The Doctor Will See You… Tomorrow.

  • December 4, 2013

thedoctortoonThere is a lot of important economic data this week that could define future economic policy. However, none of this super important data is released today. Until then I guess me, myself and the bond market will just sit in the waiting room. Did anyone bring a good magazine?

  • What are we waiting for? Economic indicators that tell us if Americans are working, building stuff, and buying stuff. The lab should deliver our results this week and if they’re positive, Dr. Yellen might ease us off the bond purchases that have kept the Bond Market feeling good.
  • The Freddie Mac average mortgage rate decreased to 4.19 percent in October. This means we have somewhat recovered from the blow delivered by last month’s FOMC announcement.
  • Investors lost their patience late in the day. It’s tough waiting around, speculating and thinking “what if?” hedge funds sold a lot of bonds late in the day causing rates to inch higher.

The ADP Employment Report will be released tomorrow along with more housing and manufacturing data. Until then we will just sit here…and wait for more data.



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