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It’s episode three of the Zing podcast, and we have a fun one for you today.

Sean and I welcome some great guests who discuss some great topics, including: 

  • Intro – We get it started right.
    (0:00 – 0:35)
  • Party Planning on a Budget – Quicken Loans team members Justyna Kopacz and Christina El-Haddad give us some great tips for planning a proper party when you’re short on cash. What’s more important: food or booze? Should Sean have paid $2 per chair for the seat covers at his wedding? Should I hire a party planner when I’m a professional partier? All of these questions, and more, are answered by our party experts!
    (0:36 – 15:05)
  • Setting Goals (Professional and Personal) – Setting goals is highly recommended by our guest in this segment. Scott Muska, the associate vice president of coaching on the Quicken Loans Banker Training team, gives us the lowdown on why goals are incredibly important. Muska doesn’t differentiate between personal and professional goals – they both contribute to the same end result: you! Listen and learn how to create smart goals and make each day progressive.
    (15:06 – 29:18)
  • Saving Money and Getting Out of Debt – Todd McClain of Plante Moran Wealth Management gives us some pointers on how to manage and eliminate debt. For example; organizing and prioritizing your debt by interest rate and type allows you to save more money in interest than you would by paying off all your bills at the same time. McClain also discusses how to start saving money today for a better financial future. Should you go with stocks or bonds? According to McClain, it can get emotional. It ain’t no joke when you’re broke. Listen to this and you won’t be.
    (29:19 – 43:51)
  • Conclusion – We say goodbye. Goodbye.
    (43:52 – 45:11)

That’s that for Zing podcast, episode three. As always, enjoy the podcast and let us know if you have any questions or topics you’d like to hear discussed in future episodes. Thanks for listening!

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