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In this episode of the Zing Podcast, we talked to Adam Justice, the vice president and general manager of ConnectSense about smart homes and home automation.

For years, smart homes seemed like something from “The Jetsons”: a thing that would happen in the future – not today. But we’re seeing it here and now! Smart technology is changing the way we live and think about our homes. The idea of a home that works for you isn’t that far off.

Justice gave us a great piece of advice for those just starting to dip their toe into the wide world of home automation. You don’t have to go all out at first; pick one area of your home you really want automated, and start there.

Be sure to look for high-quality, secured smart home products, too. There are a lot of benefits to automating your home – less money on energy and convenience being two of them – but you want to be wise about it. If you’re putting your home online, you want to make sure it’s secure.

After you listen to the podcast, take a look at some of our other articles about smart home technology and see how you may want to incorporate smart technology in your home!

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