Do it Yourself or Hire a Contractor? Here are Pros and Cons of BothHave you ever wanted to make a major home improvement such as add a new bedroom, deck, or redo your kitchen? If so, you were probably faced with the dilemma of choosing between doing it yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you.

If you’re like me, personal time and money are fairly high on your list of values. After putting in a week’s worth of work, the last thing I want to do is spend my weekend on a home project. How about you? On the other hand, I also don’t want to spend a large chunk of my money to have someone else do the work for me.

What’s more important to you, your time or money? I’ll explain the reasons some people decide to take on home improvements themselves and why others would rather pay someone else.

Why hire a contractor?

Time. If you’re short on time, hiring someone else to do the work makes the most sense. If you work long hours or have kids at home (or both), it’s nearly impossible to find enough time to take on a major project. With kids, it’s probably hard enough to find time to do simple household chores like mow the lawn. When time is of the essence, you’re probably better off hiring someone to do your work.

Quality. Let’s face it, when you hire someone, there’s probably a better chance they’ll do it right the first time than if you were to take it on yourself. Remember, there’s a reason some people are paid to take on these types of projects. If getting the job done quickly and correctly is important to you, hiring a contractor might be your best bet.

Warranties. Many contractors offer a warranty for a certain period of time after completing the project. If there are any problems with what you paid for, they’ll come back and fix the problem at no additional cost. If you decide to do the project yourself, you’ll automatically have to pay for any mistakes you make. If you really mess up, you may have to pay someone to fix all that you did wrong. Depending on how big the project is, you may have saved money had you just hired someone from the very beginning.

Why do it yourself?

Money. One of the biggest reasons people take on projects themselves is to save money. If you have a tight budget, you may want to consider doing the work yourself. If you have any type of knowledge when it comes to the project, doing it yourself could save you a ton. However, if you’re trying to put in a new kitchen sink and have no working knowledge of plumbing, I don’t recommend taking on such a project.

Satisfaction. Some people genuinely enjoy that feeling of completing a project on their own. If you fit into that category, working from start to finish may be for you. If you have enough patience and time to put toward a home improvement project, the feeling of accomplishment you get when it’s completed is unmatched.

Experience. If the project isn’t something that needs to get done in the immediate future, you may want to learn a new craft. While some people may not have time to read a “Do It Yourself” book, someone that has time may take on a new project to learn a different skill. The more home improvement skills you pick up, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

As you can see, choosing between doing a project yourself or paying someone else to do it can be a difficult decision. If you’re interested in saving money, you may be better off doing it yourself. If you’re looking to save time, paying someone else to do it may better fit your needs. If you decide to hire out, I’d recommend asking the contractor for references to make sure you’ll get quality work. You could also check out Angie’s List, too.

When you decide it’s time for a home improvement, do you opt to save money and do it yourself or pay someone else to do it? Let us know in the comments section below!


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