What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way for you to make money by placing advertisements for Quicken Loans on your Web site. When users click on the ad, your visitors will go to our Web site where they can learn about the mortgage process and submit a lead. Ad performance is tracked and you are paid based on the leads that came from your site. In essence, you are rewarded for promoting Quicken Loans.

How an Affiliate Program Works

Once you’ve become an affiliate, we’ll provide you with Quicken Loans text link ads, banners and content. When you place these ads on your Web site, we can track the traffic from that ad. When you are paid and how much you are paid for the ad’s activity depends on the affiliate agreement you have with Quicken Loans. It’s as simple as that!

Pay Structure

Quicken Loans uses a pay-per-lead model (also known as Cost per Acquisition, or CPA) which pays you a commission for every visitor that becomes a lead by filling out a form.

Affiliate Networks

Your affiliate marketing can be even more successful through the help of third-party networks. They can provide services such as payment processing, reporting tools and lists of available affiliate programs. You do not have to pay to join the network, but you will have to share a small percentage of the revenue you make.

If you have any questions about our Affiliate Marketing program, please E-mail affiliates@quickenloans.com