Pros and Cons of Wood Floors - Quicken Loans Zing BlogA few years ago, my parents went through their whole house, ripped out pretty much all the carpet and ugly laminate floors, and installed hardwood floors. They love their wood floors, and most people would agree hardwood floors make a great addition to a home. It seems to be an increasing trend with homeowners and home buyers.

However, just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean it’s automatically right for me. Before I purchase something, I like to think of the pros and cons of what I’m about to buy. Making sure I think it through and consider all the points before purchasing is important. I’ve considered putting wood floors in my future home, and the things below have crossed my mind while I try to make the best decision.

Cons of Wood Floors 

They’re cold in the winter
One of the things that I hated about the wood floors at my parents’ place was how cold they always felt in the winter. It sounds stupid, and maybe even a little whiny, but walking on cold wood floors right after crawling out of my warm bed sucked. To compensate for this, I put a giant rug down in my bedroom so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. What’s the point of spending the time and money to buy them if I’ll probably cover it up with a rug anyways?

Wood floors scratch easily
If you don’t put felt pads on the legs of your furniture, particularly your chairs, you’ll end up scratching or creating dull spots on your floors. The wood floor my parents installed is starting to dull where the kitchen table sits, despite having felt pads on the table and chair legs. It’s simply an area that gets a lot of heavy use.

If you have pets, like myself, their nails might leave scratches on your wood floor. This was a big concern of my dad’s when I moved back in with my cat. I’d say that my little 10-pound Dexter didn’t do too much damage, but I can imagine that maybe a bigger, heavier dog that has larger nails might cause a problem.

They increase noise in out house
The other thing I hated about wood flooring was how much noisier the house seemed. I could hear the cat running around, his claws scratching floor as he chased after his toys, in the middle of the night. He’d let out a loud howl, too, when he slid into a cabinet or wall because he couldn’t get any traction. I also knew exactly when my dad woke up in the morning, because I could hear him traipsing around the kitchen making his coffee. For the first few weeks, I didn’t get much sleep when my parents installed wood floors in their home.

Pros of Wood Floors 

Hardwood floors are aesthetically pleasing
Most homeowners or potential home buyers rip out carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring. notes that while you might not get all your money back on installing wood floors, you’ll increase the likelihood that your home will sell faster. They add that wood floors are still seen as a luxury item, despite how inexpensive wood floors have become.

If you plan on selling your home soon, or just want to show off to your friends, installing wood floors in your dining area or kitchen makes a great addition. Just don’t go with something that looks cheap and poorly made. Invest a bit of money to buy a quality brand that looks more expensive than it really is.

They keep your home cleaner
Carpets soak up dirt, grime, allergens and who knows what else. Carpets also need a bit more TLC than wood floors. Experts recommend vacuuming at least twice a week, and almost every other day if you have a pet, to keep the carpet clean. Plus, stains gather over time and can be difficult to remove from carpeting – even with regular steam cleaning.

Wood floors on the other hand don’t really harbor odors, allergens, stains or dirt as easily as carpet. While you still have to sweep hardwood floors regularly, dirt gets ground deep down in carpet fibers further than your vacuum can reach. Wood floors also don’t stain easily – if at all. Say that one of your kids spills grape juice on your wood floor. You can easily clean it up with some paper towel and soapy water. However, if they spilled juice on the carpet, which probably isn’t the same color as grape juice, you’ll end up with huge purple blob on your carpeting.

Hardwood floors are pretty easy to install
My parents’ bought a floating wood flooring that basically snapped together via a tongue-and-groove notch secured with some glue. They had to leave a gap between the wall and the board that’s adjacent to the wall to allow the wood to expand and contract depending on the weather. Aside from a few cuts from a circular saw to make room for vents and corners, my parents installed the floor themselves in less than a month for their 1,500 square foot house.

Based on my pro and con list for wood floors, I think that I’d put wood flooring in certain rooms of my house, but that’s just personal preference. Adding wood floors definitely has some great benefits if you’re more concerned about the look and design of your home. However, if you’re looking at them from a functional standpoint, you might have to compensate for things like noise and wear and tear. Make sure you sit down and do research before you jump into redoing your whole home. You don’t want to get stuck with something you can’t live with.

What other pros and cons can you think of when considering wood floors? Share with other Zing! readers.


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  1. Its a fact about pros and cons of different kind of flooring and i’m really glad to know that your blog post is very helpful for me even i prefer laminate flooring in all of them.

  2. Adding the laminate floors was easy. We removed all the carpet and my wife and I did the whole house in less than 3 weeks. It looks beautiful, However, I’d like to point out some things we’ve noticed.
    Our house is built on a concrete slab. Because of that we added a high quality sub covering vinyl with a seal edge under the laminate to prevent moisture from affecting the new floor. Laminate flooring will expand at the edges if moisture gets between the joints. If you are going to install laminate, look for a high quality laminate flooring with edge seal. Make sure you leave at least a 1/4″ gap around the edge of the room for expansion or your floor will buckle up during expansion.
    We have also noticed a marked increase in the noise level in the room. This is because of the hard sound reflective surface. I agree with a previous comment by another person that getting out of bed onto a cold floor is not desirable. So we too added a small carpet at the bedside. If I were to do it again I’d leave out removing the carpet in the bedrooms.
    Laminate floors seem to keep the house cooler in the Summer, but we’ve noticed an increase cost to heat the house in the winter as the floors are cold and you can’t heat the concrete slab.
    So, my advise is to leave the carpet in the bedrooms and do only the halls, living/dining/family and office rooms with laminate and purchase small throw rugs for those areas of high traffic. Make sure you put soft pads under legs of furniture and if you have to move a piece of furniture get someone to help you pick it up and don’t drag across the floor.

  3. You have a great post. If you are thinking of installing a hardwood floor, consider the expense as an investment in your home. It will add a lot of value whenever you decide to sell. While wood is definitely more expensive than other flooring (with a large, upfront cost), it will almost definitely add back more value to the home than what you spend on the boards.

  4. For me, the big issue with wooden floors is that horrible cold feeling in winter when you wake up and put your feet on the floor in order to stand up. It makes you want to crawl back into bed right away! However, I feel as though the aesthetic value of wooden floors makes up for this.

  5. Great article! I always find more pros of wooden floors. First they are amazing to look at. Two, they are giving the house or apartment that home feel that carpet doesnt give.Three, carpet breeds bacteria like crazy and knowing how so many Americans walk around their house in the shoes ON CARPET where their children play, it makes complete sense to install hard wood floors, because its far more easier to clean. I found some very nice floors at and they look so nice in our living room. LOVE their Inlove collection.

  6. Time to sell is a huge factor in selling as you pointed out in the article. If installing hardwood flooring helps me sell my home faster even though I might lose a few bucks on the transaction, I’m for it since a shorter sell time is like having money in my pocket.
    Len from

  7. Before finally deciding on the flooring type that you will have for your home or business establishment, determining the pros and cons for this material is a good idea. In this way, you get to weigh your options and come up with a better decision.

  8. Talk to your contractor to be sure he or she knows how to avoid or minimize a halo or picture framing effect, the result of differences between sanding depth in the floor’s center and the depth at the edges. Scratch patterns from buffer or edger sanding can add to a halo effect.

  9. I’m searching the web regarding hardwood flooring for commercial floor coverings and I’m glad I found your very informative blog. All business establishments/houses should consider hardwood flooring because it gives decent looks to your establishment/house. This is one thing that should never be missed. Thanks for sharing!

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