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We ask a lot of our veterans. Keeping our country safe is a tough business. Those who have the special combination of characteristics necessary for great soldiers and sailors also have a lot to offer the private sector.

So, why is it that so many of our men and women in uniform are having trouble finding jobs in the civilian world once their service has concluded? While the unemployment rate for former service members has fallen since 2013 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), it still remains high, especially considering the quality of talent.

In this episode of the Zing Podcast, we speak with two Quicken Loans team members and former servicemen about making the transition from military to civilian life. We provide veteran job seekers with advice on how to seek employment in the civilian job market. We also explore why hiring managers should take a good look at candidates with military service when looking to fill roles in their corporate ranks.

Are you a veteran looking for new career opportunities with a company that really values what you bring to the table? Click here to learn more about our award-winning Veteran Hiring Program!

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