Paying off your mortgage faster is easier than you think

  • Take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates and shorten the term of your mortgage. Remember, the shorter your term, the lower your mortgage rate!
  • See if you can save money with a different term or by lowering your interest rate with our Mortgage Amortization Calculator or our easy-to-use Refinance Calculator.
  • There are several easy options to pay off your mortgage faster, including the cash-in refinance and the 15-year fixed. And don’t forget to check out the YOURgage, where you choose the term to match your budget.

Every day, we help hundreds of Americans save money by refinancing. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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Our most popular loan options for paying off your mortgage faster

  • YOURgage
    Refinance to the fixed term of YOUR choice. The YOURgage allows you to choose from 8- to 30-year terms, so you can pay off your mortgage at your own pace.
  • 15-Year Fixed
    Lock in today with a 15-year fixed and pay thousands less in interest.
  • 15-Year FHA or VA Loan
    The FHA loan is great for folks with less equity in their home or who want to bring less money to closing. The VA loan is a top benefit of military service and a top choice for veterans refinancing to pay off their mortgage faster.

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