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Décor is what makes your house feel homey. It’s a reflection of your tastes and interests. But what makes home décor even better is when it serves a larger purpose.

I live in what is categorized as a micro-apartment, and as someone who is constantly trying to make the most of their space, I know that functional décor is a real lifesaver.

Whether you’re trying to make the most of your small space or just want to be intentional with your home décor, these 10 double-duty décor hacks will help you out.

Dessert Stand Displays

Dessert stands aren’t just for sweets anymore. Now they can be used to display just about anything. They look cute, and they’re practical.

Use one near your sink to hold things like dish soap, sponges and washcloths, or gather a few smaller stands at various heights and place candles on them, creating an interesting candle centerpiece. Another idea is to use one in your bathroom or at your vanity as an organizational tool. You can store small things like makeup and nail polish on it, keeping these items out in the open and saving you time when searching for the right red nail polish.

Picture Frame Dry-Erase Board

Dry-erase boards are very practical but kind of dull and boring. Add some character to your wall by creating a picture frame dry-erase board.

Instead of using a photo, try using card stock or wrapping paper with an interesting print on it. You can write on the glass just like you do a dry-erase board. It’s inexpensive, useful and doubles as wall art.

Key Ring Art

Key Holder

When I moved into my place, a friend made me an abstract painting on a wooden plate. I loved it and knew exactly where I wanted to put it in my new place and how I could make it more functional. I added a C-hook to it so I could hang my keys when I walked in.

No more searching for keys in my suitcase-sized purse!

Ladder Shelving

Ladders are versatile, and they look great with shabby chic, rustic or industrial décor. Using them for shelving and storage helps you stay organized and displays your décor in a fun way. Lean one against a wall in your living room to hang blankets, in your bedroom to hold scarves and accessories or in your bathroom to hang towels.

Shoe Storage Crates

Most craft stores sell wooden milk crates for pretty cheap. You can buy several and stack them up at the doorway to create a shelving unit for your entryway or mudroom. Let people put their shoes in the crates for a unique and interesting storage solution.

Kitchen Coffee Station

Maybe it’s because I collect coffee mugs, or maybe it’s because I’m addicted to coffee, either way, I love the idea of a kitchen coffee station.

Keep all of your coffee utensils organized and display your favorite mugs by creating a coffee cart right in your own kitchen! It adds visual interest to the space and helps make your mornings run a little smoother.

House Number Planters

You have to have your address displayed on the front of your house, so why not display it in an appealing way?

Etsy has some cute house number planters you can order. Fill them with seasonal blooms or succulents to help bring your front porch to life!

Transforming Coffee Table

If you have kids, this is the perfect double-duty hack for you! The Kim Six Fix has a tutorial for transforming a coffee table.

On the surface, it looks like a typical coffee table, but underneath, it’s a children’s playscape! You can use it to store small toys or board games, and you can even flip the table top around, and it becomes the perfect platform for building blocks!

Pegboard Storage

Small kitchen? No problem! Free up some cabinet space by storing your pots and pans on a pegboard.

Open storage has been making waves in the interior design world, and this hack puts you right in the middle of that trend. Try painting the pegboard to coordinate with your décor for an extra punch of style.

Hanging Jewelry Display

Have you ever tried to untangle a bunch of necklaces? There are few things as frustrating as tangled jewelry. Save yourself the hassle and show off all your trendy accessories with a hanging jewelry display.

These are pretty easy to make, too: Just get a long stick or piece of wood and screw in several C-hooks about an inch apart from each other. Then just hang your display on the wall and fill it with your jewelry!


Home décor can be more than something pretty to look at – it can be practical, too! Share your tricks for double-duty décor in the comment section and read more about DIY home hacks to transform your space!

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    Pretty cool ideas to display skills and make the home look beautiful too. All the ideas are so applicable to everyone. I am glad that I visited your this web page, which is pushing me to change the appearance at my home. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for share 10 Double Duty Home Décor. It’s absolutely amazing!! Your selection are vary unique. Creative and research able tips. I love your Pegboard Storage, its very helpful for me. I must decor my kitchen by your Pegboard Storage kitchen.

  3. Thanks for include my comment .my wife love your kitchen decoration idea she was also aply your idea in our kitchen. thanks alot.

  4. i love the hanging jewelry idea.but i give a small suggestion to u that u are also use the tapestry to hanging on your wall.

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