• Characterized by bright colors, woven fabrics and handcrafted pieces, southwestern-style decorating takes influences from Native American, Spanish and Mexican art. Whether you live out west and want your home to reflect your surroundings, or you simply want to incorporate colorful or handmade items into your existing decor, here are some tips to help you...

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  • A new phenomenon is affecting the mortgage and real estate industries. People who bought a home or refinanced in the last few years have such a ridiculously low mortgage rate that they don’t want to move and have to accept a new mortgage with a higher rate. But the reality is that these people...

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  • This post is for all the gardeners out there! This time of year, we’re excited about combining our love of gardens with our love of prize giveaways. Whether you’re new to the gardening game or have years of experience in the backyard, this contest is for you.

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Does Quicken Loans Service Your Home Loan? Check Out Our New and Improved Escrow Process

Your escrow statement is different than your billing statement in that it provides detailed information specific to your escrow account. You usually only receive an escrow statement once a year when your loan gets analyzed (what we call an escrow analysis). If Quicken Loans services your home loan, we’ve got good news for you! We have a new and improved escrow process!

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