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5 Living Room Trends to Try in Your Home - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: Patrick J Hamilton

Growing up, we were always in our living room. Family nights were spent huddled around a board game on the floor or lounging on the couches watching a movie. Whenever we had parties, everyone congregated in our living room.

Just like it is for many families, our living room was our gathering place and the entryway to our home. You definitely don’t want it to seem boring or outdated.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your living room, then you’ve come to the right place. These five living room trends are sure to make an impact in your home. Whether you’re looking for something fun and eclectic or a modern classic, you’ll be able to find something that suits your taste with these trends.


Minimalism is a breath of fresh air, reminding us that less is more. While the minimalist lifestyle is gaining popularity, the trend has now crossed over into design. Oversized furniture and knick-knacks have been swapped for clean, sleek lines and sparse, but intentional, special touches.

Your living room can make a big statement in a few simple steps:

  • Choose a neutral base. The most popular choice for wall color in a minimalist design is white. Remember less is more, so keep your walls and floors simple.
  • Be picky! Don’t clutter your living room with anything that strikes your fancy. Choose pieces that you really love, but make sure they’re going to last. Minimalism is about quality over quantity.
  • Keep your tabletops and shelving cleaned and organized. A vase or a few picture frames are nice, as they add personality to a space. But remember, it’s quality over quantity. Limit your decorative pieces to the ones you really love, and leave the flat top surfaces mostly cleared off.

The Gray Era

Move over beige! There’s a new neutral in town. Gray is having its moment in the spotlight.

In nearly every area of interior design, from flooring to textiles, gray is reigning supreme. It’s the perfect color pallet for a monochromatic design or as a backdrop to allow pops of color to really shine.

Manhattan-based interior designer Patrick J Hamilton says, “I love that gray has replaced warmer neutrals like beige for monochromatic rooms. I love tone-on-tone rooms. I think they can be so chic, and create a more expensive look than you had to work with.”

Mid-Century Modern

If 1950’s and 1960’s style makes you drool, then mid-century modern décor is the trend for you! No matter how much time passes, mid-century architecture and design never go out of style.

Create a living room Don Draper would be proud of with the keys to mid-century modern décor:

  • Mid-century color schemes are a mix between darker neutrals and more saturated, retro accent colors.
  • For furniture, look for pieces with clean lines, accentuated with curved angles. Traditionally, mid-century pieces rely on wood frames, but you can also find fiberglass and metal options.
  • Mid-century modern furniture’s upholstery is traditionally one or two colors and no patterns. To add interest, chooses pieces with interesting textures instead of patterns.
  • When selecting lighting options, choose pieces with straight, geometric lines or rounded silhouettes.

Moody Elegance

Quite the departure from the predominately white, minimalist trend; moody and modern living rooms are gaining steam.

You’ll notice a lot of black, and dark jewel tones like deep blues, greens and purples. The dark colors are dramatic and elegant. It’s a great way to add richness to your home.

The dark background is a great canvas for luxurious fabrics and metals. For the last few years, metals have mostly been applied to the industrial trend, but this is an opportunity for a more romantic moment for metals.

“I think there’s something coming our way inspired by super industrial materials, like concrete, rusted metal, and zinc… but not used in that “Industrial” way that’s seemed to dominate some home categories like lighting. I think super urban materials will have a really graceful moment sometime soon,” says Hamilton.

Flora and Fauna

This trend brings in the outdoors in a modern and sophisticated way. And you don’t even need a green thumb!

The botanical trend isn’t something for your retired aunt in Boca Raton. It’s a clean, modern take on the old classic and designers love it.

Rochelle Phillips, product manager and interior designer at Room4Interiors.com says, “Bringing the garden inside is really on trend with botanical prints, colors and patterns such as leaves, trees and branches. Hints of moss green, warm brown and lime can be seen in wallpaper, soft furnishings and fabrics. If greens aren’t your thing, then a lighter take with more pastel shades is also fashionable.”

Try this trend in your living room with a classic black and white base and green as your accent color. Use wall prints and throw pillows to bring in the botanical trend.

From dark and moody to sleek and retro, any of these trends will look great in your home!

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  1. So love to remodel this dated home since my mother-in-law left it and mortgag to us but I’m on disability and cannot come close to cost. Please consider this as a heart felt reply !!!

  2. Muy bonitas las ideas en las fotos que nos muestran de la salas del hogar se ven muy elegantes pero con un toque de sencillez divino que junto a las decoraciones forman todo un mundo de espiritu, motivacion y vida.

    Me gustan mucho esos estilos y lucen muy bien para cualquier hogar seria como sentirse en una mansion o en un castillo de cuento de hadas. Felicidades muy buenos ejemplos.

    Gracias por las ideas y consejos.

    Muy buena suerte a todos los participantes en el sorteo.



  3. What I’ve seen as the latest trend is using eclectic mod chaises and futons instead of of sofa and chairs

    Also the orientation of the room can be toward a few or media center rather than the conversation cluster

    I think coffee tables are on the way out; sideboards are in

  4. i believe living room is the only place where the insiders spend most of their time that is the reason why this specific place of the home deserves a authentic yet alluring make over. Now that i have few ideas to follow i will implement few in my living room .

    Thanks for sharing

  5. These are some great style ideas! We love the minimalist style and modern looks. Using simple decor and neutral tones gives the room a clean look and also makes it homey.

  6. I have small narrow and long living room. They lowered ceiling in hallway for ac/heating vents , one small vent for each room. I would love to knock out front wall and dinning area wall to make one big open room. Front door close to opposite closet door I have to open door til it hits wall and still stand back to let guests inside.

  7. Thanks for this event. I need new flooring very badly. I would like tile, looking through the decorating section, I like the black and white tile. That would be awesome. Please choose me. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your interest, Lili! You can keep entering the Room for Improvement Sweepstakes daily for your chance to win! Best of luck!

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