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facade of historic houses in the gaslamp quarterPicture this: you’re hour three into a five-hour trip to paradise as you head down an outstretched highway. Then you hear it. The spine chilling “ding” that signals low fuel. You are unfamiliar with the area and begin to panic.

Or perhaps you spent hours planning the perfect beach trip, and then it rains! As a local from Michigan, this problem is common with our all too unpredictable weather.

Maybe you are traveling into a new area and want to experience the local hot spots that make each place unique!

Look no further! There’s an app for that (and they’re all available for free on iPhone and Android devices.)

From apps that locate nearby gas stations and auto care facilities to ones that provide fun and exciting information about local concert venues and popular bars, these tools provide the most recent and helpful recommendations on locations and local hot spots. And there’s more good news! Some even predict pesky weather.

Around Me

Around Me allows you to choose from various categories and locations and gives you a complete list of the businesses in your area, along with their distance from your current location.

It doesn’t stop at gas stations and banks. This app also locates the nearest concert venues, show times, coffee shops, hotels, bars and restaurants.

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be. So if your walk in the park is rained out, launch Around Me and find local theater showings. Your night is saved!

For future reference, Around Me also lets you check the most current weather forecast. Never be surprised by showers again!


Want to do something new and exciting but you’re too busy to put in the work of destination research?

Download Butu! The app acts like a personal trip advisor and recommends local attractions based off your time, location and environment.

Here’s how it works: under Butu settings, select the category you wish to locate. You can choose from landmarks, entertainment, restaurants and shopping. Butu will use these preferences to provide you with the best option.

Not interested with the recommendation? Just swipe to the next destination. Butu has a whole list for you!

The app even allows you to explore the area before you make the trip.

Whether you are a local or a traveler, Butu can search any destination to provide the most current, accurate and helpful recommendations to kick your visit into gear with fun and helpful tips.


Looking for a more interactive social media experience? Acehopper allows you to add reviews, photos and tips, while checking-in and sharing your favorite places through social media and email.

Obtain information about cities and neighborhoods with detailed travel guides and zoomable maps.

Want tickets to the newest attraction in town? Avoid waiting in line! Purchase tickets right on the app. Acehopper lets you purchase tickets for concerts, plays, sports, museums, and theme parks.

But how are you going to get there?

You can also get the most updated information on subway and bus schedules, in addition to purchasing parking passes, should you choose to drive.

Want a healthier alternative? This app also locates bike shares.

TourPal Travel Guide Advisor

What’s the best way to plan your trip? A free virtual taste of the city, before you even book your flight!

Dive into the attractions of the city with TourPal!

The most popular aspect of this app is the audio tours. These are GPS-based tours that will educate you on the must-see tourist attractions, sights, restaurants and shops in the city. These audio tours, conducted by professional tour guides, virtually lead you around the respected city’s hotels, bars and local hot spots. Plus, you’ll get the price range for each location!

With no Internet connection needed while traveling; pulling up maps and locating destinations has never been easier or more cost-effective.

This app also provides a multilingual voice tour guide experience, ranging from English, French and Spanish to Japanese, Hebrew and Chinese (to name a few.)

What Do You Think?

The next time you’re low on fuel, caught in unexpected weather or simply looking for a good night out, download any one of these apps to enhance your local or out of town experience.

So what do you think? Are you looking for a hot spot and weather app hybrid like Around Me? An interactive social media experience like Acehopper and TourPal? Or perhaps an app that plans the trip for you, like Butu?

Comment below and tell us the app that works for you!

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