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Couple on vacation in Rome

For travel junkies who want to book a trip without breaking the bank, Groupon has been a go-to site for discounted travel destinations since 2011. Boasting bargains like “10-Day Greece Vacation with Hotels and Nonstop Air from $9­­99 a person,” it’s hard not to get excited at the prospects of seeing the world while still maintaining your 401(k).

However, after looking at the prices and picturesque stock photos, you might begin to wonder what the catch is. You’re not alone. We looked to get to the bottom of Groupon travel vouchers. Are they a good deal or too good to be true? Let’s find out.

Pro: The Travel Discounts Are Decent

Groupon Getaways offers over 1,000 travel deals for hotels, excursions, cruises and group trips from domestic to abroad. You can search by destination, interests and dates in order to find your dream vacation.

They’re constantly featuring new travel destinations and deals that fall under two types of Getaways: Flash Deals and Market Picks.

If you’re more flexible with your destination, you can take advantage of Flash Deals, exclusive deals that boasts 15 – 17% off of three- to five-star hotels. The standard Groupon trips are called Market Picks, which are essentially the same as Flash Deals, without the same level of discount.

Both deals offer highly-ranked hotels and destinations at great value. You can check out star ratings and customer reviews to get other travelers’ opinions, too.

Con: There Are a Few Hidden Fees

Unfortunately, if you read the fine print, you’ll notice that the advertised price does not normally include airfare, and if it does, it can significantly alter the price – especially if you depart from an airport not listed on the voucher deal.

The amount you pay for a voucher also doesn’t include taxes or any fees, so you’ll want to check the fine print to see what you’ll be charged upon booking or check-in. A few examples of fine print include:

  • Voucher expiration dates
  • Blackout travel dates
  • Cancellation fees
  • Airfare
  • Baggage fees
  • Solo travel fees

You’ll want to make sure you plan accordingly, factoring in the cost of airfare and additional fees before booking your trip. You can also contact the travel company that’s sponsoring the travel deal to get more information – that is, if they have a good customer service staff. We’ll discuss that later!

Pro: The Groupon Platform Is Easy to Use

Anyone who has used Groupon, for travel or otherwise, knows that the platform is relatively simple and easy to use. All the steps are pretty straightforward, and the platform will direct you to the next steps as you go. You’ll be able to read the fine print and details, too.

Here’s how it works for Getaways: The travel vouchers are packages that come from third-party travel agencies that pay Groupon to advertise on their platform. After you buy a travel voucher on Groupon, you’re sent over to the travel agency that listed the deal to redeem your voucher code, book your airfare, choose your departure dates and finish booking your trip.

Con: The Travel Agency… Not So Much

This past winter, I attempted to book a trip to Ireland using a Groupon travel voucher that I purchased on the platform. Unfortunately, the travel company that listed the voucher had an issue with their booking system, and I was unable to complete the booking of my trip, leaving my Groupon voucher pretty useless.

Luckily, I was able to get ahold of a Groupon customer support agent and cancel my Groupon voucher with a full refund. Which brings me to my next point – not every travel agency will offer a great experience when it comes to booking your trip.

For example, when I went to redeem my Groupon voucher on the travel agency’s website, I noticed that their website was down and unable to book my trip, and I was prompted to call a customer service number. After 30 minutes on hold, I felt like something fishy was up. After five days, I threw in the towel and get my voucher refunded on Groupon.

The lesson here is to do your homework on the travel agency before purchasing the Groupon by calling the company directly and reading reviews from those who have previously traveled with the company.

Pro: The Structured Itinerary Is Good for First-Time Travelers

For those who haven’t traveled abroad or even cross-country, Groupon travel vouchers come in handy for structured itineraries chock-full of experiences and excursions. If you’re new to travel, it’s a good way to take the stress out of traveling, as most everything is booked and planned out for you.

Each Groupon Getaways itinerary is fairly detailed, listing flights (if applicable), hotels, attractions, meals and even lists of optional tours and upgrades you can add to the schedule and cost of the tour.

All you have to do after you’ve finished booking is print out all of your reservations, your itinerary and any documentation that lists your hotel or group travel confirmation numbers.

Con: The Number of Days Can Be Misleading

If the advertised deal reads X amount of days, be advised that the days include travel, meaning you’ll at least spend two days of your trip on a plane – especially if the flight is abroad. This means that if the trips advertises seven days, you’ll most likely only have five days of actual vacation, including attractions, tours, sightseeing, etc.

There are also specific dates that you can book for the trip – and they’re all typically off-season – meaning, your price may not only rise due to airfare costs, but by the date you choose to depart.

Additionally, most flight departs on “off” days, meaning you’ll most likely leave and return on a weekday. It’s important to choose your travel days wisely, as they don’t offer a lot of flexibility and can drastically alter the cost of your trip.

The Verdict

You’ll notice that while a majority of the pros are about the experience of the trip, many of the cons are financial. While the Groupon platform boasts great deals and an easy-to-use interface that provides the opportunity to enjoy a trip without the stress of planning, you need to be aware of the travel dates listed, as well as the extra costs of airfare and any hidden fees that may arise during booking.

If you’re looking to travel more in 2018, and you want to give Groupon Getaways a go, make sure you read the fine print before booking your next vacation.

Have you purchased a Groupon travel voucher for your vacation? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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  1. I purchased a Groupon for a waterpark indoor hotel and it was for an exact date. Get my family all packed up and drive to the hotel, just for the hotel to say they are all booked up and they cannot allow me to have a room. I then found out that the regular rate of the rooms were close to $100 less than what Groupon charged me if I would have went through the hotel directly myself. Now I am struggling with Groupon to get my refund back and they are trying to tell me it will take up to 7 days just for them to look into it! Ridiculous

    1. I visited India on Groupon getaways. Everything was great but I was taken for a ride by travel agent who took lots and lots of money out of my credit card. Name .

  2. Rip off artist. Do not purchase Groupon Purchased trip to DR. Never received confirmation. Booked again, confirmed. Charged twice. No refund.

    1. Hi Jo:

      I recommend you work through their customer service group. If they won’t help with your dispute, there may be legal remedies you can look into.

  3. I think groupon is great. Once I booked a trip accidently and they promptly refuneded it! I just wish that the solo supplement were not so hgh!

  4. Great blog !! Hi guys, I went to an International tour with my family during these summer holidays. I booked air tickets on SOTC. I utilised SOTC Coupons issued by Saveplus. I got Rs. 3000/- off on my travel tickets and got benefited by Saveplus.

  5. We booked a Groupon trip to Ireland. It was a great trip – came with airfare, car, and hotels. Hotels were a combination of mid and high end. We had no problems with the travel agency and booking was easy. The itinerary was planned as far as cities to visit and hotels, and we chose our activities each day. It really was a fun and carefree trip and we’re doing another trip through Groupon this year.

  6. Hubby and I went to Panama City, Panama for $379 total (air/hotel) for 4 days. Hotel was good and air was on Copa. I couldn’t have gone to Miami at that price. I hated Panama City (super boring, no beach), but the shopping was great. I can check Panama off the list!

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