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Spring is in the air for the 10th installment of the Quicken Loans Zing Podcast. Here’s a rundown of the topics we have in store:

Home Energy Saving Tips

Earth Day is right around the corner. But who said you can’t get the party started early? In this segment we sit down with Will Samuel, owner of Shades of Green, LLC, a sustainable construction and renovation company based here in Detroit. We talk about the various ways you can reduce your electricity usage, along with some tips on how to take your energy efficiency to the next level.

According to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the United States wastes about 60% of the energy that we produce. There is lots of room for improvement here, so have a listen and see how you can get started.

Financial Literacy Quiz

It seems like “millennials” have a bad reputation when it comes to understanding personal finance. So we put that theory to the test by playing a game of Financial Literacy Trivia with a couple of our Quicken Loans Marketing Interns, Kollin Currie and Lilly Keyes.

We cover everything from retirement savings to managing credit card debt. As it turns out, these twenty-somethings know more than you would think about proper money management (especially compared to Clay).

Listen up, and see if you can ace our Zing Podcast Financial Literacy Quiz.

Spring Severe Weather Preparedness

With spring comes flowers, short sleeves and the possibility of tornadoes. Over 900 tornadoes touch down on average each year and every state in the lower 48 can be in the path.

To understand more about how these dangerous phenomena form, and why spring seems to be such an active time of the year, we brought in an expert. Derek Kevra is meteorologist at Fox 2, WJBK in Detroit. As a weatherman for a major market news station, Derek knows a thing or two about how to keep safe during severe weather outbreaks.

In addition to dealing out handy severe weather preparedness tips, we play a game of “Either Or” with Derek and learn why he wouldn’t mind being without power for a few days, especially if there’s good food available. Listen here.

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