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It’s Clay’s last show as co-host of the Zing Podcast, but the show must go on. Here’s what’s on tap for Episode 11:

Home Recycling

It doesn’t take a lot to do a lot, especially when it comes to recycling. In this segment, we sit down with Quicken Loans Green Awareness Team member and impassioned recycling advocate Dawn Jamison to chat about the importance of those little blue bins.

If you’re on the fence about recycling, or need a little bit of motivation to get started, listen in.

Leasing a Vehicle?

For most of us, getting from A to B requires a vehicle. But does it make sense to lease a vehicle versus purchasing one?

We talk to Jason Debler, former auto sales guy and co-host of the CamaroZ28.com podcast about the benefits and drawbacks of leasing a vehicle. Sure, your payment might be lower, but is it really worth it?

Tune in and find out.

Benefits of Yoga

When it comes to fitness and wellness, more than 20 million adults in the United States are rolling out their mats and turning to yoga.

In this segment of the podcast we explore the origins, benefits and basics of striking a pose with Citizen Yoga studio owner Kacee Must and learn more about this intriguing physical (and spiritual) activity.

Listen up and find out how flexible you could be if you get a little yoga in your life.

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