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Clayton loves writing and does it every day. He also loves money and although he doesn’t have tons of it, thinks about it every day. He’s worn many hats, including PR guy, web developer, soldier, director of content, and senior social media strategy program lead. Put it all together and you get a guy who writes about money, VA loans, food, and just about everything a Quicken Loans client could ever care about. He loves feedback, so give him some, please.
Derek Beaumont, senior servicing marketing strategist, proudly shows off the J.D. Power Award.

Quicken Loans Ranked ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Mortgage Servicing Companies’ in the U.S. by J.D. Power

You might be aware that Quicken Loans has been ranked “highest in customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination” in the U.S. for the past four years. That’s old news. However, this is the first year we’ve also been ranked highest for servicing, and we are both humbled and honored that our clients chose us for this award.

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Why Waiting for a New Home Could Cost You Money - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Why Waiting for a New Home Could Cost You Money

A new phenomenon is affecting the mortgage and real estate industries. People who bought a home or refinanced in the last few years have such a ridiculously low mortgage rate that they don’t want to move and have to accept a new mortgage with a higher rate. But the reality is that these people might be making a costly mistake.

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