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Intro (0:00 – 0:37)

Just like the other six podcasts, this is where we tell you what you’re going to hear. Enjoy!

Why 2015 Just Might Be a Very Good Year to Purchase a Home (0:38 – 18:52)

We bring in the big guns for this discussion. Joel Gurman, vice president of the Quicken Loans Detroit Web Center, and Mario Como, a real estate agent who boasts four decades in the industry, tell us why buying a home is a good idea. Well, more specifically, they tell us why buying a home in 2015 is a really good idea. A great idea, as a matter of fact. The combination of extremely low rates and a rebounding housing economy means that you can still enjoy a low mortgage payment and reasonable prices on homes. But those prices are rising in many places in the U.S. – so waiting could be costly.

Plus, Joel and Mario give tips for first-time home buyers who need help with a down payment. Working with professionals is important. Find a great real estate professional and choose a reputable lender and you’ll be in a good situation. Listen to this amazing segment here (or above).

Newlyweds Discuss Man Caves and … Woman Caves? (18:53 – 36:21)

Do you have a man cave? Neither Sean nor I do, though I probably should.

This segment’s guests don’t have a man cave in their place yet, but he’s thinking about it. We welcome Matt and Amy Thompson to the podcast, and we talk about Matt’s ideal man cave. We play “name your husband’s man cave” and see how well Amy can guess what Matt’s man cave will look like, what he’ll eat, and if it’ll be messy. After a deep discussion, we realize that it’s Amy who needs the cave. Then we dig into the history of man caves. Listen to segment two here (or above).

Conclusion (36:22 – 37:33)

This is where we thank everyone who helped us with episode seven and thank you for listening. We don’t mess around when we thank people. Everyone gets love from us. Including you.

Just like last time, we always want to hear from you. Leave a comment below, or email us at Podcast@QuickenLoans.com with any feedback or topics you’d like to hear on future episodes. From beautiful downtown Detroit, episode seven is now history.

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