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Midcentury modern loft

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If you’re looking to make fresh changes in a room in your home, look no further. In fact, look down! Rugs are the underdogs of the home décor world, yet they can easily transform the style of your space.

Not to mention, it’s more much cost effective to add a rug to a room, compared to a new furniture set. While you may not be in the market for a new sofa, a new rug can shake up your style without breaking your bank.

We’ll take a look at seven of the most on-trend home décor styles and offer our list of rugs that will transform your space.


The Bohemian style is all about unusual things.

It’s simultaneous warm and inviting, while also being wild and unpredictable. It’s a globally-inspired trend that’s calling card is natural materials like wool, cotton, wood and even nature herself!

When choosing a rug to enhance your bohemian home décor, we suggest using natural materials with muted colors and tones. The goal of incorporating any bohemian-styled décor is to make the room feel homey and cozy, so find a rug made of natural wool or cotton to achieve this vibe.

Additionally, find an interesting pattern or color combination that adds a statement to a room in your home.

Istanbul Rug

Image: Anthropologie.com

Istanbul Rug – $648


“Intentionally unintentional” is how the eclectic decorate their home, adding unique furniture and décor combinations to a room, meshing together in perfect harmony. It can be seen in mixtures of textures, time periods, colors and patterns.

Your eclectic rug should follow suit, boasting a loud, vibrant array of colors, conflicting wild patterns and maybe even have a non-traditional shape to fit in your home (like a circle instead of a rectangle). It can also be quirky, adding unique, surprising elements to a space.

There’s no wrong way to be eclectic, so let your imagination run wild with a rug that becomes the focal point to any room décor.

Hand-Embroidered Safari Rug

Image: Anthropologie.com

Hand-Embroidered Safari Rug – $248


Contrary to the comfort of bohemian décor, industrial décor is all things rough and gritty. Think of a city for inspiration, with exposed brick walls, open ceilings and hardwood or concrete floors. It incorporates raw materials, like metal, glass and wood, to emit a weathered, worn look into your furniture and décor.

When striving for an industrial vibe in your home, a rug that has a worn-out, faded look could do just the trick. This look gives the appearance of being used and utilitarian.

Try using colors found in the raw materials in industrial décor, like gray, a rusty-brown or white.

Laurie Woven Rug

Image: Urbanoutfitters.com

Laurie Woven Rug – $149 – Item Sold Out

Midcentury Modern

The boomerang style from the 50s and 60s came back in style and brought with it a new appreciation for vintage-style décor with a modern twist. Midcentury modern décor is simplistic and functional, with warm wood finishes and metallic flairs.

Predominant colors of midcentury modern include cool blues and greens, with accents of burnt orange or blush pink. The style boasts clean, sleek lines, found both in geometric and organic forms.

When searching for the perfect midcentury rug, find a pattern that features clean, geometric shapes and funky vintage colors. Make sure you choose colors that complement the décor in your home, as oranges and blues can be tough colors to match.

Abstract Tufted Area Rug

Image: Target.com

Abstract Tufted Area Rug – $170.99


Minimalism is pretty self-explanatory. You’re essentially striving to live a life with less clutter, and create a clean, sophisticated and modern look in your home. Unlike a lot of other styles, minimalism décor boasts neutral color bases and few-to-no embellishments.

Like midcentury modern, minimalism draws inspiration from clean lines and geometric shapes. The quality of decor is prioritized over the quantity, so make sure your rug is functional and blends into your décor seamlessly.

Look for a rug with bold, clean lines and a simple design. Try to avoid too many colors, textures and patterns in your minimal rug.

Washable Berber Rug

Image: Urbanoutfitters.com

Washable Berber Rug – $325


Scandinavian style has been an obsession of home decorators and interior designers everywhere. Drawn by the pure neutrals and flawless beauty of this decorative style, it’s no wonder why the newest trend, hygge (hoo-gah), took off with a bang.

If your goal is keeping up with the latest décor trends, and you seek to make hygge the style of your home, look for items that emanate comfort over style. Hygge is all about being cozy and homey, with the goals of feeling comfort, coziness, charm and joy.

Since hygge décor is all about keeping it natural, add natural (or faux natural) materials like fur into a room in your home. Extra points for the more plush and comfortable it is!

Brown Ombre Mongolian Sheepskin Rug

Image: Worldmarket.com


With bursts of color and elements of nature, tropical décor is all about bringing the color and feel of the outdoors into your home. Think sandy beaches, palm trees and flowers bursting with color for inspiration.

Tropical décor, while similar to nautical décor in the sense that they both rely on motifs of water and foliage, relies more on deep, saturated colors like greens, blues and reds.

If you’re looking to turn your home into a permanent island vacation, don’t be afraid to pick rug patterns full of color and design.

Monstera Leaf Washable Rug

Image: Urbanoutfitters.com

Monstera Leaf Washable Rug – $225

By adding a rug to a room in your home, you have the opportunity to transform the style of your space without busting your budget.

What’s your favorite style of rug? Let us know in the comments below!

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