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It's Who we are, not What we do.
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The Qube
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One Campus Martius
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1001 Woodward
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Chrysler House
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First National
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[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]
Nikon D810
2016/07/16 13:08:00.48
Time Zone and Date: UTC-5, DST:ON
Lossless Compressed RAW (14-bit)
Image Size: L (7360 x 4912), FX
Lens: 14-24mm f/2.8G
Artist: Eric Perry                          
Copyright: 2016                                                  
Focal Length: 17mm
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Metering: Matrix
Shutter Speed: 1/5s
Aperture: f/6.3
Exposure Comp.: +0.3EV
Exposure Tuning:
ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100
Optimize Image:
White Balance: Auto1, 0, 0
Focus Mode: Manual
AF-Area Mode: Single
AF Fine Tune: OFF
Long Exposure NR: OFF
High ISO NR: ON (Normal)
Color Mode:
Color Space: Adobe RGB
Tone Comp.:
Hue Adjustment:
Active D-Lighting: OFF
Vignette Control: Normal
Auto Distortion Control: ON
Picture Control: [SD] STANDARD
Quick Adjust: 0.00
Sharpening: 3.00
Contrast: 0.00
Brightness: 0.00
Saturation: 0.00
Hue: 0.00
Filter Effects:
Clarity: +1.00
Map Datum:
Dust Removal:
Image Comment: Perry Photo LTD                     
[#End of Shooting Data Section]
Cleveland, OH
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Phoenix, AZ
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QL Technology Center
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B-Roll Package
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