John Allasio

After starting out at Quicken Loans as a humble intern, John has become an avid content strategist who spends his days auditing, analyzing and organizing content. Writing about mortgages, home maintenance tips and history provides a welcome opportunity to put his literature degrees from Madonna University and Wayne State to good use. John also likes to read, (try to) write literature and go hunting in northern Michigan.
John Allasio

Articles by John Allasio

(The Other) Moving Checklist

(The Other) Moving Checklist

Depending on where you are in the home buying process, you may have made a list of the features you want in your new home, the supplies you need for packing, the final to-dos of moving day and the beverage request list for all the people helping you move. But what about that other list? The one with your new doctor, pharmacy, bank, cable/Internet company and favorite coffee shop? Here’s a list of things you’ll want to think about when moving to a new location, to help make that transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

What Is Escrow? Answers To Common Questions

What Is Escrow? Answers to Common Questions

Escrow is money your mortgage lender puts into a separate account to pay your future property taxes and insurance costs. It’s common to have an escrow account with your mortgage, but it’s not always required. Check out some of the common questions (and answers!) our escrow team receives about escrow.

Know Your Mortgage: The Loan Acceleration Clause

You’re probably familiar with what a foreclosure is – when a lender forecloses, or takes over, a home that they loaned money on. You may not be as familiar with the acceleration clause the lender invoked to begin that foreclosure process. So what’s an acceleration clause and what does it mean for you? Let’s find out!

Tips for Amending Your Taxes

Tax season is over! How was your tax-filing experience this year? I’m pretty much over the whole tax thing, but maybe it’s worth another look. Double checking your taxes is a wise choice, especially if you catch a mistake and need to file an amended tax return.