressing up your dresser!

Cabin Décor Ideas Inspired by Nature and Wildlife


Ah, cooking in a cabin – wouldn’t everything taste better just because? Especially when you serve food on delightful plates and placemats that reflect the great outdoors! You can find dinnerware and placemats in many patterns and colors, so you could easily switch them out without breaking the bank.

There might not be a lot of space between where you cook and where you eat, so it’s important to use proper storage like a cupboard, canister sets or an overhead cookware hanger. Don’t shy away from adding decorative touches to the kitchen, such as country art (like this apple painting), metal paper towel holders or ornamental lighting fixtures to create a seamless transition from room to room.

Cabin Décor Ideas Inspired by Nature and Wildlife


Birds are a great way to bring nature into your bathroom because you can play off the theme of birds, feathers and trees and they’ll work well together. Towels that look like birch trees paired with a colorful bird shower curtain and matching accessories can brighten up a small space. Another chic option is to couple those same towels with these black and white bathroom accessories and matching rug.

Don’t forget small touches like adding an interesting switch plate to the wall and lighting a set of birch candles for a spa-like setting.

Cabin Décor Ideas Inspired by Nature and Wildlife

Now that we’ve spent the day shopping together, what other items would you like to include in your cabin? If you own a cabin and have design tips for fellow readers, share them in the comments below!

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