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Curb appeal – or lack thereof – can make or break the sale of a home. So many people form a lasting impression based on the first impressions of a home. Yet, when we’re trying to sell a home, the last place we prepare for the sale is the landscape. Did you know that an attractive landscape design could add anywhere from 10 to 15% to the value of your home?  Putting that into perspective, for a home valued at $200,000, an effective home landscape could add $30,000 to its value!
We’ve put together a list of some easy and simple tips to help you spruce up your curb appeal, and help you sell your home quickly!

Lawn –  Your lawn should come first on your landscaping to-do list, because grass takes the longest time to improve. A lush green grass is the first thing that will attract new homeowners, and if your lawn is overgrown, brown or full of weeds, it may taint their opinion of the home. They may even conclude because the yard is unkempt, the rest of the house is not maintained. Be sure to keep to a regular watering and cutting schedule. If your yard is beyond repair, you may want to consider hiring professionals to lay sod.

Mulch  – Adding mulch to your garden beds is a great and inexpensive way to really make your landscape clean and tidy.  Cedar mulch has a nice clean smell and really makes the greenery pop. Best of all, mulch can be applied quickly and easily if your landscape needs a quick pick-me-up before a home showing.

Trim  – A very simple way to tidy up your outdoors is to prune up any overgrown trees or shrubs near the home. This will not only make the garden look nice, but it will also highlight the architecture of your home. And you can prune deciduous trees and shrubs any time of the year, which will help if you’re trying to sell your home in the winter.

Wash – An easy way to give your home a new appearance, short of a new paint job, is to power wash its exterior. With little effort, a dingy and dirty surface can shine and look like new! And don’t just stop at your home’s exterior! You can power wash the drive, your deck, a brick sidewalk, fences, or any hard surface that needs sprucing up.

Lights – Don’t forget to look at your home at night, because many homeowners might drive by your home in the evening! You will want to be sure to include low voltage lighting along the driveway or sidewalk or near landscaping that you want highlight. Adding lighting to the area around a deck or patio creates a more inviting space, as well.

While having spectacular curb appeal is not a guarantee that you will sell your home, it definitely goes a long way in creating outstanding first impressions. A great exterior is a good stepping stone for making people want to see the interior. Because of its potential to increase the value of your home – ALONG with the sale – taking care of your landscape is worth the time and effort.

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  1. In case your house has a front yard, trim the grass on a regular basis and prevent brown spots and patches to appear to make sure your yard stays healthy and green. Flower beds will definitely add color and life to your yard, driveways and walkways.

  2. A well-maintained lawn or garden can indeed add to the beauty of anyone’s home. It also increases the property’s market value. These suggestions that you have shared in order to maintain a beautiful landscape will surely increase the marketability of your houses should you decide to sell it.

  3. In order to improve your home’s surroundings with distributed landscapes, implement style and design in the positioning of trees and shrubs. Overgrown trees can also be made presentable given proper Edmond landscaping care and maintenance. Flower beds should be neat and free of any debris, especially if perennials are not in full bloom yet.

  4. Just seeing the green community in action makes me confident of the future! Think of how far green building products have come and how far they will go in the future!

  5. Fantastic post! It is very true that good landscaping and curb appeal can significantly raise the value of your home. When I added some exterior stone structure to my own house, I was able to sell it for $20,000 more than my asking price. My client, McGraw Hill Sweets, has a full line of manufacturers and suppliers that may have just what you need for your own home.

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