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It’s episode four of the Zing podcast, and we won’t disappoint. Duh.

  • Intro– We explain that we had an issue with the mics, and we tell you what you’re going to hear.
    (0:00 – 1:06)
  • Home Design That Brightens Your Home in Winter– We’re joined today by Lisa Moore and Dima Daimi of Detroit’s cutting-edge interior design firm dPop! When the days are short and it’s dark, you could do what I do and turn on the lights. Or, you could do what Moore and Daimi do, and paint your walls and get a horse lamp. Or, use the color orange, and put up some wall coverings and strategically placed mirrors. It makes all the difference in the world. Who wouldn’t want leather walls in their house?
    (1:06 – 15:52)
  • Saving for Large Purchases –You want a new car, but don’t have 30 grand in the bank? Well, don’t worry. You have a few choices. You can get a loan and pay interest, or you can put together a savings plan such as those offered by BoostUp, a social savings platform. BoostUp CEO, John Morgan, provides us with some tips for saving up cash for future purchases. Cut out that $5 daily coffee – that’s $35 a week you could put toward your car. Make a mental picture of your goal, and that will make the sacrifices you make to reach that goal that much easier. Make a savings plan and keep to it. I’m going to use BoostUp to get to Tokyo to eat sushi at Jiro’s place. What’s your goal?
    (15:53 – 30:22)
  • Living with Seasonal Affective Disorder – Brooke Miller, licensed psychotherapist and former regular on The Ricki Lake Show, tells us all about seasonal affective disorder. She explains how being cooped up in the winter can affect some people, and how it can even cause depression. The lack of sun and lack of vitamin D can affect mood patterns and cause anxiety (tell me about it). Most importantly, Brooke talks about how to overcome seasonal blues, and gives some tips to make winter bright and cheery. My advice? A nice fire, your favorite hot beverage and Star Trek reruns. It doesn’t get any better.
    (30:23 – 45:26)
  • Conclusion– Alas, it’s time for us to again say goodbye. Goodbye.
    (45:27 – 46:44)

That’s that for Zing podcast, episode four. Thank you so much for listening! Tell your friends to listen also. We appreciate it. More than you’ll ever know.

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