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Shot of a mother and father playing with their two sons in their bedroom

A beautiful bedroom is a place for your child to relax, play and grow. It gives them a chance to have a space that really feels like their own, and encourages their creativity while keeping them comfortable. There are many room themes out there, but here are four that have stood the test of time, and are sure to have your kids pleading to be sent to their room.

Before you launch into a room overhaul, some general tips:

  • Safety first. Nothing ruins fun faster than an accident. Make sure to securely fasten any furniture or decorative elements to the wall so they don’t tip over or break.
  • Let your kids be involved! Kids love to see their ideas come to life, and bring lots of creative ideas to the table. Let your child draw a picture of the room they want, and together, brainstorm ways you can make their dreams a reality.
  • Make organizing fun. It’s not always easy to get kids to put away their toys. By incorporating adequate storage that matches your theme, you can make clean up less of a chore.
  • Leave something to the imagination. Themes are a fun focus, but you may want a little undefined space in your child’s room to encourage imaginative play. With a few pillows and blankets, a plain loft bed can (temporarily) become a castle, space ship, or submarine – even in a jungle-themed room.

Princess Room

For the special princess in your life, these ideas will make bedtime truly magical.

Who knew cartoon mice could make furniture? This adorable set is from the Disney Home collection. They have many options ranging from subtle details on a sleigh bed to this whimsical canopy bed, styled after Cinderella’s carriage.

Every princess needs her magic mirror, and this vanity set from Teamson Kids is just right. It does double-duty as a desk for homework or writing secret messages to a handsome prince. Pink polka dots add a whimsical flair, but other styles and colors are available to customize your look.

Here’s an ingenious DIY plan from the wizards at Reality Daydream. With a few yards of tulle, some pillows and paint, an old papasan chair becomes a private nook for reading and relaxing. Add a few shelves to keep books in easy reach, and you’ll have your child begging to get more reading time.

Another sweet DIY piece comes from the furniture whiz at Rogue Engineer. You can click the link for the design of this lovely dress-up storage center, or find plenty of prefab options on Amazon.com or Wayfair.com that are just as pretty.

Do the Robot

For your favorite little tech-loving human, a robot-themed bedroom is the perfect way to get them saying “Beep boop beep!” (That’s robot-speak for “I love my bedroom!”)

There’s plenty of robot-inspired bedding out there, but this set from Land of Nod gets it just right. The robots are adorable, and the pillow shams have electronic control panel details that will spark your child’s imagination.

Every room needs a great focal point, and this vintage tin-style robot bookshelf is incredible. With plenty of storage for coding manuals and circuit boards, they’ll keep using this bookshelf after they’ve outgrown everything else.

Seriously, how cute is this rug? With so many great retro robots, they’ll be sure to find a favorite. Plus, its bold color palate makes it work with almost any color wall.

To bring in more bold colors and that retro vibe, check out the beautiful wall decals from AllPosters. The various styles will add character at any wall, and they’re easy to put up.

Ahoy, Bedtime!

Adventure awaits in a bedroom with an ocean view. Your kids will feel transported to an undersea world, encouraging hours of imaginative play.

If you’re skilled with a paintbrush, take advantage of your talent! Painting all the way up to the ceiling gives this room a real undersea feel.

Because a room with so much detail could become overwhelming, be sure to have some areas that stick to the basics. A simple wood floor keeps the room from looking overcrowded.

If the idea of doing a detailed paint job makes you nervous, check out this incredible Finding Dory mural from Roommates Décor. It’s easy to put up, and gives your room a huge amount of visual oomph.

I love a bed that can do double- or triple-duty, and this bed from Hokku Designs couldn’t be cuter. You get a bed, a trundle bed (for undersea sleepovers), drawers and a bow-of-the-boat storage box.

If your room still needs more storage, check out this nautical toy box. It’s handcrafted and available on Amazon.com. Add a cushion to the top and place next to a bookshelf to make it a comfy reading nook.

It’s a Jungle in Here

If your little one has a passion for outdoor adventures, try a rainforest theme. Stuffed animal pals will be there for daytime play and bedtime cuddling.

Sometimes you just need a place where you can monkey around. Here’s a room with real jungle flair that’s simple to accomplish. Rolled bamboo fence material is trimmed and attached to the wall with adhesive, and custom window treatments add the look of tropical foliage and vines. Rattan furniture (in a smaller scale) completes the look.

Three-dimensional details can really take your ideas to the next level. Painted jungle details mix here with branch-like shelves, and printed rainforest curtains on a bed give your little adventurer somewhere to play and somewhere to rest.

Details here go up, up, up, as faux flowers and vines mix with sturdy climbing ropes attached to the ceiling. The faux vines, available at any local craft store, are placed on top of painted vines on the wall and ceiling, creating more depth to the design. Don’t you just love that toucan?

Which bedroom theme is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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