Did you just close on a new mortgage? Congratulations! Whether you’re buying your first or your 10th home, or even refinancing to put yourself in a better financial position, it’s a big deal.

While this is very exciting, you should also know that after getting your mortgage, a lot of companies take this as a signal that you might be interested in products that go along with homeownership. This means you’re going to get a lot more mail than you normally do and it won’t necessarily be your grandma’s holiday cookies. You’ll also get some strangely worded mail from the investor in your mortgage after you close your loan. We’ll explain what this means and why you really shouldn’t have to worry about it.

Why All This Mail?

There are two types of mail you may receive for a while after you get into your new house: mail for the previous occupants and offers for various products and services.

Dealing with Someone Else’s Mail

When you move into an existing house, the hope is that the previous owner remembered to fill out a change of address form with the U.S. Post Office before running out the door.

If they didn’t, you can mark the envelope “return to sender.” That way, their correspondents will at least know it’s time to update their address books.

Mail for Products and Services

When you move, marketers know that protection and maintenance services for your new home are top of mind for a while right after you move in. How do they get your information? They can get it in one of a few ways:

Companies involved in a previous transaction with you may sell your information to interested parties. Quicken Loans will never sell your information.

When you move, many records become public information. This means that parties interested in selling you products and services can freely get data on you from your deed recording within a week or two after closing. This information includes:

  • the mortgage lender
  • the borrower (you)
  • loan amount
  • loan number
  • property address

Because part of the information recorded includes the lender, companies that are trying to deceive you may attempt to sell you products or services and represent themselves as Quicken Loans. There are a few things you should know in order to avoid getting taken by a company misrepresenting itself:

Some companies won’t say who they are, but will place our logo on their mailer. They may offer autopay for a small fee attached to every payment or a couple hundred dollars to start the plan. Quicken Loans offers a variety of payment options including autopay, but we’ll never charge you to make a payment.

You may also get offers for a couple of different types of life insurance. In the case of mortgage life insurance, these policies take effect if an unexpected life event causes you not to be able to make a couple of mortgage payments. The second type of life insurance pays a benefit to you or your loved ones if the person named in the policy passes away. While these policies in and of themselves aren’t a bad thing, companies may try to present them as if Quicken Loans is offering them. We don’t offer any life insurance service. If you’re considering these policies, look for a company that is honest about who they are.

You may also get mail for lawn and snow removal service, security systems, etc. You may or may not want to take advantage of these offers. You can also take steps to reduce or eliminate junk mail.

Investor Sale Letter

Quicken Loans is a mortgage originator. That means that Quicken Loans, like the majority of today’s mortgage lenders, make the loan upfront when you close your mortgage and then the loan is made available on the open bond market through one of the major mortgage investors (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, etc.). Because of this, within the first month or two after closing your mortgage, you’ll get a letter from your mortgage investor saying that your mortgage has been sold.

Unfortunately, this causes a fair amount of confusion for some of our clients. Here’s what you should know.

Your relationship with Quicken Loans doesn’t end when you get this letter. We’re still your servicer. That means we collect your monthly payments and act as the liaison between you and the mortgage investor. If you ever have any problem at all with your loan or trouble making a payment, you can start by contacting us. We’re here to serve you for as long as you have your mortgage with us. That’s our promise to you.

Hopefully this has helped you understand some of the mail you’re receiving after getting your new loan. Do you still have questions for us? No problem. Leave them in the comments below.

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    1. Hi Sue:

      I’m going to make sure we get this taken care of for you on the Quicken Loans side. As a reminder, if you’re getting mail from third parties as a result of public records associated with your mortgage, you’ll need to contact those companies individually and opt out. Have a good day!

    1. Hi Nancy:

      I’m going to work to get you opted out. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. You may also be getting mail from third parties due to your mortgage transaction being a public record. If that’s the case, you’ll need to opt out with these companies individually.

    1. Hi Maxwell:

      I’ve opted you out of further mail and email offers from Quicken Loans at this time. I see you recently closed on your new home. Congratulations! Please be aware that many of the title records and other items related to your transaction are public record. Because of this, you may be receiving mail offers from third parties. You will have to opt out with each of them individually if you haven’t already. Thanks for choosing Quicken Loans and have a great day!

    1. I’ve opted you out. As a reminder, if you’re getting emails from third parties due to portions of your property documentation being public records, you’ll need to opt out with each of those companies individually.

  1. Thanks for all of the emails leading up to the closing! I really appreciated the good communication, however, this is my work email and I really do not want these promotional/tips types of emails coming to this email. Can you please stop them?

    1. Hi Angela:

      I can certainly opt you out of further promotional email to the address you just left us. I’m glad to hear you had a good experience! Have a great day!

        1. Hi Nancy:

          I’m going to remove you from our mail and email lists. It’s important to note that because your mortgage documentation including your title/deed etc. can be subject to public records, you may be getting mail from third parties including landscape/snow removal services and homeowners insurance companies to name a couple. You’ll have to opt out with each of these third parties individually. Thanks!

    1. Good morning, Sherri:

      I see that you’ve recently closed your loan with us. Congratulations on the new home!

      I’ve opted you out of future mail and email marketing from us at this time. You should know that if you’re getting offers from insurance companies and/or landscaping services, etc., you’ll need to opt out with each of those companies separately. We never sell your information, but a number of the documents associated with the closing of your mortgage and a property transfer would be subject to public records searches and available from the county recorder. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day!

  2. I understand the mail problem. So that’s ok. But do I need mortgage insurance ? Could you explain just what does it cover. How can I tell if it’s from you? I have home owners insurance. Are they the same thing?
    Thank you for your help
    Evette Fink

    1. Hi Evette:

      When it comes to mortgage insurance, there could be a couple of different things you’re referring to. I’m going to try to break this down.

      Mortgage insurance is something someone typically pays for if they put less than 20% down on their home. In order to mitigate some of the risks involved with doing a loan with less of an upfront stake, mortgage investors usually require that the client pay for some form of mortgage insurance, built into their monthly payment. If you have a conventional loan, it comes off once you reach 20% equity in your home, verified by an appraisal. On some government loans, it sticks around for the life of the loan (this may also depend on your down payment). Given the topic of this post though, I don’t think that’s what you’re dealing with. Odds are you’re getting offers for insurance. That’s different.

      Any mailed offers you get are likely for something called mortgage life insurance. Mortgage life insurance is a special type of life insurance policy designed specifically to pay off your mortgage should you pass away. A lot of people also use their loved one’s general life insurance policy to pay off mortgage if the person passes away. You don’t need special life insurance for the mortgage but it’s an option. I do want to stress that none of these offers should be coming from us. We don’t sell insurance.

      Homeowners insurance is designed to help you rebuild your property in case it were damaged in a storm or other event. This coverage extends to other structures on the property. It also typically covers the objects inside the house up to a certain amount in case of damage or theft. Finally, you would typically also have a certain level of liability coverage if someone were to have an accident like a slip and fall or something on your property. We have an article here if you’re curious about the benefits. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Vera:

      We would be happy to help you out with that. I’m unable to positively identify your file based on your email address and we have multiple clients who have what I believe to be your first and last name. I’m going to have our client relations team reach out to get a little bit more information from you so we can opt you out of our mailing list. If you’re getting mail from third parties, it’s because your mortgage transaction has several public records and you will have to contact those companies individually. Thanks!

    1. Hi Rhonda:

      I’ve opted you out of communications from Quicken Loans. You should be aware that if you’re receiving mail from third parties such as lawn services and insurance companies, it’s because the purchase of your home is a publicly recorded transaction. You’ll have to opt out with each of these companies individually. We never sell your information. Have a great day!

  3. Hi – your link only allowed me to unsubscribe one homeowners’ email address. Would you please send another clean link??? Thank you.

    1. Hi Angela!

      I will go ahead and remove you from our mailing lists. You can also remove yourself from any Quicken Loans-related communication by filling out this opt-out form: However, if you are receiving mail from third parties based on public records from your mortgage transaction, these companies will have to be contacted individually. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kathy:

      Unfortunately, I am unable to find a lead associated with your email address. We’ve also worked with several people in the last couple years who have your same first and last name. If you could please email with the mailing address/email address you would like opted out, we can take care of that on the Quicken Loans side for you. If you’re getting mail from third parties due to public records around your mortgage transaction, you will have to contact those parties individually. Thanks!

    1. I’ve opted you out of our mail and email, Khalid! If you’re getting mail from third parties, you’ll need to opt out from each of them individually. They’re getting the data from public records related to your mortgage request.

    1. Hi Lynn:

      I’ve gone ahead and opted you out. As a reminder, if you are receiving offers from third parties due to public records from your mortgage transaction, you’ll have to opt out with each of these companies individually. Thanks!

    1. I’ve gone ahead and removed you from our mailing lists. If you are receiving mail from third parties based on public records from your mortgage transaction, these companies will have to be contacted individually. Thanks!

  4. Last week I received a pink paper which said you all were offering a mortgage insurance. Is this true or fake?

    1. Hi Betty:

      I’m going to get this to our client relations team so we can have someone reach out to you regarding what you received and get more information. While you need mortgage insurance to qualify for a loan, we get it by negotiating with one of several providers or it’s provided through government mandated programs in the case of the FHA and USDA. We don’t offer mortgage insurance ourselves. That mortgage insurance also has to do with the size of your down payment.

      You should also know that we don’t offer mortgage life insurance, a type of insurance that pays off the loan if a spouse or other borrower on the loan passes away. I’m going to have our team reach out for more information.

    2. I am so tired of getting this kind of crap every week from you guys. It is getting very old and you are trying to use up all of your old stock and using every color that you have I think. You are doing this so that I will open these envelopes but I am not falling for that. Quit sending these.

      1. I opted you out of our promotional mailers, Dian. We understand. Thanks for being a valued client! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions.

    1. Hi James:

      I’m going to make sure we get you taken care of with mail from a Quicken Loans perspective. However, you should know that the most common source of junk mail you’re you’re getting is actually from third parties. Because so much of your mortgage transaction is public record and recorded with local authorities, third parties can easily pick up your information. You’ll need to contact each of these third-party companies individually. Thanks!

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