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Often we hear about how the kitchen is the most trafficked part of a house and the bathroom, is well, visited quite often. But the reality is, your bedroom is a big part of your home life, too. Not only do you spend your sleeping hours there, it’s a space to call your own. Relatives and friends don’t pack into your bedroom like they do your living room, dining room, basement, etc. The bedroom is private and should allow you to relax and unwind in a way that makes you feel safe and cozy.

Here are some ideas to inspire you to transform this room into the sanctuary you deserve.

Paint Color: Your bedroom is typically not the place where you want to throw in a brick red accent wall – unless that’s your thing. Soft or neutral colors not only make the room seem more open, it can also provide a sense of calm. A subtle paint color can also give your more freedom to be creative with your bedding, wall art and other accent pieces where you can incorporate bold colors.

Lighting: Ample lighting is important – you have to find the right style and bulb wattage based on the height of your ceiling, especially if you have a ceiling fan and light duo. In addition to an overhead light, you might consider installing ceiling spotlights spaced throughout the room and easy-to-reach lamps near your bed for nighttime reading. Wall sconces are popular and can be placed as a pair flanking your bed or alone on a bare wall.

Flooring: Whether you currently have hardwood or carpeting, you can definitely refresh the room by updating the flooring. If your carpet is aging, try installing a new color with a thick pile to complement the theme of your room and give you extra comfort in your step. If you have wood floors, add an interesting rug beneath your bed that’s large enough so when you step in and out, you feet are cushioned. You could even place an interesting shaped rug at an angle to give your room artistic flair.

Bed Design and Bedding: The focal point of your relaxing bedroom is of course, your bed. There are plenty of bed frame designs with interesting headboards that can even run all the way up the ceiling. A canopy can echo glamour and bring added privacy to your bedroom, and four-post beds can now be found in fun and funky designs, like this tree style. If you’re happy with your current bed, it’s easy to change the look and feel with new bedding that is soft and adorned with pillows. There’s not a more inviting sight after a long day than a luxurious bed of comfort.

Storage: Everyone has stuff, but to keep comfort a priority in your bedroom it has to be free of clutter. Furniture like a dresser or armoire can keep your clothes out of the way, but how do you keep everything else organized? Even if your room is relatively small, there are innovative ways to use the space you have to your advantage. Built-in shelving can hold interesting décor, drawers built under the bed can hold books and magazines and many ottomans open to reveal space for trinkets.

Accent Décor: What room would be complete without some character and a dose of your personality and style? Your bedroom is a great place to feature your favorite art or precious family photos like the room below. A unique mirror, sheer drapery hung from the windows, a vase of flowers and the use of trays can add a special touch to the room. A statement piece of art, a distinctive lighting fixture or a pretty display of jewelry boxes can be a reflection of the things you enjoy. Get creative!

Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and calm. Everything you select – from the colors to the lighting to the flooring and more – can transform your room to be the place you want to escape to and call your own.

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  1. I need to redesign our bedroom for my wife who has alziemers and is becoming physically limited. I like it to become her own personal living area as she’ll be confined to this room for longer periods of time in the very near future. Money is an issue. So any thing done has to be simple and inexpensive. Any ideas. Thanks. Gordian V.

    1. Hi Gordian:

      I’m in a wheelchair myself so I understand your concerns about physical limitations. I have a post series I wrote a while back on home modifications. Perhaps you’ll find something you can use. Here’s the first one. Good luck in the contest!

      Kevin Graham

    2. I can sympathize with your situation, Gordian V. Any dollar store is your friend for finding cheaper accessories such as pictures, curtains, throw rugs, nick nacks, etc. Dont forget thrift stores and yard sales. I’ve often googled DIY .. (Do It Yourself) videos for things like making a comfortable headboard, a canopy, or anything you can imagine. Adding items of your wifes favorite color as well as family pictures and past-time items, ie an old quilt or heirloom furniture, may add comfort and possibly remembrance for your wife, and may be beneficial as well. Your local library contains a wealth of information if you arent internet savvy. I hope this helps. Good luck in all your endeavors!

        1. Thank you, Kevin! I thoroughly enjoyed your home modification series and recommend that everyone reads it! While you readers may not be in a wheelchair now, you never know what the future holds for yourself, or a family member. I found it very informative and enjoyed your sense of humor! Thanks for the great tips! Keep ’em coming!

  2. I need to redesign our bedroom for my wife who has alziemers and is becoming physically limited. I like it to become her own personal lining area as she’ll be confined to this room for longer periods of time in the very near future. M

  3. Bought my house 2 months ago and it was built in 1860. Of course its had some updating over the years but with a house this old, there is ALWAYS something that needs attention. Good luck to everyone entering this sweepstakes!

  4. We have owned our home for 18 years and our bedroom has never had anything done to it. The rest of the house has but our bedroom has been entirely neglected. Needs an updated fresh appeal.

  5. I need to add on a walk in closet, and put in closet organization hanging, shelfing drawers and a nice dressing mirror, I have little closet space and just the two of us, I use up two closets, and rotate my wardrobe up on the attic.

    1. Sounds like you’re interested in entertainment and technology, Joshua! Keep entering the Room for Improvement Sweepstakes daily for your chance to win $5,000. You can use that money toward making your bedroom a true command center!

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