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As of December 19, 2017 MyQL is now referred to as Rocket Mortgage.

Mortgage interest is fully tax deductible in most cases. If you paid $600 or more in mortgage interest this past year, your lender will send you a 1098 statement to include with your tax return.

No one likes dealing with taxes. Like many, I prefer to finish them as soon as possible. Why wait for the mail?

Now you can get your 1098 statement online as soon as it becomes available through MyQL. In addition to getting there faster, there are a couple of advantages to paperless statements.


Electronic documents are more secure. Your mailbox and trash are targets for people looking to steal personal information. Just how big is the bull’s-eye? The Bureau of Justice Statistics released a report on identity theft in 2014. Here are a few of the statistics:

  • 6 million Americans (7% of the population) experienced identity theft.
  • Of these, 14% experienced a monetary loss from the theft.
  • Half of all monetary losses resulted in victims losing $100 or more.

The Bureau goes on to say that many victims were able to clear up their problems in less than a day, but consumers are encouraged to be aware of potential threats.

Go Green

There’s one more big reason to sign up for paperless documents. It can have a big impact in terms of conservation of resources and preserving our environment. How significant of a difference does it make? I decided to do a little digging and find out.

Sign up for paperless documents through MyQL. Do it before the end of the year. Your 1098 goes out in early January. You’ll also be able to access your 1098 information through interactive phone prompts at that time.



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  1. I have an appointment with my financial advisor tomorrow and I cannot find my 2017 tax information.
    Please email the necessary form/information so I can give to my financial advisor. I’m having difficulty accessing it through the quicken website.
    Thank you

      1. Kevin–your suggestion does not work. It just puts me back to rocket mortgage sign in for a new loan. Very bad customer service. When will the 1098 forms be mailed out (since I can’t get any information on line)?

        1. Hi Mary:

          I’m going to go ahead and get this over to our client relations team to make sure we get this taken care of for you. I know some have been having trouble getting into their accounts and this is something we are definitely working on. If you’re signed up for getting your documents by mail, you should receive your 1098 shortly if you haven’t already, but I’m going to make sure we reach out. Have a good day!

          Kevin Graham

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