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Summer’s here and the time is right for camping in your RV. Okay, maybe that’s not how the song goes, but you get the point.

Once the weather starts to warm up, many people hit the road for weekend getaways and camping trips with friends and family. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean your RV can’t feel like home. Toss out the idea of dark, dingy campers and find out how these design pros would turn their RV into a home away from home.

Paint the Walls

Did you know that you could paint the walls in your RV? There’s a good chance you painted the walls in your home when you bought it, so why not paint the walls in your home on the road.

Kelly Beasley of Camp Addict says painting the walls is her number one tip to make your RV feel homier. “The interior of most RVs tends to be a dark and boring beige. Painting the walls white and taking off any borders gives almost any RV interior an immediate facelift,” adds Beasley.

Taking Beasley’s tip a step further, choosing that bright white paint can help visually open up your space and make it feel larger.

Get Inspired

Once you’ve painted and removed some of the dated or inexpensive trim in your RV, have a little fun! Find colors or décor themes that make you feel happy.

This could be similar to what you have in your home, but it could be completely different. If your home is more classic but you want your RV to have a more boho style – go for it!

Beasley calls this “having a muse.” She suggests finding a piece that you really like and pulling colors from that to decorate the space. “My piece is a wall hanging that says, ‘Wild and Free’. It has a blue/green theme with many shades,” she says. She found a run that coordinates with the piece and uses yellow as an accent color for a little pop.

Make a Coffee Station

You can make your RV feel homey by bringing some of the comforts you enjoy at home to the campground.

Emily McCrary, brand editor at House Method, suggests a coffee bar. “Having that warm morning cup of coffee on the road can be such a treat and a great excuse to take advantage of the views,” adds McCrary, “Deck it out with a beautiful French press, an electric kettle, your favorite beans, a travel coffee grinder, creamers, sweetener and your favorite mugs.”

I’m a huge coffee drinker, so this would be perfect for me. However, McCrary also suggests displaying a few tea bags for non-coffee drinkers.

Open the Windows

Who doesn’t love a good view? If you’re staying in a pretty forest, near the water or in the mountains, you’re definitely going to want to take it in.

Beasley says that many RVers take out the hard valances that come with the RV. This helps open up the windows, which lets more light come in. She also suggests switching out the curtains to something that’s more your personal style.

Bring the Indoors Out

You may have the inside of your RV feeling comfy and cozy, but what about the outside? Make it feel special by bringing the indoors out.

According the Beasley, “The standard outdoor set-up is a mat with chairs and a table, making an outdoor room of sorts.”

She also recommends removing the decals on the RV. Keep in mind that removing all of them could look a little bland, but you can counteract that by painting the exterior to make it more customized.

Do you have tips to make your RV feel more like home? Share your tips with us in the comment section.

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