How to Get Your VA Benefits Award Letter

How to Get Your VA Benefits Award Letter - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

If you’re a disabled veteran, you may be aware of the many benefits that you qualify for through the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, many veterans are unaware of the fact that they may qualify for reduced mortgages and property taxes as a result of their disability.

But in order to qualify for these benefits, you need to show your VA Benefits Award Letter, also referred to as an award letter. This is a letter that comes from the Department of Veterans Affairs and shows your level of disability and the amount of your monthly benefits. However, the problem that many veterans have is that they either misplace the letter, or need another copy and don’t know how to get another.

If you or another veteran are receiving disability and want to qualify for a reduced VA loan, you will need to provide your Home Loan Expert with your award letter. The easiest way is to create an account on ebenefits and download the documents you need from there. You may also call your regional VA office and they will be able to walk you through the process.

If you have not yet applied for disability, and are looking to use your VA loan benefits, you’ll need to have an approval from the VA before you can receive your benefit.

A friend and team member just went through the process of applying for the information with his dad and said it was incredibly easy.

He created an ebenefits account and printed off the actual awards letter application. They filled out the application and gathered the following information:

  • 2 most recent bank statements
  • 3 years of tax returns
  • 2 most recent pay stubs
  • 2 most recent social security awards letters

Most of this information is readily available online and can be printed at home.

After returning the application along with the above documents to the local regional office, it took about a month for them to review his application because they had all the documents up front.

If you have already been receiving benefits and need a copy of the awards letter, remember, go to ebenefits and you can download all of your documents and approvals there. Or if you prefer to talk it over with a person, call your local regional VA office and they can help you.



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