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Key Benefits

Save Big with a Jumbo Loan

With a jumbo mortgage, you’ll get low rates for your big loan. Offering a choice between fixed or adjustable rates, our jumbo loans offer maximum flexibility for home financing for larger loans.

  • Do you need a mortgage between $453,101 and $3,000,000?
  • Do you need flexible rates and terms?
  • Are you looking for quick turnaround for your jumbo purchase or refinance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a jumbo loan might be right for you, so call a Home Loan Expert at (800) 251-9080, or fill out the form to get started now!

Why You Should Choose Quicken Loans

  • Our jumbo rates are often lower than rates for conventional loans so you can have more flexibility in your budget.
  • You’ll get a completely online application process with less paperwork, and you can track the status of your mortgage application.
  • Our Home Loan Experts are available to answer your questions and help you understand the details so you get the right mortgage for you.

Other Popular Loan Options

How It Works

Jumbo Loan Features

  • Refinance or purchase up to $3,000,000, or do a cash-out refinance of up to $500,000 for your next big home project.
  • Credit scores as low as 700 may qualify.
  • Our VA jumbo loans give veterans added value – no money down for purchases and refinances up to 90% of your home’s value.

How Jumbo Loan Works

  • Any loan over the conventional loan limit ($453,100) is considered a jumbo loan.
  • Loan limits vary by county, and rates depend on where your property is located.
  • Your actual payment will vary based on your situation and the current interest rates when you apply.
  • Pay your mortgage at any time without pre-payment penalties.
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