Chase Office Building - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWonder what’s springing into action in Detroit these days besides hockey season and the 5-1 Lions? The newest neighbor on the block is the Chase Tower, located downtown on Woodward Avenue, or Webward Avenue, as we boldly like to call it around these parts. It’s conveniently situated just across Campus Martius from its sister, the Compuware Building, where members of the Quicken Loans team have been having fun (and yes, getting lots of great work accomplished) for a little over a year.

Why is this exciting, you ask? It’s just another Corporate American development based in the D and housing bankers, right? Wrong my friends. Here’s the story: back in April of 2011, our fearless leader Dan Gilbert purchased the Chase Tower (constructed in 1959) as a part of his efforts to blaze the trail toward Detroit 2.0. Meanwhile, our chairman and founder stayed rather busy in the real estate sector, signing on to own and eventually move more than 4,000 Quicken Loans Family of Companies team members into the Madison Theatre Building, Dime Building, and First National Building. Detroit is already on its way back, and as you can imagine, we’re excited to be a part of this revolution.

Fast-forward to October 10, when more than 1,500 Michigan-based Quicken Loans team members made the move to the Motor City and now proudly call 611 Woodward Avenue their new workspace. The Chase Tower isn’t your stereotypical gray, bland, or lifeless office you might imagine. Come on people, we’re not Dunder Mifflin and we don’t fight over red staplers! We’re Quicken Loans and we LOVE to spice things up!

Chase Office Building - Quicken Loans Zing BlogIf you’ve had a glimpse inside life at our headquarters at the Compuware Building, you’re likely to recall its bright, colorful, and strikingly upbeat atmosphere. On floors 9 through 12, Fatheads adorn the walls (mostly dry-erase surfaces), the area is spruced up with eye-catching hues, lively banter is more than abundant, and team members enjoy gliding through the halls via scooters or Big Wheels. But over at the Chase Tower, things are more up to date and even livelier. I’d say it nearly resembles a mortgage banking Candyland.

To get an insider perspective, I chatted with Daniel Friedberg, one of our purchase bankers who recently relocated to QL’s new digs. He explained his love of the bright neon colors, spacious banker-friendly working spaces, and the advanced elevator system (it allows you to select your exact location in the building and get you there faster). Furthermore, he mentioned the exposed ceilings, ductwork, and Ethernet cords, all giving the space a wide-open and industrial feel. Another great perk (no pun intended) is the use of locally roasted delicious java from Great Lakes Coffee Roasting. “The best part?” Daniel explained, are “the views. We have full 360 degree views of downtown, and being on the top floor, we have a really unique perspective of our city.”

The meeting rooms are even game themed! Want to schedule a meeting in the “Life” or “Clue” rooms? How about the “Space Invaders” or “Asteroids” locale for a little gathering?

Yes that’s right. “Our city.” And it’s a beautiful, thriving, and ever-growing metropolis that is the perfect home for the Quicken Loans Family of Companies. Can’t get enough of our D-Vangelism? Check out footage here of our team members headed into the Chase Tower for their first day at work in Motown.


Stephanie Koske is a writer for Quicken Loans, an amazing place to work. Find out more about being a part of our team at Quicken Loans and learn how we Amaze our clients.

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