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There are many benefits to a digital world. You can download songs, books and movies in minutes. You can order food or find a ride to the airport on demand. Paperless billing statements allow you to turn the management of your mortgage digital.

In this post, we’ll cover how Quicken Loans clients can sign up through their Rocket Account – it’s easy! Then we’ll get into the benefits of managing your mortgage online.

Getting Started with Paperless Billing Statements

Signing up for paperless statements is simple. It can be accomplished in just two steps.

  1. Log in to your Rocket Account.
  2. Once signed in, you can manage options for paperless monthly mortgage statements as well as your 1098 mortgage interest statement.

Benefits of a Paperless Existence

There are a number of advantages to eliminating paper and going digital with your mortgage experience. For starters, you’ll have a centralized hub that contains all of your mortgage documents and information. You’ll also cut off an avenue for identity theft by eliminating the possibility of discarded or lost paper statements falling into the wrong hands. Finally, there are huge environmental benefits to going paperless as well.

One Location for All of Your Mortgage Needs

The biggest advantage from a client convenience perspective is that all payment and documentation needs related to your mortgage are in one spot.

Most of us have at some point or another spent hours trying to find one important piece of paper. It’s incredibly frustrating. If you go digital with your billing statements, everything you need for your mortgage will be easy to access. In addition to your billing statement, this is also helpful for your 1098 if you sign up for paperless 1098 mortgage interest statements.

We also offer a variety of digital payment options from the Payment Center within your Rocket Account. You can set up autopay with complete control. Plus, you have the ability to put extra money toward the principal and make an extra payment toward your escrow if you need to.

If you have an Amazon Echo, Alexa can help you make your mortgage payment through our Rocket Mortgage skill. All you need to do is link the skill to your Rocket Account. There’s also a voice pin you’ll set up so kids can’t accidentally make a mortgage payment when it’s not expected. As of now, the skill only pays what’s due, but we’re constantly looking at new features to give you more control.

So, while you can wait for the payment coupon on your physical statement, you don’t have to. You can go digital and maintain complete control.

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

The Bureau of Justice Statistics, an office of the Department of Justice, maintains data on identity theft. In 2016, the most recent year for which data was available, 10% of people aged 16 or older reported being victims of identity theft the year before.

While the majority of these reports involved the misuse of one particular account and were resolved fairly quickly, the statistic still points to the fact that identity theft is a major issue that affects a significant portion of the population on a yearly basis.

Any physical statement that can be taken from the trash or your mailbox can be used by someone to steal much of your personal information. Digital statements eliminate that vector of attack.

In addition to the statement itself, thieves can get your account and routing numbers from the checks you write. You’ll also save money by not having to buy a book of checks nearly as often if you can avoid writing them in most cases.

It’s Better for the Environment

By opting out of paper statements and going digital, you’re doing your part for the planet because no trees would be harmed in the making of your billing statement. This is something you probably hear all the time from many different companies, so we thought we would put some numbers behind it.

A single tree produces enough oxygen for two people to live for a year. Saving the trees can have a significant impact on the amount of breathable air in your area. We put together an infographic on the topic a couple of years ago.

If signing up for paperless statements sounds like a good idea, you can do so through your Rocket Account today. If you have questions, you can leave them for us in the comments below.

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  1. I set up an account with password on quicken. When i try to sign on Rocket Mortgage Im told i do not exists I am attempting to go paperless. How do i set up account on Rocket Mortgage?


    1. Hi Sally:

      Thanks for reaching out! I’m going to have someone from our client relations team get this straightened out for you. I’m also removing your personal information. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandra:

      If you’re referring to our paperless statements sweepstakes, I can’t enter you manually because the way the sweepstakes is set up, you received either an email or a Facebook ad with a unique identifier that’s tied to you alone so that we can update your paperless billing settings. The best way to enter the contest is to go through the original email or Facebook ad. If you can’t find the email, I know we’ll be promoting the contest through emails again in the coming days. Thanks for reaching out!




    1. Yes, you can still sign up for the sweeps even if you are currently enrolled in paperless billing. Thanks for reaching out!

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