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I I cannot tell no problemIt’s episode five of the Zing podcast. We’re still alive and on the air Internet.

  • Intro – Just like the other four podcasts, this is where we tell you what you’re going to hear.
    (0:00 – 0:49)
  • Should You Buy or Build a Home – We’re joined for the third time by Robert Young and Jason Pulaski from Young and Sons Drying & Restoration Specialists, as we have a heated and fun debate over whether it’s better to buy an older home and restore it, or build a new one from scratch. I can tell you where I stand on the issue: I’ve always lived in older homes (the newest home was built in 1967), and I love them. Robert thinks like me, and he wants to take an old home with great craftsmanship and restore it to today’s standards. Jason thinks that’s a waste of time, and he says to just go with new because you’ll have what you want in the first place. What do you think? New or old? Listen to segment one here.
    (0:50 – 21:38)
  • Major Life Changes After Having a Child – You had a baby. You’ve brought that baby home, and what’s next? Does life really get turned upside down when you have a baby? Yes and no, according to our guests, Dawn Jamison and Halina Matt. These two moms give the scoop on bringing up baby, and how they coped with the stress of being responsible for a new life. The secret is normalcy and balance. And adult time. Find out how they do it. (I wish I could have.) Listen to segment two here.
    (21:39 – 38:45)
  • Saving for Retirement When It’s Far Away – First of all, we had microphone issues again. Well, Sean had microphone issues. Mine was fine. Second, we chat about saving some dough for the future, which is something many young people today aren’t doing a lot of. To learn more, we’re joined by Jocelyn Ocampo and Baily Wyant of the Quicken Loans Pulse team. These ladies are experts on benefits, and they discuss why putting some money into a plan, such as a 401(k), is smart thinking for young people. Unlike generations before them, millennials won’t have the pensions and Social Security to depend on the way their grandparents did. Taking advantage of programs like a 401(k) company match is one way young people can save today for a better tomorrow. Other ideas are discussed, and we play a game. Listen to find out. Check out segment three here.
    (38:46 – 50:47)
  • Conclusion – We end it here, and thank the good people who help make the podcast possible. That includes you for listening. Thank you.
    (50:48 – 52:02)

Another podcast is in the books. It’s always a pleasure, and we always want to hear from you. Leave a comment below, or email us at Podcast@QuickenLoans.com with any feedback or topics you’d like to hear on future episodes. From beautiful downtown Detroit, we’re signing off. See ya.

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