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holiday store displayWho doesn’t love a little cash in their pocket, especially around the holidays? Whether you’re unemployed or you’re just looking for extra work to help pay for gifts this holiday season, a seasonal job can be a financially savvy way to earn extra money. Here’s some other reasons why a seasonal job may be a good idea.

Flexible Scheduling

Throughout college I worked as a cashier at a foodservice distribution store. When I came home for holiday break, the store would fit me back into their schedule. It worked out great for the store because I was a trained employee returning to work during their busy time. It also worked out great for me because I was earning money and the store managers were flexible with my schedule.

Big Discounts

Another added benefit of working at a foodservice distribution store was the employee discount. I would stock up on everything from chips to gourmet holiday cookies and frozen dinners. The best thing was everything was in bulk and I saved 20 percent on every purchase! It may not sound like a lot but when you’re a college student the discount is gold. Many other industries like retail and restaurant also offer their employees great discounts.

Full-time Job Opportunities

If you’re looking for full-time employment a seasonal job may be a great way to get your foot in the door with a company. “Once you land the position, a seasonal job can help you get great insight into the industry to see if it matches the perception you may have,” says Lisa DiVirgilio of online restaurant hiring tool, WyckWyre. “Not many
opportunities allow you a temporary full-on experience in the space you’re interested in quite like seasonal work does.”

Resume Building

With seasonal jobs comes new skills and responsibilities. “For people who have been out of the job market, they give an opportunity to get back into a position and fill a resume gap,” says lead recruiter for Messina Group, Tracy Vistine. If you feel like they’re relevant, be sure to add them to your resume for future job searching opportunities. Just be sure to indicate that the work was seasonal or temporary somewhere in the title and/or job description.

Don’t wait to apply if you’re considering seasonal work. Experts say employers have already started hiring and opportunities for work are quickly disappearing. It’s also good to think outside the box. “This seasonal employment phenomenon is not partial to retail. Think about parcel providers, customer service providers and small offices whose business picks up during the holidays as well,” says personal finance blogger, Aja McClanahan.

Seasonal jobs are just one way to help you put a little extra money aside. Here are some other ways to help you free up some money.

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