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As the weather keeps getting warmer, the need for flip-flops and other ways to stay cool increases. Every summer, whenever we get a really hot day and wish I could own my very own pool, I wonder how expensive it would be to get one right at home. I mean, I know building a pool is expensive, but what about the maintenance and insurance costs?

Also, is the price worth the memories and relaxation a pool would bring?

First, let’s look at the cost of actually building a pool. Obviously, the fancier the pool, the more expensive it will be. On average, an in-ground pool can cost anything from $12,000 to $50,000.  An above-ground pool may be a bit cheaper. But, if you want to add more features such as waterfalls, lights, attached spa, upgraded filtration and sanitizing equipment, concrete, etc., it may cost a lot more!

Ok, so you’ve stopped drinking lattes and started packing your lunch so you can save enough to finally get your very own pool?

Before you make a decision, have you thought about the extra expenses?

  • Chemicals – Some of the chemicals you’ll need are chlorine tabs, chlorine shock, and PH, alkalinity and hardness control. These will run you approximately $300 per year. But, if it’s a new pool, or you just “opened the pool” after a long period of not being used, your chemical costs may be a bit higher initially.
  • Miscellaneous – Chemical test kit, test strips, thermometer, filter replacements, storage containers, ladders, safety covers, water pump repairs or replacement, heat pumps, toys, etc.
  • Homeowners insurance – Adding a pool to your backyard not only increases the amount of coverage you need, but also the risk of someone getting hurt. Therefore, insurance companies take this risk into account when calculating premiums. Some of the factors that affect premium rates are whether the pool is in-ground or above-ground, if there’s a fence, is there a diving board or slide, where you live (if you live in warmer climate where pools are common, the premiums may not be as high), etc.
  • Potential liability risk – One thing I found out was that if you have a pool in your backyard and a friend gets hurt while using it, you are liable. Even if it’s your neighbor’s kid who snuck in while you were on vacation, you’d still be liable if anything were to happen to them. Hence, the increase in insurance premiums.

Even though it may seem like owning a pool is costly, some homeowners, especially in the south, don’t mind the cost since a pool is almost a must-have during the hot summer months.

Also, as I mentioned before, having a pool allows families to build memories, and for families with kids, a pool gives them a way to let them burn-off energy in a healthy way.

So, if you’re thinking about installing a pool or buying a house with a pool, make sure you take all the things mentioned above in mind so you don’t get surprised with unexpected expenses.


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  1. Hi, I am having my first go with swimming pools. We got a new house in wintertime with a swimming pool that I understand has not been cared for for at minimum 24 months. I opened the tarp two weeks ago then have been trying to fix it. It started out with a good amount of crud in the bottom that we cleaned out. Now it is lighter green, however it is not getting any better. I found a small business in the area, has anyone read about these guys or suggest any others? Affordable Pool Service & Repair, 2942 N 24th St #114, Phoenix, AZ 85016, (602) 910-2295. Whatever guidance is highly valued.

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